Special People

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In Ayla's world there are two types of people. And you're either special or you're not. She has only met two special people besides her family in all her life Kenya and Kaden but their a pair. How Ayla wishes she had what they share together, though she'll never let it show. The Craig steps into the picture, is he special enough to be in her world?

He's the new guy in town doesnt know anyone and raely finds anyone worthy of his attention, that is until he finds her. But why is she so special and why are they destined to be together?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Special People

Submitted: January 18, 2010

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Submitted: January 18, 2010



Chapter 1

It was unusual for someone to capture my attention, especially if that person was one from the opposite sex. Only special people got my attention and he was special. I know that may seem mean for me to say, that only special people could hold my interest but do not judge me because you don’t know what I mean by special. Maybe I’ll tell you sometime but not now. But there was something important about this guy something barely anybody had. I could tell.

His coal black hair curled around his ears and hung around his neck. Bright intelligent eyes set in a deep forest green with angular facial features. He has a tall athletic build, that of a surfer I decided. Obviously he was better than good looking he was beautiful, I already knew that all the girls have been throwing themselves at him and I could see the proof right now.

I guess this is all a bit confusing for you so perhaps I should start at the beginning. I’m Ayla Ramone, I’m 17 and I go to Bridley High School at, you guessed it, Bridley Beach.

Today started off just like any Wednesday consisting of getting up, getting ready and driving my glossy red motorbike to school. Then the rumors started about there being a ‘new guy’ and how hot he was supposed to be. It was still the beginning of the day and I already heard a number of girls saying ‘he will be mine’ or ‘ I’d let him warm me up on any rainy day’. Of course I don’t usually listen to the pathetic gossip of the other students but my best friend Kenya decided to fill me in on every little detail of what people had been saying, lets just say it was a good thing I could easily zone out because people had been saying a lot. Ever since Kenya had started going out with Kaden she’s been determined to set me up with someone. But every time I said no she would just come back and back again with more suggestions. She only recently gave up but only after she’d gone through every, single guy in our grade, until today that is.

“Ayla!” She called, running up to me with Kaden in tow behind her.

“Morning bub, what’s with the face?”

“What face?”

“The face that would make people think that your birthday and Christmas had come early this year on the same day.” I teased, “so what’s happening?”

“Well… nothing too exciting, besides the fact that there’s a new guy in our year that lives right next door to Kaden ands supposed to be gorgeous!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Yeah I do know that, I heard the Blondeita’s talking about him earlier and Amber’s already making plans to capture he poor guy. He doesn’t stand a chance.” The Blondeita’s are the shallow, mean, flawless and somehow popular girls of the school.

“Pshh that cow doesn’t stand a chance. But you do know what this means don’t you?!”

“Err… am I supposed to?” I looked at Kaden curiously of all people he would know what she was going on about but he just shrugged at me and grimaced. In other words, I wasn’t going to like it.

“It means that I now have a new candidate for your next potential boyfriend.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Kenya you know that’s not going to happen. You know the sort of guy he has to be for me to even be able to date him, and what are the chances of that?” I sighed.

“Well he could be! You never know until you meet him, that’s the only way to tell.” She puffed. We had this same conversation every time she found me a ‘potential boyfriend’, but I was always right.

“I doubt it.” I said simply and just walked away. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know I said that I don’t pay much attention to the people around me but Kenya and Kaden are special too and everyone needs somebody to be friends with. No matter how annoying they may be, don’t get me wrong I love them both to death but you have to admit that you’d get annoyed too if your best friend was always trying to set you up with someone.

Math, English and Science all came and went smoothly with no sighting of the new guy. Though I still heard the whispers about him, mostly from the girls and even some from the guys, it seemed that they felt threatened by him or were going to try and get him into their ‘crowd’ to make them more popular with the girls. Even Jesse Sharp was looking kind of worried about his status, and that was really saying something considering that he was the school’s top gun.

So yeah everything was fine, until about ten minutes into my last and favorite class, Visual Arts. Which is where he decided to show up. And that’s everything so far unless you want to hear all my childhood memories up to this day but I don’t think they’re too important so back to the present.

“Class, class can I please have your attention?” Mrs. Kat (yes, Kat) called from the doorway, everyone’s head turned in her direction obediently. That’s one of the things I love about having her as a teacher, she was totally respected but could still be really fun and carefree with her lessons. “Everybody, this is Craig Bernths, he’s new to the school if you hadn’t already figured that out and I expect you all to treat him with respect.” She gave us this speech every time there was a new student or at the beginning of the year and then we would always do this thingy where we have to tell everyone about ourselves. So usually I just carry on with my work when she does this. But he was different; I had to look to see what all the commotion was about. There he was, standing in the doorway to my favorite class, looking right at me. He smiled and gave a small, awkward yet somehow, sexy wave; yes crazy I know how can a wave be sexy? But it just was. As Mrs. Kat introduced him, “Okay well you all know the drill, everyone stop what you’re doing and get to you seats so we can start. I want to help make Craig feel welcome and comfortable in this class. So one at a time starting from the front row someone get up and tell us about themselves.” She clapped her hands together once enthusiastically and shooed everyone into motion.

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