Chapter 1: Caged

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It's unwelcoming surroundings chilled the core of my head. I gave myself a rub down my shoulder to the tip of my fingernails. My hairs stood on end as the breeze took it's lonelyness straight down onto me, bombarding each and every thought. I felt scared, as if this room and it's unenchanting ways talked to me in person. I saw the bars surround me. The steel was hard and cold. My eyes caught it's glamourous shine, this place isn't that old. I heard a croaky voice call out sharply. I turned around and edged myself back to see an old man directly staring at me across the bars. I lifted my eyebrow and nudged over to the corner of this small cage and pulled my hands, gripping softly onto the bar's cold steel. 
The man slowly turned his head, revealing a scarred face. It looked horrible, chills threw up and down my spine at the vision. He was probably attacked by a gruesome creature, claw marks cut through his eyes and into his bags. He smirked and laughed, the foul sound of cackling everywhere. He looked at me, twitching his eyes constantly, "You don't seem very happy, you look inexperienced. Newbie, huh?" He grinned. 
I struck my hands onto the bar, my forciful act jumped him, "Where am I? Tell me where I am now!" My eyes narrowed and I lost control. I realised and observed my surroundings more thoroughly. I was confined into this cage. 
"Look around you, you idiot," He lifted his arm with vile flick. "This is called the Cage," He cackled, "Pretty cool, huh?".
My eyes widened, families, animals and even environments were encaged in this horid facility. My breathing was deep, I couldn't remember where I came from. I curled my body up into the corner, body tucked deeply against its lumpy edges. Night approached slowly, a thump was heard in the vast distance of the cages. One by one the lights turned of with an influential thump, flooding down the aisle quickly, shaking the ground vigorously. Once the lights went out, I was merely in sudden darkness. The cat-like eyes blinked around in the distance. They glowed...Was it the animals? I flashed back through my memories to the earliest of the morning. I only saw farm animals in these cages, no nocturnal animals. 
I jumped and hit my elbow against the corner of the room's bar. I gently blew onto my arriving bruise and rubbed my injured head. I slowly moved my neck and looked upwards, I couldn't even look up, the wall was right in my face. My nose pressed against its dusty surface and I sneezed uncontrollably. I lowered my head and wiped myself up. As I heard groans in the distance, I covered my mouth. I must've caused a commotion with that noise. It wasn't so low last time, I can't barely stand up. The walls pressed down, as if it was forcing us to lay and sleep. How was it modified so quickly, and without warning? It's movements must've been hard to notice and very furtive. 
Hours past and I was still alert every single second. My eyes began to sting, the pain was soothed by my rubbing. I threw my arm up into the darkness, feeling for the top of these walls. Nothing. I stood up slowly, knees bending with a croaky creak. I finally stretched my arms out, they too were massively in pain with the ache I had corrupting my body. Sunlight, the slightest bit of sunlight. All I needed was a single ray of it, so I could just adjust my eyes into the welcoming feeling I used to have before entering this sudden hell. My stomach growled, aching with hunger. I was urging myself for the slightest bit of food as well. I wasn't surprised at all. My eyes shot around the room. 
A bowl of rice and some pork fell into sight, emerging my thoughts quickly. It stood out easily compared to the bland white paint that covered this empty floor. I placed my palms onto its smooth, slippery surface. I moved onto my haunches and wrapped my hand against the tray, slowly positioning it infront of me. A water bottle slowly rolled and tapped against my heels. I looked over my shoulder with alert and saw no one at all. I merely grabbed the bottle, the labels were removed off. It left some torn paper, ink of the prints being slightly seen. I moved onto my knees and pressed my chest onto the surface. I tilted my head and looked through a small brick sized base, where small objects could be thrown through. 
I looked under, pressing my face closer and saw some unpleasant fungi and the rusty edges. These whole cages must've been re-newed sometime before I arrived. I shifted slightly and observed the bottom, looking for any possible fragments to break through, to escape. I squinted and a blurry image was tuned into my mind. Small writing saying, LCC Facility 1965. I read it out slowly. The old man's gruff voice shocked me once more.
"Hey! Young lady, your backside isn't uplifting my leisure," He wheezed with laughter.
I frowned and shifted, acsending myself. I twisted my hips and looked at his grey, blind eye. I grunted softly and brushed off fallen bits of rust against my hands. 
"Oh wait, I don't have any free time! I-, I'm in a cage!" He laughed uncontrollably. 
I thought he was going insane in the confinement. No wonder he looked messed up in the first place. I couldn't feel his sanity any longer, as if he was an eternally talking clown. Will I be going insane as well? I mean, why would you laugh at your own confinement? I shook my head and advanced myself. I finally positioned my body infront of this meal. I took the napkin and unfolded it, a plastic fork fell onto my lap. I picked it up and examined it. It looked pretty clean I guess. I began eating. For a jail-like facility, their food was quite delicious. As I finished its last grain, I pushed the tray over to where the water bottle possibly came from. I untwisted the lid from the bottle, gripping it firmly in my warm hands. I slowly drank the water, leaving an ample amount of water left. 
I set the water behind me. The whole place was so unfriendly with its chilly climate. I ascended my hand into the air, waving my few pale fingers. I felt cold. I began to tuck my cold feet into my jacket and I wrapped myself into its lukewarm feeling. My feet were colder than ever. Walking around in this cage, barefeet, must've chilled them constantly. As I lowered myself in its warmth, a metal crash was slightly heard underneath myself. I shuffled my body backwards to see a metal box, wrapped with some soft ribbon of some sort. I gripped it firmly and examined for any sorts of writing. In a fairly faded writing said, To Dahlia. 
That must've been my name! Without care, I untied the ribbon's centre knot. The foor sides swiftly falling onto the ground. I moved my chest backwards and squinted my eyes. Hopefully this isn't a trap. I began to unclip these edges and slowly turn in the dented lid. It creaked open and I backed away. Tissue. I quickly pinched it out and set it aside. I covered my mouth with my palm and widened my teary eyes. Inside was a book, the carved heading in the centre was filled with the drooping blood that dropped everywhere. I quickly turned over, reaching out for the napkin I had left. I twisted myself back and began wiping it off. I pinched my nose firmly and held it down as this foul, sour stench filled my lungs. 
As I cleaned it up, I began to read its heading slowly. LCC Chimera. Chimera? I thought about it. A disastrous hybrid of monsters contained into a viscious body. Nothing I liked at all. Why is a book from the Facility given to me? 


(This is only a part of this story.)

Submitted: December 12, 2014

© Copyright 2021 InnerDragoness. All rights reserved.


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