Assembly of The Masked Ones

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Follow the tale of a witness to the events that takes place in a secret society of clowns. Will they find out how to help their friends or will they fall victim to the brainwashing?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Assembly of The Masked Ones

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



"Life behind this red rubber nose and cheap rite aid makeup is harder then you would think. Having to constantly watch your back and make sure no one catches on to who you are or where. Is humorous how many kids trust this creepy fellow face caked with white crushed up bones, receding hair line holding back a plethora of blood died hair. How their parents encourage them to ask me for a balloon or to say something funny. I have been taught by the best and now its time to pass the knowledge on to you, whither you want to know or not."
The speech was over and the lean clown bowed, absorbing all the crowds clapping and cheering. The audience was full pariahs to mankind. Somewhere creepy others bored, and some looked forced, but either way they lined up to the recruiting stand. Seated at the cardboard stand was two very lively fellows each in a clown ensemble. The one on the left was rather chubby and wore brightly colored overalls and traditional shoes. His makeup was smudged with sweat from accumulating heat. His partner was the complete opposite, wearing dark colors and very little makeup. Seeing both together was like looking at heaven and hell only in a clown outfit.
Scanning the line there was about one hundred unlucky souls signing off their freedom and rights to the leader of the group. They where all joining the Assembly of The Masked Ones, an underground society of clowns. They weren't into stealing kids or kidnapping them. They where in it for the money. With each home they entertained with kid they made cry a ton of money came pouring in. How? By spying.
The Assembly of The Masked Ones only goal was to steal identities. Their new members would start of with a new name commonly something intended to be funny and then they would receive a clown look. After that they were never supposed to show up with out a mask. Their old life would be ended in a nonchalant way almost as though it never existed. They would only accept people who didn't have families who would care or notice if they went missing just to make their jobs easier.
You may be wondering who I am and why I'm here. Well, I'm a spy in a way. My friends went missing for awhile, but then returned. When they came back they where different. Not liking the same foods, or music. Even some key factors to their personality changed. Some couldn't even remember who I was. Another thing weird is the mark on their wrists and neck. Once Keely returned she had a picture of a eye tattooed to the inside of her right wrist. I have known Keely for years and knew who she felt about people marking their bodies, and couldn't believe why she would to her self. The stranger of the marks was the stitches up the back of her neck. They weren't like the ones you see in horror movies from evil scientists, but they where certainly different.
It was almost my turn to sign up when I recognized a very familiar man standing just in the back by the exit. Inspecting him carefully he was in the exact same costume as what my neighbors reported as stealing their child yesterday. In fact it was that very report that lead me to know that the Assembly was in town. After long glances our eyes meet and a sense of fear washed over me.
"Sign here" chuckled a mocking voice, one trying to hard to betray a frightening clown. It was the one on the left.
After signing the paper I was directed to another line that lead to a room out back, in the abandoned warehouse. Men I'm assuming dressed in clown attire where walking up and down the ranks administering shots to all the waiters. After the person received the injection they looked as though they where in a trance, as though their mental awareness declined significantly.
"This will only hurt for a second-"
"Hey! what do you think you doing" I screeched. "I don't want that."
" Masters orders sir, sorry"
"Well, what is it?"
"something to control the pain. We mustn't be heard by trespassers, so its to insure that you don't cause any unplanned for noises."
"N-" I was rudely interrupted by a stinging in my arm. The culprit of the stinging was the over size silver needle retracting from my skin. "Ass"
"hahahahaha" he walked away chuckling.
In a matter seconds I too felt a unwelcomed amount of dizziness kick in, causing the white walls to glow in my aching head. My surrounding became blurred and hard to focus.
"Come with me sir". Another foreign voice spoke will supporting my weight, slowly dragging me into another room, with another line.
In here there was a certain vibe about the room. People where sitting in chairs, heads flopping to the side, others with foaming mouths. Every now and then a person in white would come out and grab another person from their slumber. I retained a great full amount of consciousness through out the hours. Pretending to be high as a kite every time an employee would go rushing by. I caught on quickly that if you showed any signs of normality again, you would receive another shot. Of course the junkies where in their glory receiving more then they could ever afford of this efficient unknown concoction.
After what seemed like four the girl next to me spoke very quietly, not wanting to be heard. She to was pretending that her medicine hadn't wore off so she could see where she was going. She spoke for hours being careful about who was around.
"So why are you here?" She asked whispering.
" I want to know what happened to my friends. They went missing for months with no trace of where they went. The cops couldn't find any evidence and told me to give up. Then they returned one day completely different." I continued and told her about the marks.
" That's what happened to my little brother. He was at a birthday party when him and some of his friends went missing. My mom was worried sick and fell into deep depression, I felt as though I had to do something about it you know?"
" Yeah, I wish you luck on your mission..... how would you like to work on this with me? You know keep a eye on things and report back every now and them. Two heads are better then one!"
"That would be great." she smiled.
Shortly after our conversation they came and took her out back along with an older man across from me. As they where dragging her to the door she turned to face me. Her eyes where full of fear, something I will ever forget. As soon as the door shut, a cacophony of beeps where heard emanating from behind the door. People where shouting together above the ruckus. Weary filled my head for that girl, though I never did catch her name. She became a great friend within such a short time. I can only hope she can help her brother.
After sometime two younger men came out from the door. Dressed in white like the others only this time the pristine uniforms where tainted with what appeared to be blood. As they walked by they where laughing and joking as though nothing strange had happened. Another fellow approached them mumbling low at first, but then too laughed along with them. I started to zone out of their conversation when something caught my interest.
"So what happened in there?" The other one asked.
" It was crazy... they did everything as usual... but then the transition went wrong."
"How wrong?"
" I don't know, but when they called me into to retrieve the body they where clearly worried."
"Retrieve the body? Some one died?"
"Yeah, it was this young girl, maybe fifteen. They where switching bodies like normal, but she woke up and started screaming. Butch had to stop the transition. He was furious going off about how Master was going to have his head."
"Wow! You have to keep me updated. They never tell us whats going on in there."
" Yup no problem dude."
The two continued laughing then rushed off down the hall and out of the room.
What kind of transition? What have I gotten myself into? Who was that girl? All these questions riddled my mind. Fear toke over curiosity as they open the door and walked over to me.........

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