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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



Chapter Four:
The next morning I woke up and figured that since there was nothing else to do I should go for a run.
I changed into my sweat shorts and got a water bottle from the fridge.
“Where are you going?” my mom asked me as I walked towards the door.
“Going for a run” I said.
“Don’t wear yourself out” she said.
I agreed and walked out the door.
It was only 8:43am and it was already eighty degrees outside.
At least I don’t have any hair to get in my way, I thought and started running.
When I started dancing my dance teacher, Mrs. Sonia would always have me run for an hour every day before we started each session. At first I hated it but after a while I noticed that running kept me in shape and I started to run in the morning on weekends.
I eventually got to a park and thought I should just run on the path.
I ran for about two hours before deciding to go home. It was 11:16am.
I walk up my street and was about to go in my house when I heard someone yell hey.
I turned to see the boy from the mall. He was walking over to me from the house next door.
“So you’re my new neighbor” he said.
“Looks like it, I’m Nyah” I said.
“I’m Aiden” he said.
“Nice to meet you” I said. He said it back and I started to go into my house.
“Do you know what school you’re going to?” he asked.
“Um, I think it’s called Orca High” I said.
“That’s the school I go to” he said with a smile.
Just then another boy came out his house.
“Come on!” yelled the boy.
“I’m coming!” he yelled back.
“See you at school” he said.
“See ya” I said and went in my house.
When I got inside my mom was standing there.
“Who was that boy?” she asked with a grin.
“Our neighbor” I said. She thinks every boy I talk to is my boyfriend or that I like them.
“Oh” she said.
“He goes to my school” I added.
“That’s good. At least you’ll know one person” she said.
“I guess so” I said and went to my room.
My phone rang and it was Lena. I answered.
“Hey” I said.
“Hey! How’s Cali?” she asked.
“So far so good” I said, “You should see this house. It’s so big”.
“I’m jealous” she said, “But I have some not-so- good news to tell you”.
Oh boy, I thought.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Well today at lunch Victoria sat at our table. She was ALL over Ian” she explained, “Ian didn’t even care”.
“What?” I said. Victoria Crawford has hated me since the 5th grade when our dance teacher chose me to be the lead in the dance recital. I always beat her for lead dance roles
and she didn’t like that. Now that I’m gone she is the best dancer in the school. She had the biggest crush on Ian but he liked me. So now that there’s nothing in her way she’s
going to have him.
“Yeah, and when I confronted him about it he was like I don’t have a girlfriend so what’s the big deal?”
“Wow” I said. That’s all I could say. Countless times Ian has told me that Victoria is so rude, and that he would never give her a chance.
“I swear if he goes out with her I’m not going to be his friend” she said.
“Don’t be like that Lena. You guys have been friends for too long.” I said.
“I couldn’t do it. She would be at the lunch table, hanging out with us all the time and- Oh My God! Movie night would be RUINED!” she exclaimed.
“You’re such a drama queen. Maybe she won’t want to do all that stuff. She’s too stuck up anyways.” I said.
“We’ll see” she said, “I’ll talk to you later. It’s time for some vegetarian dinner”.
“Okay. Bye” I said and hung up the phone. My first thought was to call Ian but I decided not to. It’s not any of my business.
The thought of Ian moving on hurts so much. But if he can do it, I guess I can too.
I took a shower and put some pajamas on. I walked downstairs and went to the theatre. I chose to watch Pretty Woman.
While I was watching the movie Eric came into the theatre.
“Are you ready for school tomorrow?” he asked.
“Yeah I guess so” I said still watching the screen.
“Nyah I’m sorry about moving you across the country especially because you had an important recital” he said.
“It’s fine.” I said. Honestly nothing he said was going to change the fact that we moved.
“Alright. I just wanted to say that to you myself” he said and walked out the theatre.
“That guy” I said to myself and laughed.

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