Just a Kiss Goodnight

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Castle Fan Fiction! Castle takes Beckett to dinner and tells her how he truly feels. How will she react?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - True Feelings

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011




True Feelings

Castle and Beckett were sitting in the precinct talking. They were talking about nothing unparticular and it wasn’t about a case.

“So Beckett what are your plans for after work tonight?” Castle asked.

“Nothing really. I guess going home to relax a bit,” she answered. “Why? What are your plans?”

“I don’t have any. I was curious would you mind having dinner with me tonight?”

“I don’t know…”

“Please Kate, I need to talk to you,” both Castle’s voice and face were pleading. Kate could tell this was very important to him.

“Oh alright I guess there would be no harm in having dinner with you,” Kate gave in. Part of the reason she did was she didn’t want to deal with his pleading when she said no…and the other part was it was getting harder as time went on to say no to Castle. He was charming and he had already proved he would do anything for her. I really should tell him no and go home…I just don’t understand…why hasn’t he left me alone yet…though I can’t say I’m complaining…no…I can’t be falling in love with him…can I? she thought to herself

“Great. Where would you like to eat?” he asked, he flashed the smile that she loved and she smiled back.

“I don’t know Castle. Why don’t you pick.”

He nodded and pulled out his phone and began punching in numbers. He held the phone to his ear and was silent for a moment. “Hello Mario a table for two at seven.” He waited for a moment, and then said, “Please make sure it is a quiet area…Alright. Thank you. See you then.” He hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.

“So where are we eating?” Beckett asked.


At six thirty Kate and Castle got their things and they got in Castle’s car. He drove to Delmonico’s calmly though he was nervous of how Kate would take what he wanted to tell her. He wasn’t even sure how he was going to tell her. What am I doing? How am I going to tell her that…that I am in love with her…Will she get mad at me? I guess I will have to find out.

He pulled into the parking lot. He got out and walked over and opened Kate’s for her. She graced him with a smile and he nodded. They walked in at exactly six fifty-nine.

“Ah…Castle right on time as usual,” the man at the front said with a big smile on his face.

Castle grinned widely, “Yes Mario. Whenever I make an appointment I stick to it. Now can we go to our table?”

“Yes, yes of course,” Mario said, grabbing two menus and walked farther into the restaurant. He led them to a small table in the corner. “Is this quiet enough for you?”

“Yes thank you,” Castle pulled Beckett’s chair out for her. He sat across from her and picked up his menu. He knew what he wanted he just wanted to procrastinate.

“Castle you didn’t tell me how expensive the place was. If I had known then I would have told you to pick a different place.”

“Relax Kate alright. Tonight’s special so you can have anything you want I’m buying.”

She nodded and returned to her menu, but something he said caught her attention. “What do you mean tonight’s special?”

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll find out soon enough,” Castle said wishing he hadn’t said that.

She rolled her eyes, but looked at the menu. After a few minutes she set it down. “Alright so can we get appetizers or what?”

“I already said you can have anything you want. I know I am gonna have an appetizer.”

When the waiter came around he pour two glass to the brim with water. “Hello Monsieur, Madame I am Nate and I will be your waiter. Can I get you something to drink besides water. And could I get an appetizer started?”

Castle nodded and ordered smoothly, “Yes I would like a Pepsi and your Fennel Dusted Sweet Breads.”

“Alright a Pepsi and the Sweet Breads. And for you Madame?”

“Um…a Pepsi and…the Warm Seafood Salad,” Kate said.

“Okay so two Pepsis, the Sweet Breads, and the Warm Seafood Salad.” With that Nate turned and bustled away.

“Okay Castle what did you want to talk about?” Kate asked.

Castle gulped and looked at her with wary eyes. “So I was curious how you truly feel about me with no one else listening. I promise under no circumstance will I ever tell anyone about what you say without your permission.”

“Okay I will tell you if you tell me how you truly feel about me first.”

“Promise you won’t walk out on me if I tell you?”

Kate sighed, “I promise.”

Castle took a deep breath and then released it. “Okay so ever since I started working with you I thought I would never truly fall in love with you just have the normal crush any guy would have on a pretty girl such as yourself. But as the time went on I have fallen a little bit more every day. Kate, I love you.”

Kate’s eyes widened. Did he just say he loved her? “Uh… umm…” she was stuttering. Hold it together Kate. I know what he said but you did say you would tell him how you felt…But am I really ready for a serious relationship? I guess I ought to tell him the truth. “Um…I guess…I guess I feel the same way only I didn’t really have a crush on you…Over the time I have spent with you I have fallen for you. I love you too, Castle.”

“Really?” Castle asked. “So do you want to keep it low and not tell the boys at the precinct?”

“They are rather observant for boys so no. Anyways they all probably saw it coming.”

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