Just a Kiss Goodnight

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Walk through Central Park

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Submitted: August 01, 2011




A Walk through Central Park

Castle and Kate finished dinner and walked out to the car. They both had full bellies and were extremely happy. So far the night has been perfect.

“So what do you want to do now?” Castle asked.

“I don’t know, Castle. Do you have any ideas?” Kate asked, brushing a stand of her hair behind her ear.

“I was thinking a walk through Central Park.”

“I could do that…As long as you aren’t planning on walking through the whole park.”

Castle laughed, “Oh gosh no. Are you crazy?”

Kate laughed too, “Alright to Central Park it is!”

Castle and Kate got in the car (of course Castle being the gentleman that he is opened the car door for her) and went to Central Park.

Once there they got out and Castle grabbed Kate’s hand and they walked into the park. They were quiet for a while both thinking to themselves.

 Kate had to finally break the silence, “So Castle what made you tell me tonight?”

Castle thought for a moment and then simply said, “It felt right.”

“That’s kinda nice. It is a beautiful night out.”

“It is and you make it all the more beautiful.”

Kate blushed, “Castle, stop it.”

“Stop what? I can’t be nice to my new girlfriend?”

“I guess I’m just not used to it.”

Castle smiled, “I see. Did that FBI guy ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

Kate put a finger to her mouth thinking, “Not often only when he wanted something.”

“That’s not right,” Castle scowled wishing he could get face to face with the guy.

“It’s alright. As you probably figured out he was quite self-centered.”

“I kind of gathered that. Why did you go out with him in the first place?” Castle watched in case he said something wrong.

“I don’t know, Castle. I think I was desperate for a relationship and he offered it.”

Castle nodded he knew the feeling. He was that way when he asked both his ex-wifes to marry him.

Kate looked at him and then down at her feet. “Castle can I ask you something?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t you be able to?”

Kate shrugged, the question she was going to ask wasn’t that different from what he asked. “Why did you marry to then only get divorced?”

“I guess it was the same reason you went out with that FBI dork. I was desperate for love. And when the first wife felt my life wasn’t enough for her she broke it off. And that’s when I really was desperate. I was used to having someone around the house. So that’s when I ran into Gina Cowell. She was just as desperate and she was a publisher. I needed one at the time. Well I married her and as you can tell we had a baby…” Castle tried to hide the pain that the memory of her leaving and the reason for it.

Kate who was still looking at the ground didn’t even see his pained expression. “Alexis. Why did you guys break up? And I’m surprised she left Alexis in your care.”

“Well we stayed together until Alexis was four. Well before that I had begun to notice whenever Alexis was crying Gina asked me to go take care of her and when Alexis was old enough to understand us, whenever she started to cry because she got hurt I caught Gina tell her to shut up countless times, so I would take care of her. Soon Alexis never talked much and it became harder to tell if she was hurt because she would no longer cry about it.

“I realized she never really wanted kids and she was so self-centered about her new passion acting. So when I confronted her I told her either: she starts behaving like a mother and start taking better care of Alexis or leave. And that was the last night I spent with her as her husband. We filed the divorcement papers the next morning.” Castle could hide the snuffle that came. He was trying not to cry, but the memory was playing in his mind over and over again and it just wouldn’t stop.

“Castle you didn’t have to tell me if it would hurt you…” Kate said, pulling Castle to a bench and making him sit. She sat next to him and wiped away a tear on his cheek with her thumb.

“It’s alright. I think I needed to talk about it,” Castle said, softly. “I should have probably talked about it to someone other than my mother a while ago. You know that’s why she is staying with me, because I told her and I also need comfort and help getting Alexis to talk again.”

Kate hugged Castle and felt his strong arms return the gesture. They stayed like that for a few moments. Kate was glad he told her even though she hated to see him like this; hated even the thought of it.

When they released they looked at each other. They were both asking the same question in their minds: was them being together the right thing? Or were they both just desperate? One things for sure I’m gonna take this slow, they both thought in unison.

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