Blood upon the (already) Red Marble

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'Retort Harpy' is the brave so and so hero. (Mind you, it is an anagram) Accompany him on a journey - not canon, but not exactly AU either - with an old man - not Chieftwinkles, but the typical toothless one - and now you have to rub your eyes and pack your luggage, for we head to the inky black waters of...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blood upon the (already) Red Marble

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Welcome, welcome to the flow of the river, gushing forth the icy pines of the magical springs,passing by the stomping feet of celebrating people and curving around the manor. A little boy was running across the backyard. He was running away from his own family. The nearby forest had a luscious cover of silken leaves, and the boy ran under them. He ran for almost an hour. At long last he deviated from the less trodden path and faced a green lump of stone spanning a mass of two football fields with layers upon layers, one above the other, easily camouflaged by the tall treesl Of course, it was an illusion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The boy's attention was not on the Green Rock, but he was carefully placing his feet on a barely visible pedestal. The air feeezed for a second, and then warm air pushed in. The boy was sucked through a funnel-like tunnel. The forest stilled for a minute or so, the another boy came out of the Green Rock. He glanced at his surroundings, took a deep breadth, then lifted his eyes heavenward. He muttered a few unintelligible words, then vanished. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The river turned the corner, and descended south. The waters receded the banks as the river crisscrosed through the inner channels of the city. After meandering along a number of villages and bathing a number of bodies and garments, the river narrowed and neared a tall mist covered mountain. Glistening caves swallowed the steaming waters as the sound of rushing water became louder and louder. The river entered the earthly depths upon which sat the huge mass of stone and sand. The boy reappeared upon the peak and surveyed the surrounding fields. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He placed a Notice-me-not ward encasing the whole mountain, and a flickering dome of silver auroras became visible. Then he laid down upon the ground and struck his palms upon nearby rocks. Red spurts of blood showered upon the caves and descended the swaying trees. When they hit the ward barrier, the cut healed and the boy stood up. He closed his eyes in concentration. A second later, he disappeared from sight as mounds of grey stone rose from his sides forming a huge chamber. The stones formed walls, floors, dungeons, alcoves, spires and towers as a castle of great proportions rose out of the peak. When the last battlement had formed, the boy opened his eyes and swishing his outer garments appeared near the ward barrier. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He took out a blood red marble from his pocket and placed it upon the ground. Then he took out three vials and emptied their contents upon the Red Marble. The marble absorbed the liquids, then expanded upto the size of a football. Once again he closed his eyes, then placed his palms upon the marble, and dome upon dome of pearly white wards started appearing, encasing the whole mountain in a shroud of thick golden silver sheens, until at last, the whole mountain disappeared from view. The boy picked up the red marble and entered the castle by its gates. He stopped at the innermost chamber and placed the stone upon the floor. He slammed his palms upon the floor, and the Red Marble slowly sunk out of sight. Then he locked the chamber with a number of wards and left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2000 seasons later, a man walked upon the earth, learning what his ancestors taught of magic. He, with his three friends, became a close group. They spent their days discovering the wonders of magic and breaking ancient tombs. One day, they encountered such a nigh unbreakable wardfield that even Sly had not detected it until Hel was sucked in. The remaining three spent a month trying to bypass the wards, but they could not. At long last, they managed to modify the thousands of wards to grant them entrance. Even Sly had to admit that if the sentient wards had not permitted its modification, they would not be able to modify them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When they passed the wardline, the saw a monstrous castle perched atop a steep mountain. They entered the gates and saw Hel trapped in a magical bubble. The castle taught them the way to free her, and then led them to a hall where they were provided with nourishment. Over the food, they discussed their plans with the castle.They decided to fashion it into a univarsity, doubling as a fortress during times of war ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1000 years later, a boy jerked awake. Sweat was pouring down his brow as he fumbled for his glasses. His name was Harry Potter, and today was September the First. He glided down the stairs, then picking up some money, creaked the backdoor open and left. Upon reaching a dark alley, he vanished. He reappeared in a similar alley near King's Cross Station. It was still 7 o' clock. He passed the barrier, then cast a concentrated Notice-me-not ward. He faced the barrier, then sat down upon a mattress which appeared from thin air, and started planning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daphne Greengrass liked to think that she had a perfect recall, and she clearly remembered her mother's speech the other day. So she casually approached the seemingly solid barrier between platform 9 and platform 10. When she passed through it, she felt a disturbingly familiar tingle go through her. Before she could blink, she appeared in a clean whitewashed platform numbered as 9 1/4. A magnificient red train stood upon the tracks. She hugged her father, kissed her mother and sister, then picking up her feather light trunk, entered the train. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She entered a compartment. A boy her age was sitting inside. He grinned upon seeing her, and chuckled upon seeing her confused face being masked by an arrogant one. He was certainly interesting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He drew his wand from a wrist holster, then flicking it and mumbling a few vague words, locked the door. Then he locked his bright emerald eyes with by aquamarine ones. For a minute or two we stared at each other. I started to speak when he motioned with his hands towards the window and said, 'The fun is about to begin...'. Parents were giving last minute hugs and kisses. The final whistle sounded, and the train pulled out of the platform, slowly gathering speed. Then -- the compartment vanished, along with the whole train, and the passengers were thrown on their asses upon the tracks. The thin and scrawny ones howled with pain, while the fat ones rubbed their stomachs. Harry caught me and helped me up. Before mass pandemonium could spread, we were informed that a better carrier would come to pick us up. Before we could blink, an archway formed behind us and we were told to pass through it. This time, the tingle was more pronounced, and we appeared on a street. A mental feeling informed me that this was Hogsmead, a magical village near Hogwarts. We were told to follow a path which was glittering with a faint sparkle. On the way Harry conversed with me, and told me about his favourite games and hobbies while I told him how it was like to grow in the Wizarding World. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At the end of the magical path, we reached a high gate flanked by statues of winged boars. The gates opened by themselves, and the first years' breath hitched as the huge castle came into view. The mountain had been flattened and a lake had been dug beside the gate. A dark forest graced the boundaries of the rolling lawns. The students followed the Head Boy and Head Girl as they entered the castle. The Seventh Year Prefect conjured a hammer. But before he could strike the door, it opened soundlessly. The teachers were nowhere to be seen in the Great Hall, so the first years decided to explore the castle. I took Daphne with me to the seventh floor. After pacing three times as required, a door became visible on the previously smooth stone wall. I introduced Daphne to the Master's Suite, which would provide the castle's master with anything he wanted. The door opened to a cozy bedroom. Inside were two beds with all the necessary furniture. I closed the door and commanded the castle to lock it. Then I laid down on my bed, and told Daphne to do the same. Then I told her all about myself - my ancestor's memories, my powers, my ambitions, all of them. Then I told that since I liked her, I had decided to train her. After a lot of questions, and an hour of considerations, she agreed. For three years I trained her, and by then she had attained her mastery in all that was necessary. She was a fast learner, so we had plenty of free time, and I enjoyed her company, so I also had a good time. I disabled the Timestop feature, and stepped outside the Suite. We entered the Great Hall when our names were called, and both of us were sorted in Ravenclaw. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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