Christmas is When the Animals Speak

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A series of poems and bedtime stories for your child

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Christmas is When the Animals Speak and many other stories for your children

Submitted: December 24, 2009

Reads: 219

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



“What’s so special about Christmas?” Emma asked her grandmother one Christmas Eve’s eve.
“Christmas is when the animals speak, my dear! I remember way back when I was young, and it was Christmas Eve night. The entire house was quiet, and I was wide awake, waiting for Father Christmas to come with my Skipping Rope. I could hear my little kitten Princess jump off my bed, and I followed her to the foyer. And, there she was! Talking just like you or me!”
“But that’s not true, is it grandma?”

“It is if you believe it”
“Well, I don’t believe it!”
“You will.” Emma’s grandmother grinned.
 Many years later, Emma woke to the click-clack of puppy paws on the kitchen floor. Thinking that maybe Zoë had to go out, she jumped from her bed, long white nightgown streaming behind her.

"well, I hope I get my piggy ear. I love piggy ears"

Emma froze. who was talking?

"I asked Rudolph for a box of golf balls. I hope he comes tonight!"

'Rhudolph?' Emma thought 'I dont remember Rhodolph ever bringing toys' 

"Wait! we forgot to put out carrots and water for him!"

That had to be Bam-Bam, Zoe's sister. The other would be Zoe herself. Emma wondered where Max was though. usually he prowled around at night. Emma heard the refrigerator door open, then the veggie drawer, and finally, a rustling of a plastic bag as one of the sisters grabbed a mouthful of carrots. Then a bowl was taken from a cupboard and filled with water from the sink! The girl dropped down on her hands and knees, inching forward as quietly as she could. she could see her puppys gently closing the doors, and placing the food on the table in the living room. but then, just as Max sauntered into the room, long fluffy tail waving back and forth and his pretty kitty ears pricked up, Emma tripped with a loud Thump, startling all the inhabitants of the foyer.

"Emma! youre awake!" Max cried, pouncing on her hair.

She stood up, swaying like a willow from her dizzyness."Maybe i should go back to bed..." she trailed off as she heard a clatter coming from the roof

"Rudolph!" the animals cried, rushing to the chiminey. Soot fell down onto the logs as Emma crept back to her bedroom. flopping down on the bed, she fell back asleep.


The next morning, Christmas morning, Emma woke before anybody else. she found in the living room :

An empty bowl
Carrot crumbs
A pigs ear and a case of golf balls among the toys under the tree
A long set of sooty deer tracks leading from the chiminey to the table, then to the tree, then back to the chiminey

there was also a set of footprints on the white carpet, and Emma couldn't help but wonder: Was Santa Clause here as well?

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