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Romance is this strange disease, like a tumor, that takes over our brain. Even if your life is going in a downhill spiral, love all of the sudden makes reality livable and dreams just your fantasy. My first boyfriend, Connor Stonts, was a man- whore. He made my reality hell and my dreams heaven, and all he had to do was flirt with every blonde that walked past us. Was I not good enough because I was brunette? Well, obviously not, because I dyed my hair blonde and the flirting stopped. But then we broke up and I dyed it back. My second boyfriend, Charlie Damon, was the worst man on Earth. Every time you disagreed with him, he threw a fit. He was like a white Santa Anna, and frankly it annoyed the crap out of me. So, I broke it off. The most recent boyfriend, John Franklin, tried to have sex with me at least six times in the first week. I didn’t even know a thirteen year old guy could be that horny, or was he fourteen? Whatever, we only lasted three weeks though before I kicked him in the balls, flicked him off, cussed him out, and walked off. Maybe I should just become bisexual. I mean, people who are bi can get bored of one gender and just switch to the next one, but I really don’t want to kiss a girl. It just seems wrong, not that I have anything against homosexuality. It’s just; I’m straight and plan on keeping it that way. But bisexual does seem better, but I don’t think I’ll convert just yet. So, my romance life sucks, and that doesn’t help when your parents, who were happily married for twenty years, come and tell you they are getting a divorce. Why? Oh, maybe because my mom started dating her boss and my dad fell in love with the nurse who works for him. Yes, the genes for love are good so far. To make it worse, my mom decided to move to Lincoln, Nebraska with Mr. Boss and start her new life there. I mean, what the hell is in Lincoln, Nebraska? Last time I checked nothing. And now I’m sentenced to spend all my summer’s there. Yeah, so exciting. So I packed my stuff and moved to my dad’s loft in downtown Houston, where I’ll be going to school where he teaches, only because he’s to lazy to drive me to my current school. So I’m ditching all my friends and my amazing social status for some new place. But the one and only, good thing about this is I’m ditching my reputation. Because we all know if you have a good place in the popular crowd, you get a bad reputation. Mine sadly is slut, and only because John told everyone I snuck into his house and screwed him, not taking no for an answer. Please, why would I want to do that with him! He might be good looking, but he is disgusting. So now I am becoming a nobody, the one thing I wished I would never be. And strangely enough I’m okay. Sure, I’m pissed, but maybe this will work out. Well, a girl can hope can’t she? So on this particular morning, my alarm is beeping and I’m yelling at it to shut up, knowing it won’t do anything. Why can’t alarms just listen?!? It’s not like I actually want to get up and waste my day in some boring classroom with all the guys staring at me. I’d rather be at the mall with Emily and Kara looking for some cute clothes and flirting with all the guys. The alarm kept beeping and beeping until I finally hit th esnooze button. Damn alarms, they never stop beeping! I got out of bed, going through the normal morning routine, skipping breakfest, blah blah blah. That is, until I ran into my dad. \"Good morning munchkin! Oh you look amazing!\" What. The. Fuck? Is this my dad or did someone come in and put some pysco in his place? \"Um...yeah. Good morning. You a teacher?\" I really hope that's a compliment. My dad can be one of those sissy guy's who gets on self-esteem on you. \"Oh I bet you are excited! Well I know I am! Now if you cause any trouble I get to know right away! This is wonderful and think of all the advantages you have! If you're missing an assigment...\" I ignored him and grabbed my stuff, showing him I wanted to actually go somewhere. He sighed and grabbed his keys to his old truck. God, I was embarassed riding in that thing. The ride to school was silent, and when we pulled up my stomach dropped. Here we go, here's my fate. Now I am not a somebody but a nobody. So exciting.

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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