Something Unexpected

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Amelia Rogues is your average tomboy. Loved her sports, her friends, and her video games. She's never believed in love, and had vowed to herself to never cause herself the pain. She saw what it did to her mother. But will her new roommate, also her best friend's cousin, change her view on falling in love?

Young Adult/Romance/Comedy

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Something Unexpected

Submitted: January 14, 2010

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Submitted: January 14, 2010



I glared at my best friend, Rose McGomentry, from where I sat on the bed next to my seven year old niece, Jessica. “Sexy beast?” I hissed. “Why would you tell her such a stupid story?”
She shrugged, her orange curls bouncing against her back. “It wasn’t supposed to be scary. I was simply preparing her. Personally, I think a girl should know! Sometimes, guys are so sexy, it’s scary! She was the one that added ‘beast’ to it.” She said this all like it might be Jessica’s fault. Jessica is my older brother, 27-year old Mark’s, kid. We had been assigned the task of watching her for the night, while him and his new girlfriend went out to God knows where.
“WHAT WILL THAT INFORMATION DO FOR HER NOW?” I yelled, narrowing my eyes.
“Like I said,” she repeated, sounding like she was explaining something to a mental dog. “It will prepare her. Were you listening to me at all?”
Jessica lay under the sheets, shuddering slightly. “Can you check under the bed, Mems? For, the beast.” Mems is her nickname for me, short for Amelia. Amelia Rogues that is.
I sighed, and ducked my head under the bed. “There’s nothing there, ok? Now, let me tuck you in sweet-“I was cut off mid sentence by Jessica’s glass shattering shriek.
“It’s the beast!” she wailed. “It’s come to get meeeee!” I grumbled, and turned to look toward my bedroom doorway.
Standing there was possibly the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. Around 6’1, tanned, and donning shaggy black hair. I couldn’t see his eyes in the dark room, but his hair cast a shadow across his face, sharpening his features. His smile was breathtaking. A sexy beast indeed. The kid had good taste that was for sure.
Rose stared at him, smiling as if they had known each other forever. “Melly,” she chirped. “This is my cousin, Kevin.” Kevin lifted up his arm, waving slightly, but all I caught were his muscles flexing. I’ve never been one to stare at a guy, or even notice ‘muscles’. That was Rose’s job. She was the girly-fashion-diva. I was the sporty-tomboy-klutz.
“Hey,” his deep voice sent shivers up my spine and I mentally kicked myself. Stop it, Amelia. Don’t be such a little whore! “Amelia, right?” I nodded weakly, paying no attention to Jessica tugging lightly at my sleeve.
“I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to finally meet you.” Finally? Has he been waiting to meet me? Would he pick me up, kiss me passionately and- SHUT THE HELL UP AMELIA!
“I, um, can’t say the same. Nice to meet you too, though.” I made sure to put an edge to my voice. This man would not make me think such… weird thoughts!
Rose broke through my thoughts: “Kevin will be in that extra room we have here. He’s just entered into the University late! Isn’t this great?” she squealed and jumped up to hug her cousin.
“’Tastic.” I drawled. Kevin raised an eyebrow at me from over Rose’s head.
Our dorm room had always been occupied by just the two of us. Two 19 year old girls, with the occasional seven year old, on Thursday nights. Now we shared it with a-
“How old are you?” I asked Kevin politely.
“Twenty.” With a twenty year old hunk, that made me weak in the knees, and perverted in the head.
I could see the beginning of a great semester.

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