The Secrets of Sydney Forest

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Blood Curse

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Three weeks passed, and I didn’t have any trouble. I made up with my friends, and we were closer than ever. Jake was really, really, really sorry, according to him. He seemed to mean it. I think the girls gave him a serious scolding.

The vampire hunters left us alone. I couldn’t even figure out which one of them was in the forest the day I had my “chat” with Shu. I figured it wouldn’t really make a difference anyways….maybe.

So, everything was fantastic and quiet. On the surface anyways, but nevertheless.

One day, Courtney, Ross, and I had to help the school’s drama teacher after school. He was super busy with stuff for the musical, so he asked us to keep an eye on the auditorium, or PAC as we called it, until some delivery guys came by with some scenery. It was a pretty sweet deal.

We were happy to help.

At 3:30, we met Mr. G at the PAC and he laid down the ground rules. No one besides the three of us and the delivery guys were allowed inside. No food or drinks, besides water, in the PAC. Don’t break anything.

Oh, you know we’d have no trouble following those rules.

Somehow, Courtney figured out how to sync up her iPod to the fancy sound system, and she was blasting Justin Bieber throughout the huge room, which Ross just loved. We settled in on the stage to wait for 2 hours.

“Hey, hey Ross,” Courtney said suddenly, interrupting a conversation about the history assignment.

“What?” he asked, his attention completely diverted to her. Bleh.

“So, you know how you guys said that we don’t drink blood?” she asked, continuing when he nodded. “And you call us vampires, even though drinking blood is the one constant trait in all vampire myths. Explain?”

Ross sighed. “So many questions. Okay, so even in the beginning, vampires were just strong and immortal, none of the blood stuff. Then, at some point in the Middle Ages, a curse was put on one vampire.”

“A curse?” Courtney asked skeptically. I’d believe it.

Ross nodded patiently.

Courtney huffed, still not believing him. “Uh huh. And what was this vampire’s name? Dracula?”

“Yes.” He said it with such seriousness, so stone-faced, you had to know he was telling the truth. Courtney went silent, seeming to shrink into herself.

Ross sighed again. He sure sighs a lot these days. “Anyways, Dracula got cursed, and he basically went insane. He grew fangs, he started killing people and drinking their blood, and before you ask, no, he did not turn into a bat. That’s all Hollywood.”

We both nodded. “Of course,” I said, shaking my head. “So, why all the myths, all the supposed sightings, if it was just him?”

“It wasn’t,” Ross answered. “Sometimes, vampires still get hit with the curse. Sometimes if a vampires just goes crazy, they start blood-sucking. And whoever Dracula turned had the curse too, but the lineage ended there.”

“Wait!” I said, thinking hard. “Did Dracula just turn random individuals or did he make Circles? Was he part of a Circle?”

Dead silence. Ha ha, you see what I did there? No? Meh.

“What the heck is a Circle?” Courtney asked, while Ross fixed me with a piercing stare.

Oops. Revealed too much information.

“Where did you hear that word?” Ross asked, still staring at me.

I bit my lip. “Any chance I could’ve overheard you or Jake say it?”

“Noooo,” he said, drawing it out and giving me a look.

“Hmmm….” I murmured, looking around. How do I get out of this?

“Looks like somebody’s got a secret,” a singsongy, sneering voice that was pretty darn familiar said from somewhere in the PAC. I looked around, but couldn’t see anybody.

I saw Ross standing up.

“Whoever you are, you shouldn’t be in here,” he said scanning the room, his muscles tensed.

“You shouldn’t be alive,” a second voice said harshly.

“Ross…” I warned, quietly. He had to realize what was happening, right?

He looked at me, and I saw his eyes had gone black, which they tend to do when our adrenaline kicks up. Courtney was standing next to him, scanning the room with black eyes, too.

“We’ll talk about where you get your information, later,” Ross said, frowning. “We have other problems to deal with.”

And then a figure jumped out at him, and another slammed me to the floor of the stage.

Mr. G’s Rule #1? Broken. My arm? Broken. My heart? Quite possibly broken, depending on the circumstances of this fight.

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