Reality Tv is Bullshit

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This is about every thing we all see and hear but are afraid to say what we think and feel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Reality Tv is Bullshit

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012




When Top Chef came out we were all happy to see regular chefs get the chance to open up there own Restaurant. Now chefs around the world come to compete to be number one and that’s it number one for that season and yeah it’s a big deal and the judges are people that you do not want to piss off. But resent lee the show is just going down stream I mean the people there I now i am not the only one who wonder how the fuck these people got on this show. Now you have chefs come on this show who talk a lot of shit about how they are the bades chef in there region and some say the are CPA Certified Professional Asshole. Also if you cant improvise right when you need to then you are fuck. After that you can just pack up your knife’s and put your head between you leg’s and kiss your cook in career good bye, because you have ether made a fool of your self on national tv or you have just shone the world how big of an asshole you really are. Also enough with the fucking weird ass hair styles and big as beard it’s a cooking competition not a fashion show. Next is Hell’s kitchen were if you cant make it in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen then get the fuck out you donkey. We all tune in on fox to see this show just to see him yell at people and call them a donkey and to fuck off. After that we don’t care to see who wins the show. So again we basically watch this show just to watch some British guy yell and scream and curse at people but let’s not forget make them cry and his bitch. So for any one who is thinking about going on that show just think about this is it really worth getting the shit kick out of you just to get a restaurant. And last if you are up set with the fact that your thrown a big wedding party for these people and you cant have it because your gay. Get over it this is not about you it’s about the coble who just got married not about you or your boyfriend or girlfriend don’t turn a happy day in to some state ment for gay rights Not that I have any thing against gay people but don’t rune someone’s day just cause you pissed off that shit is not cool. We now come to some of Vh1’s reality shows Like the Tool Academy and Frank the entertainer. So Tool Academy is about a school where if you’re a girl with a duce boyfriend you can send him to the school to learn how not to be a dick. So that’s it but if you’re a girl and you know you can do better then why the fuck do you want to be with this dick. And how the fuck did these guys score with these hot chicks. The guys on this show don’t care about there girls and some of them have mutable girlfriends and they don’t even tell them that they are seeing someone else. But to continue part of the show is that they hafe to complete in competitions and attend therapy. And even the therapists is wondering what the hell these girls are doing with these mussel assholl’s. And now we come to mtv’s the Jersey shore, a show about kids from jersey living to gether under one roof. So lets see we all watched The first episode and I hafe to say if the guys and girls from jersey ack like this then America we have Got some real problems. Some however saw this show as something promising and could be good for People who are Italian. But after the first episode lets see papa Jones pulled there sponsored ship and So did the Italian league of America and other Italian based company’s. But I mean lets face it you can not Blame them. If you ran a multie million dollar company would you want a bunch of stupid no good dumb As fucking rock’s fake spray tan, and a bunch of girls who’s biggest problem is what to do when a guy dose Not call them, or those guys who call girls who are not up to there standers grenades. You would pull your Funding as fast as you could. So how about this, to all TV executives who complain that there daughters are look like hookers and there sons are acting really fucking dumb, You think that its not your fault but guess what they watch what you put on tv. So if you want it to end then pull that dumb shit off.

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