Stray From The Path

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - No Escape

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



James: If you shall leave the path then you shall face the wrath of your own choice. That is what the letter says.

Spirit: Pfft~! Thats ridiculous~!

Angel: is weird....

Spirit: That may be true, but still...thy's own wolf? It sounds like a bunch of crap.

Sam: Spirit, This man may be right. I get a pretty ominous feeling coming from that forest.

Giri: We should just get this over with and get the hell out of here.

Rage: That sounds like a plan!

Angel: Ahhaha~ I didn't think you were afraid, Rage~

Rage: Quit calling me Rage, My name is Ralph!! And I'm not afraid of anything!

James: Enough! Lets continue our delivery and leave.

Smith: Hmmm...

*After a few minutes, they come across an old looking house. The red paint appeard to be slowly decaying from the walls*

Spirit: Is...this the place?

James: Its the only house out here.

Giri: *adjusts his glasses* Good, we can finally get this over wi-

Spirit: Hey!! Hey you out there!!

James: Spirit, why the hell are you yelling.

Spirit: I saw someone out there. In the forest.

Rage: I don't see anyone!

James: Stop with the yelling already.

Spirit: I'm gonna go check~!

James: Spirit! We all agreed to not stray from the path.

Spirit: But there was a person out there!

James: It doesn't matter to us.

Spirit: Hmph! Do what you want. *Starts walking*

James: What did I say, Spirit?!

Spirit: Whats the worse that could happen~? *Slowly walks off *


Giri: What was that...?

Angel: Hmmm?

Giri: I thought I heard a voice...

Sam: Me too...

James: We can't just let him go on his own. He'll get lost.

Giri: Then what?

James:...Damn it...Sam!

Sam: Yeah?!

James: Its probably a bad idea...but we have to go after him.

Sam: Yeah...

James: Giri, I'm leaving you in charge here. Think you can handle it?

Giri: Don't worry, I'm an excellent leader.

Rage: Pfft!

James: Think you can handle this Sam?

Sam: You know I can.

James: Right.

*James and Sam both rush off into the forest


*Spirit's side*

Spirit: HELLO?!!! Anyone out there?!

*He continues running until he slips and falls down a hill*

Spirit: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~! Guh! Well that hurt...huh?

*There is a trail of red liquid on the ground*

Spirit: Whats...this...?

*James and Sam's side*

James: Damn it, Where is that idiot.

Sam: He couldn't have ran that far.

James: Just our luck...

*There seems to be two paths*

Sam: Now what?

James: I'd say split up, but...I seriously don't trust this forest.

Sam: But it could be our best bet.

James: Or our worst.

Sam: So then what?

James:...I guess we have no choice. I'll take the left path, you take the right.

Sam: Alright.

James: But...

Sam: Hmmm?

James: If either one of us runs into trouble...then we meet back here and rethink our plan.

Sam: Okay.

*Sam runs off to the right path, James hesitates and then soon runs off to the left path*

*Spirit's side*

Spirit: T-this is unreal...

*Spirit stares down at the dead body of a woman around his age, who has had her entire jaw ripped off. It looks as if she has died mere hours ago*

Spirit: Oh...god... *He starts vomiting next to a tree*

Spirit: The smell...this is freaking messed up! I...I never should have come out here!!

*Spirit starts dashing away from the young girl's body*

*Giri's side*

Giri: Its already been 20 minutes. I hope nothing...horrible happend to them.

Angel: What are you suggesting Giri?!

Giri: N-nothing, theres no need for you to over react.

Smith: Calm down you two. Theres no reason to think negatively, I'm sure they are fine.

Rage: Yeah, don't worry.

*James's side*

James: This looks as though it goes on forever...

*theres a rustle in the bushes*

James: Whose there?!

???: I...I won't let you take them all!!!

James: Who are you?

*A young girl slowly stands up from behind the bushes wearing a skirt with floural patterns on it, and a blue coat*

Matsu: Not anymore...Haven't I suffered enough?!!

James: What are you talking about?!

Matsu: *She pulls out a hand knife* No more...this should be enough...

James: Wait! what the hell are you do-

*She rushes toward him*

Matsu: NO MORE!!!!

*Giri's side*

Angel: I can't wait any longer, I'm leaving.

Giri: Wait, Angel! I am currently the leader of this group, and I say we wait! more waiting. *She walks off into the forest*

Giri: Damn it all...

Rage: Wait up Angel! I'm coming too!

Giri: Fools!! All of you!



*Spirit's side*

Spirit: *huff, huff* That...should be...enough...

*He looks around,noticing the gray sky*

Spirit: The sky is so gray...yet its not raining, not even a drop.

*There are footsteps, drawing closer and closer*

Spirit: Gah! Whose there?! Just to warn you...I know kung fu!!

*The steps still draw closer*

Spirit: Alright I lied...but please don't kill me...I'm afraid of death...

Sam: Spirit, That you?



Spirit: Oh! Sam!! Hey there buddy ol pal, I'm ready to go home can we leave please?

Sam: Easier said then done, this forest is like a damn maze.

Spirit: *patting Sam's shoulder* Come on, I know you can do it~

Sam: If we really are lost, you know this is your fault, right?

Spirit: Well...thats...true...

Sam: We should meet up with James first though.

Spirit: James is out here too? I knew he cared~

Sam: Lets just go...

*James's side*

James: *Running* Whats wrong with this woman? She keeps swinging that knife around at me.

Matsu: I have to make don't take anyone else away from me~ Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!!!

James: Damn it...shes actually gaining on me!

Matsu: Hehe~ *She slashes her hand knife and only grazes Jame's hip*

James: *still running* Just a graze...but it still hurts. What the hell is wrong with this woman?!

*She suddenly stops and falls to her knees crying*

James: H-hey...are you alright...?

Matsu: *She raises her head, Her eyes looked like the eyes of a psycopath with a creepy smile on her face*

James: Why were you swinging your knife at me?!

Matsu: We are all going to die in here sooner or later...why prolong the inevitable~?

James: Your...insane...

Matsu: Won't you play with me for alittle longer~?

*Angel's side*

Angel: They can't be too far away.

Rage: Maybe we should just call the cops.

Angel: I've tried, I can't get a signal out here.

Rage: Look, on the ground!

Angel: What is this...?

*their are blood soaked glasses on the ground*

Rage: God...this blood...I wonder whose these belonged to.

Angel: *She starts shivering*

Rage: Whats wrong, Angel?!

Angel: T-theres no doubt about it...these are Giri's glasses...

Rage: What?! How is that possible?!! We just left him ten minutes ago...he couldn't have gone ahead of us...

Angel: *She looks down and sees a cell phone* This is definetly his cell phone...

Rage: But how...?

Angel: Theres something on it...

Rage: What...?

*Giri's side*

Giri: Honestly, why do I have to baby sit these fools, its hopeless.

Smith: Say, are you gonna go after them?

Giri: Why should I?

Smith: Aren't you currently responsible for them now? What if they get lost, or...worse?

Giri: I hate the fact that you make too much sense when its just convenient for you.

Smith: Hehe~

Giri: As much as I dispise this forest, I will not be blamed for their idiocy. Stay here Smith!

Smith: Got it~!

*Giri walks off into the forest*


*Spirit's side*

Spirit: Hmmm...I think...we are lost...

Sam: What was your first clue...?

Spirit: Argh! All these trees look exactly the same, its like they'er taunting us.

Sam: We are going the way I came from...but, this is all wrong.

Spirit: Hey Sam, did that girl...up ahead...?

Sam: was disgusting.

Spirit: How do you think it happend?

Sam: Spirit, I honestly don't even want to think about it.

Spirit: I guess your right.

*Click* *Click*

Spirit: Hey! isn't that...Giri?!

*Giri is next to the corpse of the young girl whose jaw was ripped off*

Spirit: Yo!! Giri!

Giri: Ah! Spirit, there you are.

Sam: What are you doing out here Giri?

Giri: I was looking for Angel and Rage. They ran out somewere around here.

Spirit: Isn't this troublesome, now that almost everyone is wandering around out here.

Sam: Giri, whats that in your hand?

*Giri is holding a blue pouch*

Giri: Oh, this? I just...happend to find it. You want it? because it doesn't seem very interesting to me.

Spirit: Ah! Thanks!

Giri: Now, if you'll excuse me. I've still got to find those missing two.

Sam: Would'nt it be safer to stick together?

Giri: Probably, but we can cover more ground seperatly.

Sam: Fine...just be careful.

Giri: Of course.

*Giri walks off*

Spirit: I wonder whats in this pouch...

Sam: I don't like this, Spirit. We should'nt even be half way close to this girl's corpse.

Spirit: But...thats good, right?

Sam: No. Plus Giri, didn't you see? He was taking pictures...

Spirit: I'm sure its not what you think. Come on, lets keep moving.

Sam: Alright...

*James's side*

James: What are you talking about?!

Matsu: You don't don't know what kind of hell this is!!

James: What do you mean?!

Matsu: This is- *She suddenly falls to the ground*

???: Poor girl...lost her mind to the forest.

James: Whose there?!

*A young girl wearing a black jacket comes from behind a tree. Her eyes reveal nothing but a lifeless gaze, Her blond hair looks as though it shines from the darkness around her*

James: Who are you...?

Jane: I guess its fine, my name is Jane.

James: Jane...that name sounds familiar.

Jane: That wouldn't surprise me. But for now, I think there are a few things you should know.

James: What...?

*Spirit and Sam's side*

Sam: What the hell is this? We should be at the meeting point were James said.

Spirit: Are you sure we aren't just lost?

Sam: Unlike you, I keep tabs on what I see around me.

Spirit: Is that so~?

Sam: Unless...

Jane: This forest is not what you think.

James: What do you mean by that?

Jane: Were you or were you not notified about crossing the path?

James: Of course I was notified.

Jane: Yet your standing right here infront of me...idiots.


Jane: This doesn't abide by the laws of time.

James: Laws of time?

Jane: Yes. Time passes differently through here than how it should.

James: What is that supposed to mean to me?

Jane: *sighs* It means, you don't know how long you've been in this forest.

James: I've only been in this forest for atleast 20 minutes.

Jane: Every minute in this exactly one day.

James: What?! Thats impossible!

Jane: It is very possible. Sometimes the time may shift though. 1 second, could turn to 1 week at the blink of an eye, 1 minute could turn to 1 year. Or one week could be...hehe, maybe this is alittle too much for you to comprehend.

James: No...

Jane: Sometimes, the forest will just change time in itself.

*Giri's side*

Giri: Hehehe....hahahahah...this is just magnificent!

*He stares at the pictures of corpses he had taken on his phone with a creepy grin*

Giri: Corpses...not fake, but real life corpses. *He starts breathing heavily* How amazing! This one, his stomach...completly torn open so the broken ribs can be seen. And this one. It looks as though her head was crushed by a shovel or something...god, all this revolting. And this one...Completly pulverized into that giant boulder, theres alittle bit of breast meat mixed in so you can tell its female. All her organs...crushed to that boulder...this smudge of blood and flesh used to be a human being.

???: Please...stop...

Giri: What?!! That voice...

???: Please...stop...staring at me...please...


???: beloved...Giri...


*Angel and Rage's side*



Giri: Aaaaaaahhh!!!! No!! Mary! MARY!!!!!!!!!!GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! *Smash* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Smash* MAAAARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *psycotic laughter* Hahahahahaha~!!!!! *CRACK*

Rage: No...this can't be real...that crack sounded like his ne-

Angel: That voice...theres no denying was the voice of Giri's beloved girlfriend...Mary Fold

Rage: His girlfriend...?

Angel: Yes...but, she went missing four years ago.

Rage: Then how?!

Angel: *Crying* I don't know, but...this is too much...

*She runs off crying*

Rage: Angel!! Wait!

*A tall middle aged man appears behind Rage holding a shovel over his head*

Rage: Damn it all!! Ang- *The tall man hits him over the head with his shovel*

Rage:...!! *Blood starts rapidly coming from his head as he falls to the ground. The tall man grabs the back of his shirt collar and slowly drags him away*

Jane: I'd advise you to find your friends before its too late...

James: My friends...they should be okay...

Jane: I wonder...

James: Wonder what?!

Jane: I detect multiple life forces in this forest, they must be your friends.

James: What?!

Jane: There is no escape. Everything in this forest is closed off from the rest of the world. It also changes its form so I doubt you'll meet up with your friends. Now, I must go.

James: do you know all this...?

Jane: Because...I died here 20 years ago.


Jane: Farewell. We may meet again, that is...if you survive.

James: Wait!!

*She slowly disappears into the forest*

James: So this forest doesn't abide to the laws of time...I've gotta find Spirit and Sam before something horrible happens.

*Spirit and Sam's side*

Spirit: Whats wrong?

Sam: I just felt a someone is crying...

Spirit: You know...this is why you don't have too many friends, Saying creepy things like that.

Sam: Say what you want, but its true. I can feel their des-Aaa...aaaaaah...

Spirit: Whats wrong?

Sam: won't what their saying...

Spirit Who...?

*James's side*

James: This forest doesn't follow changes randomly...what else is there...? Damn it...I have to find them. Spencer...Sam...Please...SURVIVE THIS PLACE!!

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