His Final Birthday Wish

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Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



Ninety seconds... that was all that was left of my Senior year finals week. Looking around my Honors English IV class everyone was finished their tests impatiently staring at the second hand that slowly made its way around the clock. My eyes skimmed over all the faces that I have spent that last four years experiencing high school life with when movement by the door caught my eye. The door slowly opened as my best friend since Kindergarten Cole Werner walked in with his video camera trained in on our Honor English teacher who was sleeping at his desk in the front of the room. He smiled and held his index fingers to his lips letting us know to stay quiet before placing a kiss on his finger tips and placing them on my lips. I did the same thing and he played shy like we actually kissed one another.

I shook my head as I began gathering my back pack up in my hands. Only Cole would have his video camera at school during finals week. I swear Cole would surgically attach that thing to his hand if a doctor would let him. My class started whispering a countdown as Cole positioned himself in the middle of the room next to my desk. He turned towards me shifting his eyebrows up and down with his signature 'I am up to no good' smirk.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1." Cole whispered and just as the bell rang indicating the end of the school day Mr. Green startled out of his sleep tried to stand hit his desk and fell straight onto the floor sending his rolling chair across the room. No one held back as we all made our way to the front of the room to turn in our final in hysterics doing our best to block Cole from Mr. Green who seemed to try and play it off like nothing happened. As we made our way out of class Cole continued filming students in the hallway who were not holding back their enthusiasm of no longer dealing with finals. Cole happily captured their antics with a smile on his face behind his prized possession. "I will catch up to you at the truck Liz let me just capture some more of this." I laughed and nodded my head as we both kissed our hands and placed them on each others lips. It was always a special thing we did since we were in Kindergarten and my older brother Jason told us that little boys should never kiss little girls lip to lip.

As I walked towards the Senior parking lot I thought about my friendship with Cole. We met our first day of Kindergarten when Cole shared his Crayola crayons with me and from that day we became best friends. We know most of each other's deepest darkest secrets and refuse to let anyone come between our friendship even when we were dating someone we still continued our Friday and Saturday night sleepovers which caused a lot of problems and ended relationships rather quickly. There have been many times that people have mistaken us for a couple because of how we playful flirt with one another and how close we are, but we both make it loud and clear that we are nothing more and will never be more than friends. Whenever someone suggested that maybe we should try dating one another we would laugh it off and explain that we prefer our status as best friends stay the way it is. Currently Cole is dating this girl Stefanie who can't stand me and I have to say the feeling is mutual. However for Cole's sake I do my best to avoid confrontation with her. She on the other hand makes her feelings quite known to me whenever Cole isn't around.

As I get to the parking lot, I toss my back pack into the bed of Cole's truck before opening the tailgate and placing myself in a sitting position where my legs dangled off the edge. I smile and wave to friends that make their way to their cars as I patiently wait for Cole to come out. Cole finally walks out with a few of our friends, Jackie and Rob and they were all laughing. I hop down from the tailgate and slam it closed.

"So Liz, are we all still on for tonight?" Cole asked as he placed his camera into it's carrier.

"Friday night movie night at your place." I turn towards Jackie and Rob. "You two coming?"

"Of course." Rob said before turning to Cole. "Cole did you invite Stefanie?"

"Nah, she..." Cole looked at me before he decided to continue. "Alright to be honest, I got called into work last night for some extra hours and Stefanie didn't know. She thought I was home studying or with Liz. So she decided it was a good time for her and the other dude she was seeing to have a date night at the mall. Surprise of her life when I walked up to her in the food court after she was hooking up with the dude."

"Are you serious? Ughhh I really hate that bitch." I say as I search the parking lot for her car. Not seeing it I turn my attention back to Cole. "Your better off without her anyway." I give him a hug and kiss my hand before placing it on his lips. He does the same before I release him and step away.

"So... it's just us and.... Brett." Cole said as my heart felt like it's going to beat straight out of my chest. I glance at Cole who has that smirk on his face for the second time today. "He arrived home yesterday from college and is looking forward to a nice relaxing night watching movies with us." Cole begins unlocking his truck glancing at me every so often.

I nod my head and give Jackie a quick hug before they walk off towards Rob car holding hands. When I turn back Cole is now staring at me with a huge smile on his face. "What are you smiling so big about?" I ask as I lean against the bed of the truck as he held the passenger side door open for me to climb into but I held my ground.

He laid his head against the door before looking up towards the sky. "I read something rather interesting about a week ago and it is still on my mind." His eyes landed back on me and I gave him a questionable look.

"Okay I will bite, what did you read that was so interesting Cole?" I say as I started climbing into the truck. As I reached for my seat belt and began pulling Cole closed the door and walked around the front of the truck tapping on the hood as he went. When he climbed in the drivers side i asked him again. "Seriously Cole what was so interesting that it has you smiling like you won the lottery?"

Cole laughed a bit as he started the truck and pulled out of the parking spot doing his best to avoid hitting anything and anyone. He made his way out of the parking lot before stealing a glance at me and I so wanted to smack that smirk right off his face. Finally he spoke but he was using his girly voice that he uses when he tries to mimic me. "I haven't seen him in over four months and he still gave me butterflies when he walked into his parent's Christmas party. However, they were nothing compared to the ones that were fluttering during the kiss we shared under the mistletoe when someone pointed out we were standing directly under it. After that he was at my side all night just telling me about his classes and asking me about my Senior year thus far. I wish I would have just told him that I liked him for awhile instead of bolting as soon as the party ended. Why am I such a chicken when it comes to Brett Werner?"

My eyes were bulging and my jaw would have hit the floor if it wasn't so attached my face. Cole laughed a bit when he looked at my face before returning his eyes to the road. I quickly took the opportunity to dead arm him as he came to a red light. "You not only read my private journal, but you memorized one of the entries? When did you find it Cole?" I was fuming as Cole rubbed his arm where I punched him.

"I found your journal awhile ago but didn't get a chance to read it until last Friday when you were in the shower." He smiled at me like it was no big deal. "I only read that entry because there were hearts drawn on the border with the words 'He kissed me!' written in between them. Why didn't you tell me you like my older brother?" Cole looked at me briefly a he drove the short distance to his house.

I dropped my face into my hands as I shook my head back and forth. "There is nothing to tell, because nothing will ever come of it." I lifted my head and looked out the window as we pulled into his development.

"How do you know for certain nothing will come of it? You'll never know if you don't at least try." Cole said as we made our way down his street. I shrugged my shoulder and was about to say something when I saw Brett's car in Cole's driveway. "Let's just drop this conversation and pick it up at a later time. We have more important things to worry about. We have to create our Birthday wish list for the Summer and figure out exactly how we are going to accomplish it before our birthdays in August. Mine is more important because mine comes first." I hit Cole again as he parked his car. He never lets me forget that he is a week older than me.

"Fine... but I want to know how the hell you memorized that entry if you only read it once last Friday?" I grabbed his arm before he could exit the car.

"I don't know you have been rather abusive this afternoon." Cole said rubbing his arm doing his best to hold back the smirk. I raise my fist again and he held his hands up in surrender. "Alright... damn Rocky chill out. I kind of have a picture of the entry on my phone because I thought you were coming so many times that I just snapped a picture and put the journal back. So when you entered the room you thought I was texting when in all honesty I was reading." I let go of his arm in shock and before I know it he is out of the truck.

"Cole Dylan Werner... I am going to kick your ass." I said getting out of the truck and chasing after him into the house. I ended up tackling Cole in the living room after chasing him around the bottom floor several times directly behind the couch and sat on his stomach with all my weight. "Give me your phone now or I will seriously do some damage to your precious camcorder you love so damn much before I walk out that door forever." Cole who has been laughing this entire time immediately became silent.

"That's a thousand dollar camcorder, Liz." Cole struggled to move from underneath me.

"And it's also thirteen almost fourteen years of friendship but I won't blink an eye." I said staring him right in the eyes with my most serious face.

"You would do all of that over some journal entry about your crush?" I nodded my head as Cole continued to try and read my face. "Fine I will let you delete it." I eased myself off of Cole as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to me.

Just as I am sifting through his photo list and finally deleting the picture I hear another voice enter the room. "So who does Lizzy have a crush on?" Cole watches as my whole body tenses up while he just sat there smirking. To my parents and any other form of adults I am Elizabeth to my friends I am Liz, but there is only one person in my entire life that has ever called me Lizzy.

I slowly turn around as Cole pushes himself up into a standing position. I take a deep breath and try to form the appropriate words. "Hey Brett..."

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