His Final Birthday Wish

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Jackie held me in her arms until I slowly fell back into a sleep state, but the following morning she had a plan that she was setting into motion about me living my life for Cole instead of with Cole. 

After working a private party on Sunday she took me to small bonfire at one of Rob's friend's house, but Brett made a surprise appearance making things just a tad bit awkward. Especially since he would constantly steal glances at me. I ended up leaving early using the excuse that I had to be at work early Monday morning which wasn't a total lie. 

Walking into The Spot I noticed several extra cars in the parking lot. I headed straight for my Dad's office to grab my ice skates to do some laps around the rink before the hockey camp started. I blasted "Burn It To The Ground" over the loud speakers and began picking up speed as soon as my skates hit the ice. Unfortunately mid way through the song everything went silent and I skidded to a stop. There were three guys with my father staring at me from behind the one of the benches to my left. Some of them waved the others just smiled. 

I wave back as my Dad just shakes his head and smiles at me. He starts pointing things out to the guys who I see are how carrying huge hockey bags. I slowly skate backwards towards the entrance of the rink. I felt two hands touch my waist when I suddenly slammed into someone. My skates slipped out from underneath me as the two hands tightened their grip. 

"You really should pay attention to your surroundings before skating backwards, Lizzy." Hearing his voice sent my body into a frenzy causing me to tense up a bit.

I gained my balance back and quickly struggled from his grasp. "You can let go of me now." As soon as his hands release me I begin skating away. 

"Lizzy... can we please talk?" Turning to face him I saw regret all over his face. I shook my head no. "Please... just let me explain."

"No. Now if you will excuse me I have work to do." I exited the ice and immediately removed my skates. Before Brett could follow I slammed the doors to the rink open and then closed.

It wasn't long after placing my sneakers on my feet that my Dad's office door opened slowly. "Everything okay?" My Dad cautiously stepped into the office and closed the door. 

"What are those guys doing in the ink rink? The campers and counselors have the rink in the mornings." I stand and point to the white board calendar on the wall.

"I thought it would be a good idea to bring in some university students to help teach the campers a few things. Brett thought it would be a good idea and called a few of his buddies from the hockey team. I think he needs this though especially after everything with Cole."

"I am going to get to work opening the concession area and giving everyone their assignments for today. Is there anything special that you need me to add to the list?" I grabbed the schedule from him and assignments for the day. 

"Yeah I actually do have something to add to the list." Glancing at my Dad from over top of the clipboard of papers I see the desperation in his eyes. "You need to talk to someone about.... Cole."

"You can't be serious about this?" My fingers tighten on the clipboard. "No therapist is going to understand anything about Cole and mine's friendship. I won't do it."

"You think no one will understand anything about you and Cole's relationship. You fail to remember that the rest of us were along for the ride for the both of you. We were around through it all Elizabeth. We weren't in the world you two created for yourselves but we were still here.  We all lost Cole, some more than others." By now my Dad was shoving papers into his briefcase. "Do you know your Mother and I worry every time you walk out the door that it will be the last time we see you? That we can hear you when you cry yourself to sleep most nights and we cry along with you. That when you came home Saturday in hysterics saying you couldn't do this anymore without Cole that we had you on suicide watch the whole night. I am not dealing with this anymore Elizabeth. You have an appointment with Dr. Phillips on Friday whether you like it or not." He holds out a piece of paper to me. "He was recommended by Mrs. Werner, she is seeing him as well."

I take the paper from his hands as my whole body shakes from the tone in my Dad's voice. "I didn't know you guys thought I was suicidal." I drop into the chair in front of his desk staring at the paper in my hands. 

He takes a few deep breaths and runs his hands over his face. "I didn't want you to find out like this, but you need to break down this wall you have around the topic of Cole. You have been getting more and more depressed and saying things like "Why can't I be with him?" and "I can't do this anymore." scared the shit out of us." He rose from his seat. "Dr. Phillips wants you to bring one thing that meant something to you and Cole so he has a starting place with you."

"Okay... I will do this, but I don't like it." I raised my head with tears in my eyes. He quickly grabbed me and gave me a huge hug. "Where exactly are you going?" 

My Dad pulls away and just smiles. "Your mother and I have someone renting the cabin from us next weekend so we need to go today to clean it a bit before your Mother and I leave for our getaway this weekend for our anniversary. I am leaving you in charge of the place today because I think you can handle it. However Jason is going to handle everything from Friday night until Monday night. Make sure you sign off on Brett and the guys volunteer sheets for the university. Also feed them before they head back to the hotel. I should be back by four. If not make sure the campers keep their camp shirts on until their parents sign them out. Also make sure the counselors are not socializing and keeping an eye on everyone when the open skate starts." I nod my head and he pulls me in for another hug. After a quick forehead kiss he leaves me to run this entire operation and deal with Brett and his hockey buddies. 


It takes an hour to get everyone situated and all the campers to arrive. Everything seems to be running smoothly and I do my best to keep up with all my father's checklists. I must have lost track of time because before I know it all the campers are making their way into the concession area for their lunch. 

"Ms. Liz, Ms. Liz I got to shoot against a college goalie." I turn to see Skylar Ryan a very rambunctious seven year old who is obsessed with hockey. He quickly climbed into my lap, thankfully he removed his pads and skates. "I didn't score but he said I did amazing."

"Way to go Skylar. Maybe next time you will score." I give him a hug. 

"That guy said I have a long way to go so don't count on it." Skylar pointed to a well built guy who was walking with the rest of the college hockey crew. A couple of the campers ran up to them and were excited for any bit of attention they received. "He isn't very nice Ms. Liz." 

I gave Skylar a big hug and placed him down in front of a slice of pizza before making my way over to them. "Alright campers go grab a seat and eat your lunch. Counselors I expect you all to be separated and at a table. I will be back shortly to give breaks." Everyone scattered leaving me with the four college hockey players. 

"Damn... a woman who can take charge in a situation and can skate with the best of them. I like. The name is Bryan spelled with a 'y'. And you are?" I turn to see the well built hockey player that Skylar pointed out smirking and licking his lips at me. 

"The name is Elizabeth. I am the one who is signing off on your paperwork. However, I need to speak to the four of you in my Dad's office before that. So why don't you all follow me and we can settle this quickly." I looked at Brett real quick before leading them towards the office. 

"I will follow her anywhere. Damn Brett you should have told me we would have a nice sweet thing to look at." I heard a smack come from behind me and a couple of them whisper.

"There are only two chairs so fight amongst yourselves who gets to sit and who gets to stand." I take my spot behind the desk and waited for everyone to situate themselves. "Now I know Brett, and your name is Bryan. What about the rest of you?"

"Stan." A blonde said waving a bit.

"Liam." The last one states before looking around the office. 

Brett placed their papers on the desk in front of me when Bryan decided to open his mouth. "So Elizabeth. Are you seeing anyone? Or do I have the chance to take you out to dinner and a movie Friday?"

Brett and the two other guys looked down in embarasment as I just stared at him in shock. "That is not why I brought the four of you in here. You are here on a volunteer basis and I have the right to tell one if not all of you not to return. The next time I hear about a negative comment coming from any one of you your gone. I am sure my Dad will agree so take into consideration that I am the one who found out about it. Those kids idiolize anyone who gives them attention and advice about hockey. Don't ruin it for them." I began to sign their papers as I saw Brett staring at me. 

"So what about that date honey?" Bryan asked like our talked didn't even matter to him. 

Placing a smile on my face, I turned to Bryan and simply stated. "You have a long way to go, so don't count on it." I handed the paper towards Brett who just smirked a bit. "Have a nice day guys. Grab some pizza before you head out." Bryan, Stan, and Liam took their notice and left. Liam and Stan rubbing in the fact that I turned down Bryan down without so much as a thought. Brett stayed back continuing his stare down. 

"Are you still going to the bonfire next weekend?" Brett asked as soon as the guys were out the door. I gave him a hard look and nodded. "What should I tell my Mom about movie night this Friday?"

"Tell her I will be there around six with pizza and wings." I started to stand when he continued.

"What should I tell her about why your not talking to me?" I gave him a shocked look. 

"Tell her whatever you think is necesssary Brett. You don't seem to have a problem drawing up the wrong conclusions and telling me about them." I said before slamming the door to the office close as I exited the office. 

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