My Unexpected Love

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Michelle just finished her third year at college where she is studying Early Childhood Education. Her and her college roommate Andrea decide to spend the summer together at Andrea's parents house in Houston, Texas and work at a local camp for young children. Will she leave this summer the same person she came as?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Unexpected Love

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



"Flight 245 to Houston Texas is now boarding at gate E14, we will be loading passengers in the A group first 1-30."

As I listen to the announcement about my flight, I begin to grab my backpack and purse and head towards my gate. I hand the man my boarding pass and began to make my way down the hall toward the entrance of the plane. I board the plane and find my seat rather quickly so I can prepare myself for this long three and half hour flight to Houston. Placing my Ipod on my lap I begin to reach to my sides for the seatbelt. Obviously I am not paying attention and I elbow the person who is trying to take his seat next to me.

"Oh my... I am so sorry. I was just reaching for the," I say turning and coming face to face with a gorgeous guy in a suit and tie, and never finishing my sentence.

"No problem, I was reaching for the seat belt as well." He said sliding over slightly and handing me my seatbelt while he grabbed his seatbelt. He looks back to me and flashes me a smile that I swear every dentist in America would love to have plastered on their walls. Soon enough he begins to go through his briefcase as I begin to search for one of the two magazines that I bought for this flight.

I soon grab my phone and text Andrea who is already in Houston preparing for my arrival.

To Andrea:

Hey girl!! Just boarded the plane for Houston. I have the hottest guy sitting next to me! Will see you around 5:20pm your time. Luv you!!

I sent the message and watched as people continued to board the plane. I soon felt my phone vibrate in my hand and look down to see a message from Andrea.

To: Michelle

I can not wait to see you. I will be there at 5:20pm to pick you up with my younger sister. Enjoy your flight with the HOTTIE!!!! Luv you too girl!!

I smiled turning my phone on to airplane mode and tried relaxing by resting my head back on the headrest. I gazed out the window when I heard a male voice begin talking. I turn to see the guy next to me looking towards me.

"I am sorry were you saying something. I wasn't paying attention." I say looking at him as I removed my sunglasses from my head and placed them on my lap.

"I was saying, are you heading home to Houston or you going for business or pleasure?" He is pulling at his tie and begins to unknot the knot and slowly slides it from around his neck and sliding it into his briefcase.

"Oh, I am actually going down to Houston to meet up with my college roommate. I will be spending the entire summer with her family working and hanging out." I say as the flight attendants begin their regular spiel about airplane safety and procedure.

"First time to Houston?" He says as he places his briefcase on the floor under the seat in front of him.

"Yeah, normally I spend the summer working at my dad's law firm but this summer I wanted to experience something different. My roommate and I grew very close over the past three years so she invited me to stay with her this summer." I feel like I am babbling so I look away as I ask, "So what is your story?"

"I am from Houston, I came up here to Philadelphia for one of the projects my dad has going on up here for his business. It's my first project and I came up here to make sure everything was going according to blue prints, plans, and budgets." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Blue prints?" I say giving him a strange look.

"Yeah, my father and I are architects." He said giving me that smile again. He giggled a bit and rubbd his neck a bit more. "By the way my name is Derrick." He placed his hand in front of mine to shake.

"Michelle," I said shaking his hand.

The rest of the flight was spent with us talking none stop about our families, college experiences, and him telling me all about the Houston area. I never even touched my Ipod the entire flight which shocked me. The flight attendant began making his announcement that the plane would be touching down in the next fifteen minutes and for us to buckle our seat belts and turn off all electronic devices, I tensed up really quick and gripped my arm rest that sat in between Derrick and I.

Derrick took notice that I tensed and placed his hand on top of mine tugging on it. I removed my hand and placed it in his."Don't like the landing part?" He began to a squeeze my hand. I just shook my head and closed my eyes. "Just stay calm and think about going with me to Moody Garden's next weekend."

My eyes flew open and looked at him, "Did you just ask me out on a date?" He nodded his head and smiled at me again. "What is Moody Gardens?" I ask as I can feel my stomach begin to move as the plane descendant lower. I closed my eyes and he squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"Tell me you will go with me and I will happily give you all the details." He said as he leaned closer to my ear. I waited for the plane tires to hit ground make that horrible screeching noise and for the planes breaks to take effect before I opened my eyes and looking at him. "Well, what do you say Michelle. Will you spend the day with me at Moody Gardens next weekend?"

"Derrick, I want to say yes so badly right now, but...." I turn to look at him. His eyes and face soon dropped as he released my hand. "I need to talk to Andrea first to make sure that she doesn't have plans for us already. Also I don't want to ditch her after being here a week." He looked up at me again and gave a slight smile.

"I understand, I would probably say the same thing. This Andrea girl, is she single?" He said grabbing for his briefcase and putting it in his lap.

I look around and see the passengers pushing to get off the plane as Derrick and I sit there while we continue talking. "Yeah, she just recently broke it off with that guy from school that we tarred and feathered after Christmas break." I said laughing as I showed him the picture in my phone. He took the phone and saw the picture of Andrea's ex covered in syrup and pink and purple feathers.

As I leaned down for my purse I heard the sound of my phone's camera go off. I turn to see Derrick bring the phone back down to his lap as he began to fiddle with other things on the phone. "What are you doing to my phone Derrick?" I say I look over his shoulder.

"You and I have the same phone, so I took a picture of myself and entered my number into your contacts." He said handing the phone back to me smiling. "I have a few friends that are single as well that I could bring along if Andrea doesn't want to give you up for the weekend." He reached for his briefcase and I stood up and waited for me to follow him.

We were the last to leave the plane and the flight attendants just smiled as we made our way past them. As soon as we reached the gate, Derrick removed his suit coat and we walked together to pick up my bags from baggage claim. As we reached baggage claim, I reached for my phone in my pocket and found Andrea's number in my call list. That's when I heard it.

"There is my sister from another mister. How the hell are you hot stuff?" Andrea's voice screamed from a few feet in front of me. All eyes were on Derrick and I at that present moment as Andrea and another girl ran towards us. I dropped my backpack and purse as I was pulled into a hug by Andrea. I turned to introduce Derrick to Andrea.

"Derrick, I would like you to meet Andrea and Andrea I would like to meet Derrick." I did my whole Vanna White impression and the two of them shook hands and started busting out laughing. They soon hugged each other and I was a bit confused.

"Michelle, let me just say that this is a small world." Andrea and Derrick were still laughing as Derrick began speaking to me. "Andrea and this little squirt right here," he said pointing to the girl who could be no more than ten years old, "are my cousins."

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