The Boss' Son

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Christmas Party

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



Everyone was having a good time eating, drinking, dancing, and reminiscing about their favorite memories in this exquisite ballroom. Richard McDonald and his lovely wife did their best to greet and speak with everyone who managed to make it to the annual Christmas Party at the expensive Hinder Hotel. The snow storm was picking up, and many people were talking about leaving early to make it home to their loved ones and family. Most of the rooms were booked and I was one of the ones who happened to get a room with a King Size bed. I sat at my table sipping on my Captain and Coke as I spoke with Chelsea and Rachel, Richard's daughters. The party has been in full swing for about an hour when everyone began to take their seats. Mr. McDonald made his way up to the microphone that the DJ has set up.

I feel Chelsea tap my shoulder and lean closer towards me."Hey, would you mind placing my purse on the chair next to you. My brother just text me and asked me to save him a seat at our table." I nodded my head and placed her purse on the empty seat next to me. "Thank you, he doesn't want to get stuck at the table with Brian and Kevin again." We both busted out laughing.

?Last year Jeremy was ready to strangle Brian and Kevin for making some comment about getting Chelsea in one of their beds and how they would make her a real woman. Unbeknownst to them they were talking to her older brother. Brian and Kevin are two guys that think they are God's Gift to Earth. They are constantly flexing muscles, and talking about their latest conquest, but they are great at their jobs. Both of them have tried their hardest to get my attention but I never gave them the time of day.

Richard and his wife were still giving their 'Thank you for making this a great year speech.' When I see Chelsea wave to a man walking through the ballroom doors. He nods his head and walks around all the tables. He began to pull out the empty chair next to me and I am stunned by how handsome this man is in a suit and tie. Whenver I see Jeremy he is in his Police Uniform or jeans with a tee-shirt or hoodie. So the image of him in a suit is taking my breath away.

"Excuse me is this seat taken? " Jeremy asks with a smile on his face.

"No, you are more than welcome to it." I say reaching for Chelsea's purse and handing it back to her. "Would you care to sit next to you sister?" I ask as he is about to sit.

?He leans closer, "No thank you. She has a tendency of being a pain in the ass, so the further away the better."

Before I had chance to respond, Chelsea picks up a roll and throws it at him. "I heard that Big Brother. Just for that I will tell Mrs. Stone that you are dying to dance with her for a few songs."

"Now Chelsea that wouldn't be very nice." Jeremy said as he put a serious face on. Chelsea just smiles and we continue to listen to the speech. I feel Jeremy lean closer to me, "It's good to see you again Tracey. Where is your boyfriend Anthony?" He said looking around the table.

I feel my whole body tense up at the mention of that name. "I don't know and quite frankly I don't care." I reach for my drink taking huge swallows.

"Wow, I am guessing you guys are no longer together." I nod my head and try to block out the memories of what happened last Friday. "Want me to kick his ass? I am sure my Dad would happily bail me out of jail for standing up for you."

I laugh at his statement and look at him. "How do you know I didn't end it?"

"I can tell by the way your eyes changed and your body tensed. What did he do to you?" Jeremy said as Chelsea threw another roll at him hitting him in the chest.

"Shhhh... Dad is trying to give his speech." Jeremy and I both laugh as Chelsea threatens him with another roll.

Once Mr. McDonald finished his speech. They began to start pulling tickets for the raffle baskets. Everyone was handed a red ticket when they walked into the door and if your ticket was drawn you could pick from a bunch of different prizes. Numbers upon numbers were called as we all waited with much anticipation. They were giving out several different types of prizes. One was a movie basket with several DVD's', popcorn, a two liter bottle of soda, and various candies. There was also tickets to restaurants, ball games, ballet, as well as some envelopes that had nothing written on them but there was surprises in each.

Mrs. McDonald picked out the final number for the last raffle. "The number is 52379." I look down seeing that I am holding the other half of that ticket. I slowly push my chair away and walk towards Mr. and Mrs. McDonald as the whole room cheered for me. I finally get to Mr. and Mrs. McDonald as they hand me the final prize. I open the envelope and pulled out two fake boarding passes to a cruise liner. My heart stops as Mr. McDonald tells everyone what I just won.

"Tracey Gorton just won two tickets to a Carribean Cruise. Let's all give a big congrats to Tracey." Mr. McDonald said as the whole room gave me a standing ovation. "Everybody enjoy the rest of your evening. The dinner buffet is still open, and the dance floor will be as soon as the DJ can start the music."

?I turn to thank Mr. McDonald for my prize and he just hugs me. Mrs. McDonald was the next one to pull me into a hug. We met on numerous occasions when her husband had to work late to make a presentation for a new client, or when she would come in for a lunch date. She too treated me like a daughter.

"I am so glad that you won the trip. You just need to pick a cruise date and we will purchase the tickets for you, will it be hard for you to find someone to go with after everything?" Mrs. McDonald held on to my arms, her husband must have told her about my situation with Anthony.

"I can probably manage to find someone to go with me. I still keep in contact with some of the girls I hung out with in high school and college." I hold the envelope in my hands.

"Richard and I are sorry to hear about you and Anthony. But if you don't mind me saying he was no good for you."

"Thank you Mrs. McDonald." She hugs me on more time.

"You know better young lady. Call me Dorothy." She pulls back and smiles at me.

"Tell Mr... I mean Richard, thank you, and I will let you two know soon about what trip I pick. I am going to go grab something to eat." I say as she releases my arms.

As soon as Mrs. McDonald turn her attention to something else I begin to work my way back to the table. Jeremy and Chelsea are still sitting there so I put the envelope in my clutch, grab some money, and head towards the bar for another drink. Everyone is saying their Congrats and offering me money for the tickets. I smile and keep moving until I reach the bar. As soon as I order my drink, Jeremy appears next to me.

"What are you drinking there?" He said ordering a drink.

"Captain and Coke,"  Taking a sip and tasting mainly alcohol I smirked at him.

"How many is that for you?" He said tipping the bartender.

"Number three, trying to loosen up for a night out with my co-workers." I turn and wave goodbye to some of my co-workers who were leaving.

"Are you sure your not trying to forget your Ex?" Jeremy said as he lead me back to our table.

"That too." I say with a laugh.

The rest of the night was spent eating, drinking, and talking with Jeremy about some humorous arrest he has made. I guess I had one to many drinks because the next thing I know I am dancing several songs in Jeremy's arms. He is holding me extremely close and my head is resting on his shoulder. I feel his hands rubbing my back as we swayed to the music very slowly. Once the last song ends I quickly slip out of his arms and head back to the bar for another drink. I pretty much chug that drink down and make my way back to the table to grab my purse and scarf. I check my cell and see that it is 11:00 pm. A lot of the people have left already to avoid the dangerous roads.

?Once I had everything in my hand I go through my clutch to find my room key. I see Richard and Jeremy looking at me from across the room as I wave my hand at them letting them know that I was leaving.

I made it to the double doors before I heard my name. "Tracey, wait up." Jeremy said as he walked his way over to me.

"What's up Jeremy?" I lean on the door frame not trusting myself to stay up without support.

"Your not driving are you?" He asked as he leaned on the door next to me.

?I shake my head back and forth. "No, the weather is too bad and besides I am a little tipsy. I reserved a room as soon as I got here." I say as I laugh and show him my hotel key card.

"Then allow me to walk you to your room." He reached for the card with one hand and wrapped his free arm around my waist. We start walking and I feel myself lean into him as we get to the elevator. I hit the up button and feel Jeremy wrap both his arms around my waist to keep me steady. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Do you know how beautiful you look in that dress?"

The elevator opens and we both step in with his arms still wrapped around me. I turn and face him, "No, but why don't you show me."

Jeremy doesn't hesitate to pull me to him and place his lips firmly against mine. His kisses sends me up on my tip toes helping him deepen the kiss. I feel our bodies moving as my back hits the elevator door. He lightly bites my bottom lip causing me to moan and open my mouth to his probing tongue. The elevator chimes and the door opens to my floor. Jeremy pulls back and takes my hand and drags me out of the elevator. He looks down at the key card and finds the room number written on it. He looks down the hall and pulls me towards my door. I start giggling as he slides the key into the lock and nothing happens. He pulls me closer and places a kiss on my lips to shut me up. I reach for the key and slide it into the door when I hear the beep and turn the handle. Jeremy opens the door at that point and pushes me into the room. We make our way towards the big bed and I feel Jeremy find the zipper with his fingers and pull it down. The dress slips down over my body leaving me in nothing but my strapless bra and lacy underwear. Jeremy slips off his suit jacket and kicks his shoes off to the side. I continue to strip for him and soon enough we are both naked on the bed. Both of our hands and lips roam each other's body. Once he enters me we quickly find a rhythm that pleasures the both of us. Our moans are bouncing off the wall and we don't seem to care how loud we get. We both hold on to our release as long as possible, but I soon give into the pleasure and truly understand what a real orgasm feels like. Jeremy gives in as and he collapses against me when he finishes. He slowly rolls off of me and takes the spot to my left. We both move and pull the covers down so we could crawl in. Once we are underneath I feel Jeremy pull me close and place a kiss on the back of my neck.

Three more times that night we explored each others bodies after taking a quick nap to regain some of our energy. Sex with Anthony never felt like this it was more rehearsed and the same each time. With Jeremy we explored different positions and touches that drove each of us to our brink. The thoughts raced through my mind and soon I woke with a migraine headache. Blinking my eyes to focus I turn over and find myself completely alone. There wasn't a note, just an indent in the pillow where his head had been.

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