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Eveything is not what it seems.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Quetsions.?????

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014




There once lived an orphan boy named Graver. Graver was a terribly troubled kid. He never really seemed to fit in with the other children in the orphanage. He use to taunt and torment the other children daily, he caused the caretakers to believe he was a demon child, and they no longer wanted him there. His’s behavior got so bad that no other orphanages would take him. He was sent to 5 different orphanages weekly but non if them would keep him. One day Graver’s conduct got so bad that they had to send him to an insane asylum for the troubled mentally ill. They placed him on the lowest floor in the building and once every hour they would send a caretaker down to his cell to bring him a box with food, clothes, and toys. Most of the caretakers were too scared of the boy so when they brought him his things they would push it threw a slit in the ground, to avoid contact with him. He never opened the boxes that were sent to him, all he did was sit in the corner of the room and mark on the walls with a red marker. One day a new caretaker was assigned to his cell, the caretaker was a short and chubby young lady by the name of Lacey Lovix. Lacey was an optimistic woman and didn’t fear anything. Lacey too was also an orphan, she was adopted around the age of six. She didn’t know much about her pass but hoped this job would bring her a better future. As she entered the cell, she began to tap on the glass to reassure the little boy that it wasn’t a stranger coming to hurt him. Graver didn’t move and inch. He sat just in the corner of the room with his red marker and continued to draw marks on the wall. Lacey slowly unlocked the door to the cell and entered with caution. “Um, Hello little boy, I am here to bring you your things”, said Lacey with a smile as she moved closer to the boy. Graver continued to sit in the corner of the room and mark on the walls. Knowing that she was being ignored Lacey cleared her throat and continued talking to the obviously uninterested boy.“What beautiful drawings you’ve created, you are very talented.” Graver continued to ignore the woman as if she wasn’t even in the room, he just sat in the corner as usual and drew red marks on the wall. Lacey started to feel uncomfortable with the silence so she walked over to the radio that was given to each of the cell mates and turned it on. The radio started to play Beethoven Symphony 9, Lacey slowly walked back to where the boy was sitting and looked threw the box of things that were meant for the boy. “Oh cool, they gave you wooden blocks to play with, I wish I had wooden blocks as a child, your one lucky little boy”, stated Lacey. The boy slowly turned around startling the woman, he sat there and stared at her for what felt like years. Graver slowly stood up and approached the box the woman brought for him and carried it to the corner. The boy gradually opened the box, and slowly emptied out the content. The woman watch as the boy organized the content in the box on to the floor, then she slowly stood up and sat beside the boy. “Hi, my name is-”, the young boy cut her off mid-sentence to clear his throat, which startled Lacey, the boy continued by slowly opening his mouth, “I know who you are”, said the boy as he continued to organize the content on the floor. “You do ?” asked Lacey as puzzled as ever. “Yes, your name is Lacey Lovix, Your 36 years old, you are born in Paris France, but you speak fluent latin, your parents are Chad, and Amelia Aimlisson”, said Graver as he stacked the wooden boxes on top of each other. Lacey sat there puzzled, “How do you know these things?” asked Lacey. “You have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, one of your brothers died a year ago during the war, both of your parents where murdered when you where 6, and your new family, Tom and Sasilia Lovix, adopted you when your were 14, but couldn't afford to adopt your other brothers and sisters”, said the boy while he continued to moved the wooden blocks into a straight-line. Lacey was puzzled, shocked, and now scared. She slowly opened her mouth and spoke, “Answer my question, how do you know so much about me?” The boy opened the top of his red marker and returned to the corner of the room, and started marking on the wall again. Then one of the caretakers slowly approached the cell and told Lacey she had to return to the dining room. Lacey didn’t move, she repeated, “How do you know so much about me?” The second care taker walked towards Lacey and said, “Soon where going to have to enter you into one of these cells, that boy hasn't talked since he’s been here, he just sits there and draws on the wall.”Lacey slowly stood up and walked towards the cell door, before leaving she turned and looked at the boy hoping he had one more piece of her life to tell her.


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