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When Aerope went into the boys’ bathroom, there was a tall boy, dressed in navy and white, frantically speaking into the medicom. He had blanched beneath his permanently browned skin and his long fingers shook against the medicom speak-button.

“I came home and I found my brother in the auto’, and he won’t wake up--Mom!” He saw her. “Something’s wrong with Eryx, he won’t wake up.”

“I-I know--”

The medicom bleeped. He looked at it, and suddenly all the fear drained out of his eyes. They began to burn with rage. He whipped around.

“You gave him a dreambar? A DREAMBAR!?” His cheeks flushed. “You said you’d never do that to him! What the fu--”

“I had no choice!” she screamed back.

“--ck were you thinking?” He stopped, and his eyes narrowed. “‘No choice’? You had a choice. You just didn’t have the spine to make the one you knew you should.”

“Shut up, Periscus,” she hissed. “Shut up, you don’t know what I experience every goddamned day.”

“Yeah I do, Mom,” he said. “I got your fatigue-o genes too, remember?”

“You don’t run a household.”

“Neither do you. You just sit here all day and do crap-nothing. It's not that exhausting.”

“It wouldn’t be if I didn’t have you two pissing me off all the time!”

“That’s your choice! We don’t make you get all pissy, you choose to.”

“Don’t give me that Old Age bullcrap.”

“It’s not bullcrap, it’s truth and you know it.”

“Where did you pick up all that psychobabble in the first place?”

“My god, you always change the subject!”

“You know what, Periscus? At the end of the day, I am Eryx’s mother and I decide what’s best for him and I’m the one who deals with the consequences, okay? Not you. So back down.”

She pushed past him and hauled her sleeping Eryx out of the autowash, slung him over her shoulder, and carried him to his room. Wrangled him into bed. Set his room to “night” and closed the door.

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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