The Prince, the Fool, and the Monster

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Chapter 150 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



I'm alive,
I'm free,
But I am not released.

Not yet.

Not until Death,
That great gateway to . . .

The moss of the grave
Is still on me;
I still feel my heart stop at times;
And I must confess
It can still be very hard to breathe,
Though the veil of the grave is off.
I am alive,
And yet am not.

Not yet.

Not until Death,
Tall "D,"
That great gateway to . . .

My joints still creak at times.
I can feel my face coming off.
I'd be a ghastly sight if you could see me.
But don't worry,
I keep covered up.
Even I hate the look of me.
But unlike you,
I have to see what I truly
Every time I bend to drink water
From the stream that winds through
The hellish plain on which I
For now.
One day I won't,
One day I'll go Home
Across the narrow,
Depthless waterway that
Keeps me alive for now.
One day.

Not yet.

Not until Death,
That gateway to . . .

At times I dig myself a grave
And in it lie until
I die
As I did before when I was
At times I cave and let myself give
To the urge,
To the poison,
To those monsters in the earth
That killed me.
But my heart remembers
How to restart
When I die,
My prince pulls me up and
Breathes into me and
My heart beats again and
I see the stars,
The moon,
The earth,
The lover who sees such high worth in such a
Worthless thing as
One day, though,
I'll die no more,
And my prince and I will
Finally live
Our happily ever after.
One day.

Not yet.

Not until Death,
That great and summered gateway to . . .

I cannot tell you.

But one day,
I will see it.

Perhaps you will too.

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