to feel complete

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Jessica was a popular girl who had it all the looks the family and the money but none of it seemed to make her feel complete she always felt there was something missing
but what

Chapter 1 (v.1) - to feel complete

Submitted: February 20, 2010

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Submitted: February 20, 2010



Just Another Day

My name is Jessica Hallow im 16 years old and live in wisconsin usa with my twin brother Ryanwho i look nothing alike apart  from we have the same color hair he has brown eyes i have blue . my mum and dad work alot soo there hardly ever home

Im popular but sometimes i just wish i wasnt ,Have you ever had that feeling that your completely alone well I feel like  that i  would be surrounded by a bunch of family friends or with my boyfriend but i  allways feel alone   it didnt matter how many people i was with i could never escape from who i am inside no amounts of clothes or shoes would ever make ne  feel  i  was being my self .i  was never really myself i  wear makeup and dress up to look good, i go  to partys to make other people happy and  ive got a boyfriend soo idont look lonely or different from my  friends but it was alll fake . I  love  just simple things like seeing old people happy and holding hands and laughing with each other . It gives me  that yearn but I never know what it means  , I never know what i really want  in life i  make decisions that make everyone else but me happy although i never let people know this because i wouldnt want to cause an arguement .Butno one really knows me i mean they know my hobbies and food i prefer but no one reallly clicks with me perosnality wise even my brother has nothing in common with me i follow him and sit with his friends and im best friends with his girlfriend but i never really feel like i belong with them. I dont think anyone really knows me except my grandma shes the only one who can see through my false pretenses and knows what i really love but she lives in california on a ranch with my grandad she says there soul mates. I dont think i bileve someone can ever have a soul mate but it could just be ive never found mine.

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