The Firebird Quest

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Mindaileia never seemed to fit in. Could she be the one to bring back the firebirds?
Amidea= Am id e uh
Mindaileia= Min day lee uh
Kashia= Ka sh yuh
Padimere= Pad i mear (i as in ich)
All of Amidea's lines are thought, they are in italics.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Firebird Quest

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



Chapter One

The air whistled quietly through the cool stone house on Maple Street. Mindaileia shuddered under her blankets. She could feel the tendrils of wind playing with her long red hair that drapped over the bed frame, nearly falling to the floor. She could hear her radio playing gently in the background. It was still early morning -she could tell that much- from the smell of dew on the breeze. She hated it. To metalic she thought to herself.

A faint humming came from her window. It usually did that -she disregarded the vibrating glass and turned to her clock. Four thirty-three on the nose. She got up and streached, her joints cracking and creaking in the predawn stillness. Turning slightly, she lifted a sheet of cloth from a bird cage.

"Hello Amidea," she whispered brightly. Today was going to be grand, she could feel it in her bones.

Amidea opened one eye and promply shut it, her red-brown plumage rustling faintly. Mindaileia sighed and opened the cage door. Reaching in carefully, she lifted the drowsy Amidea with one hand, pulling her out. The little sparrowhawk squawked indignantly, intent on continuing her nap.

"Now Amidea!" Mindaileia scolded, "what am I to do with you? If you do not eat, you will grow thin, and if you grow thin, you shall not fly!"

The sparrowhawk opened both eyes and glared at her owner. Stupid human, the little bird thought viciously, why won't you just leave me be!

"I'll be right back, okay?" Mindaileia cautioned the bird, "I'm going to get our breakfast. Don't fly out the window, got it?"

Whatever you say, Amidea thought aimlessly, fluffing her feathers at the onslaught of cool dawn.

Mindaileia giggled and danced out of the room, her heart as light as the morning sun. Glideing down the stairs, into the kitchen, she stopped short at the small fridge in the corner. Digging out a tub, she fished around in it until she found what she was looking for. A mouse, cold and limp with death, hung by it's tail from her hand. She stared at it for a moment, curioscity getting the better of her. Her eyes lingered on its own, bright into dull, ice blue into black, living and breathing into the souless body of the mouse. She shook her head and ran to the cupboard, pulling out a box if cereal from its bright pink shelves.

"Yum, my favorite," she whispered to the mouse body, "I love Rice Crispies!"

The mouse of course said nothing at all.

Soon she was back in her room, mouse in one hand, cereal in the other, both balencing precariously on one finger each.

Finally! Food! Amidea crowed as she shot across the room, a red streak against pale lavender paint. She dove down and caught the mouse off of Mindaileia's finger. The combined momentum of her rapid decent and the weight of the mouse bought her crashing to the floor, unharmed but dazed.

"Amidea!" Mindaileia shreiked, her face a mask of horror at her friends fall, "are you all right?"

Intellegent eyes grabbed Mindaileia's attention as the sparrowhawk stared bailfully into her own. Amidea was fine.

"Now silly! Stop looking at me like that and eat!" Mindaileia laughed, her eyes flashing and her pale skin flushing a deep rose colour.

A roar in the distance greeted both of their ears. Mindaileia jumped up, sloshing her cereal all over the floor. Her previously light mood darkend as she listened intently to the retreating car. Sighing in relief, she sat down. At least it wasn't the Padimeres. That dumb gang down the street that liked to harass her and her pets. That was how she found Amidea


It is two years previously, and Mindaileia is sitting with her father at the breakfast table. They hear a squabbling out side. There are a few boys lined up on the lawn, beating at something with a stick. Mindaileias father rushes out of the house to stop them, but they beat him too. Min can only look on in fear as her father is beaten to death infront of her own eyes. She can feel the pain as the boys leave, their victims dead and or dying on the pavement.

She rushes over to her father, but he is dead. She can tell by the way he is laying. No living man could endure such a position -legs bent at angles they were not ment to bend at, head smashed against the pavement, and all that BLOOD!

She rushes over to the other still figure, a young sparrowhawk. It is still alive. It is breathing. Tiny rays of hope shine in her world. Now she has a little bird to fill up her lonesomeness.

It took her a few days, but in the end she got a hole dug. She laid her father out with all the rituals she knew, burieing him in the yard.


Two honks came from the outside. It was Kashia and her mother, and that ment time for school. Throwing her window open wide so that Amidea could get out, Mindaileia dashed out the door, leaving the safety of her house for the outside world.

Chapter 2

Kashia and Mindaileia rode together in silence; only broken by the roar of Kashia's mother's engine.

They made the trip in a matter of minutes, rather that the hours it took Mindaileia on her bike; the only transportation she owned.

St. Bishop's For Unusual Girls loomed up in the distance, a decrepit building among beauty. Mindaileia got out of the small car. She could see the difference between her school and the private school next door, where Kashia went.

Barbed wire stuck out in gagged shapes around the perimiter, detering any who dared escape, buttresses and arches were thrown into a dark relief as the morning sun finally cast it's rays on the desolate place. It stuck out like a sore thumb, it being right next to Sacrelage, the private school for the gifted. Mindaileia had always wanted to go there. But she couldn't. It cost money, and that was what she didn't have. Nairy a nickle a day and that was on the Grading Act too!

Her father had voted on the Grading Act. He had voted no for kids to get money for good grades. How stupid he had been. Spending all of his money on fun. Now, at only thirteen, the Grading Act was her only income. Very low down on the poverty scale. She had done all she could, but you can't really give up on food.

She trudged down the path, her sorrow for her father beating down on her like the cruel gaze of Thor; anguish racking her body in sobs so large, it nearly swallowed her up.

The I.D. cameras didn't work anymore, she knew that, so it was no point in her going in by the gate. A large solid afair with wrought iron hinges stood barring her way in. Grabbing on to two strong vines of ivy, she pulled her way up. She wasn't very heavy at all, at her heaviest only fourty-five kilos (for all you people who don't know metric, that is 100 lb.). On the other side, she grabbed at her hair, yanking it up into a swift ponytail. It didn't help, it was still down to her waist. She scowled and knotted it severely in a tight dancer's bun. Grimmacing, she dashed up the cobble stone path to the entrance.

The school work held no entertainment to her. She whizzed throught the first four periods with out incident. Maybe she would be homefree today! Maybe...

"Hey Freak!" a gruff voice grunted behind her. Mindaileia froze. No! It was them!

"How that dumb bird of yours? Still breathing?" the voice chuckled. The noise sent shivers racing down her spine, a cool haze surrounding her. The world was turning to fire.

"Freak?" the voice questioned, "you okay Freak?"

The fire grew more intese as she wheeled around, her eyes flashing ice blue, frozen in a mask of terror.

There, standing there, was Jason Padimere.

He was big. Bigger than she had remembered. His black curly hair rested on top of a fat head, and beady black eyes -endless tunnels of doom- watched her every move. Every inch of his body was a tight wound spring, ready to fly out at his next victim, all muscle and hard as brick. Solid, she thought.

Then the fear overtook her and she fled.

She ran down the slick hallways into the only place she was safe. The basement.

Students were foribbiden to go down there, but she didn't care. No one did. Her feet flew down the stone passages, flying over sodden pools of water from the pipes, slipping and sliding over alge and moss, scraping and slashing her way to her haven.


A room opened up and the air freshend, turning musty and dry. It was a nice difference from the dank, dark air of the halls. Books lined the shelves from wall to wall, piled up and shoved in corners, as far as the eye could see. The Ex-Library.

She wandered over to a moth eaten armchair and pulled out a lightly coloured book of parchment. Searching around she found her quill and ink. No one would ever believe that this was her diary. No one wrote this way now.

Shuddering from how close she came to hospitalization, she started to write:

Dear Papa,

It is spring again. I miss the way you would teach me about the birds, but I have not forgotten the lessons. They say that I have no need of this knowledge here. We have the Aviary for studying birds. But I don't like to talk to the birds in the Aviary. They are mean and hard spirited, and don't know the way of fresh air. Amidea is getting better, she can fly for short periods of time now.

The dark winter took its toll on our food stores. The returning mice and rats have depleted our stock heavily. I do not know when the next payment will come in, but I do hope it is soon.

With all my love,

your little firebird,

Mindai Leia Pyros

She started at the sound of the bell. She was late!

Dashing out, she left the Ex-Library behind, slamming the door behind her.

Chapter 3

However long the school days were, Mindaileia always made it home on time. Striding over to Kashia, who had just finished her day at Sacrelage, she looked in on the pair in the car.

"Can I have a ride home?" she asked innocently enough.

"No. No Mindaileia. We do not want you in our lovely little car." the mother spat out harshly. Mindaileia cringed at the blow to her esteem. Kashia's mother was always so nice to her!


"Because," stated Kashia bluntly, "you are a filthy little orphan with no one to care for you. And you spend all your time around that stupid bird." Kashia glared at Min who recoiled, her heart sinking into her shoes. "I have gotten Mother to call Social Sevices. You will be taken away in three days time. I suggest you pack."

And with that, the smart little black Camry drove off. It would be along five miles home.


Later that evening, Mindaileia stumbled through her front door. Tired and beaten by the relentless wind -obviously there was going to be a storm that night- she flopped down on the sofa. Amidea flew in to greet her.

Hello little human! She whistled, how was your day?

"Terrible! Kashia... Well she...Ugh!" Mindailieia sat down hard on her bead. "She got her mother to call Social Services! They're going to take me away!" She threw herself down on the bed.

No! Amidea squawked, No, no, no! They cannot take you away!

Mindaileia looked up -startled- realizing what she was doing.

She was talking to Amidea. But... how?

Amidea saw the flash of a dozen emotions -including fear, astonishment and recognition- flickering across Mindaileia's face like a prairie fire, each time with the same burning intesity that her eyes always shown with. She had either finally realized what was happening to her, or that she was insane; Amidea couldn't tell.

"How did I?" Mindaileia started, but Amidea's flood of thoughts came at her like a torent. She struggled to restrict the flow, but the tiny bird's mind was filled with information that Mindaileia couldn't understand. She felt the air constrict as her vision dimmed, and she passed out into oblivion.

Chapter Four:

As Mindaileia opened her eyes slowly, the first thing she realized was that she was lying on a bed of reeds. How strange. The second thing she realized was that she had scores of sparrowhawks, sparrows, and other birds surrounding her.

"Oh my God! What the?"She began, but a large cardnail stepped forward.

Welcome Queenling, he thought calmly, I hope that your lodgeings are to your enjoyment?

Oh, Mindaileia is fine! She's been living on worse at are house! She heard Amidea's thought-voice chirp. The big bird silenced her with a smart wack to the beak.

"Don't do that!" Mindaileia snapped. The bird looked down, chaisted.

Yes, of course Queenling.

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