Why Can't It Be Like The Movies?

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Justice?

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Submitted: August 30, 2008



Chapter Three:

The doorbell rang as Kris was in the midst of getting dressed for school. Her dark blue jeans were only at her knees, and her white dress shirt was completely unbuttoned. She quickly hauled up her pants, neglecting to button, or zip them up for the time being. She was the only one home at this hour in the morning, and opening the door for her sudden visitor was her responsibility.

“Coming!” She yelled down the stairs as she half ran, half hopped out of her room, holding up her pants with one hand, and attempting to button her shirt with the other. By the time she got to the door she had managed to get the middle button on her shirt done up, so that she wouldn’t be completely exposed to her guest.

Kris opened the door to find a small, shy, blushing Melanie.

“Hey.” Kris said nonchalantly, not noticing the scarlet blush on the other girl’s face.

“Um… Hi.” Melanie replied, looking away from Kris, to her feet. “Uh… Your shirt.” She said, clearing her throat.

Kris stared at Melanie for a moment, unsure of what the smaller girl was talking about. Kris blushed lightly and looked down at herself, remembering her state of undress. Kris rarely wore a bra, on account of her chest being quite small, so her breasts were clearly visible. Kris’ face turned bright red at the realization that Melanie had seen her bare chest.
“S-sorry.” Kris stammered while fiddling with the buttons on her shirt. “I didn’t realize...”

Melanie fought to keep her gaze away from Kris’ body, only giving in to steal small, subtle glances, then quickly looking back down at her feet. She nodded at the taller girl in front of her. “I-It’s alright…”

Kris hurriedly finished dressing, and slipped on her shoes before grabbing her backpack and exiting her home. The walk to the bus stop was a quiet one, as both girls were still quite embarrassed about the earlier exposure on Kris’ part.

The silence lasted through the bus ride to school, and until they gave short farewells, and promises to see each other on the bus ride home before parting.

It was the middle of second period, History, and Kris was still mentally beating herself up because of her carelessness earlier that morning.

“Why didn’t I wear a bloody bra today?” She grumbled before hitting her head off the desk, making a loud bang that attracted the attention of everyone in class.

“Mrs. Sawyer, is there a problem?” The teacher, Mrs. Baxendale asked, raising an eyebrow at the young teen.

“Nope. Nothing.” Kris replied, her head still down on the desk so her voice was muffled.

“Well, I’d like an apology, for disrupting the class, Kristen.” The teacher said, her voice was serious; along with everything else about her.

Kris lifted her head up off the desk and looked at the Mrs. Baxendale. “I’m sorry that your lectures are so boring, but I real-“

“Kristen!” Mrs. Baxendale growled, cutting her off.

“I’d like an apology, for disrupting my apology.” Kris replied, a smirk playing on her lips.

The classroom erupted in giggles at the boyish girl’s boldness, but soon was hushed from the acidic gaze that the classroom’s authority was giving them.

“I will do no such thing. Now settle down, or I will send you to the office, young lady.” Theteacher replied, angered by Kris’ attitude.

Kris shrugged off the threat and stretched, letting out a loud yawn that made her classmates burst into giggles again. Mrs. Baxendale merely grunted and returned to her lecture. Kris decided to leave the poor old lady alone for the rest of the class; she had much more important things on her mind, after all.


Kris was in the middle of playing a random violent video game she had picked up at the local gaming store when she heard the doorbell ring. It was unusual for her to have visitors at this time of night – it was 10:30pm – so Kris was slightly curious to find out who it might be. She cautiously got up from the couch and walked out to the door. She looked out through the frosted glass, hoping that she could recognize the silhouette on the opposite side of the door. The person appeared to be female, and around the same height as Kris, so she knew it wasn’t an adult. She slowly opened the door and peered out. To her surprise, she found a young girl with wavy blonde hair that reached the small of her back, clear, fair skin, and piercing green eyes.

“Cassie..?” Kris asked, confused as to why the girl she had saved from who-knows-what just a week ago was on her doorstep. At 10:30 in the night, none the less.

“Erm… I’m sorry to be bothering you at this time of night…” The girl said as she took a small folded piece of cloth from behind her back, and held it out to Kris. “I thought you might want your shirt back.”

Kris smiled and took the shirt from Cassie. “Thanks. But you didn’t have to come all this way, especially at this time of night. Um… Do you want to come in for a bit for some hot chocolate? It’s pretty cold out…”

Cassie nodded and sheepishly followed Kris inside.
The two girls sat down on the couch timidly, holding their steaming glasses of hot chocolate. Kris took a sip of her hot chocolate while she took a furtive glance over at the beautiful blonde next to her. Cassie seemed to be off in her own world as she stared at the blank television screen in front of them.

“Um… So, how are things?” Kris asked, wanting to break the awkward silence between them more than anything.

Cassie snapped back into reality and shook her head lightly before replying. “Good, I suppose…” She muttered back.

“Oh.” Kris replied, looking down at the brown liquid that was occupying the mug in her hand. “Whatever happened to that guy from last week?” She asked, trying not to make the other girl too uncomfortable.

“Oh… Ryan… He…” She started, clenching the mug in her hand tightly. “Nothing… He got off… But he hasn’t tried anything else… So that’s good… Right?”

Kris looked up from her mug, to Cassie, a flash of anger showing in her eyes. “He got off with that?! That fucking pig did that to you, and got off?!”

Cassie nodded her head and sighed. “No one believes me. Ryan is the quarterback on my school’s football team… The star player. No one would believe that he would do that sort of thing. It’s stupid, I know… But at least he’s leaving me alone, for the time being.”

Kris clenched her teeth in anger and shook her head. “I’ll get back at him… I swear I will…”

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