Why Can't It Be Like The Movies?

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - A kiss leads to...

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Submitted: August 30, 2008



Chapter four:
A kiss leads to…

Kris sighed as she leaned against the nearest wall, frustrated and worn out. She had been searching for Melanie the entire lunch period, and had yet to find the blonde bookworm. She needed to talk to Melanie, she needed to see her. After the incident the morning before, Melanie has been nowhere in sight. She hadn’t even showed up at Kris’ house that morning.

Kris pushed herself off the wall and opted to check the library, for the fourth time that day. This was the only place that Kris knew Melanie enjoyed going to.

“Come to think of it… I know nothing about this girl. I only know that she likes to hang out in the library.” Kris thought aloud as she began her short journey to the library. “I need to get to know her better…”

One again, her search was futile. After searching through the large, book-filled library, Kris came to the conclusion that her pretty companion was definitely not there.

She let out a frustrated sigh and headed towards the library doors. As she swung the door open, a face blurred her vision.

Kris stepped back quickly, startled, and blinked a few times before realizing who it was in front of her. “Anna Jameson. To what do I owe this honor?” She said with a devilish smirk.

“Well, well, isn’t it Kris Sawyer? Wasn’t expecting someone like you here.” Anna snarled back, crossing her arms over her rather large chest.

“Yes Anna, I study too. Big surprise there, huh?” Kris replied, rolling her eyes.

Anna took a step forward and leaned her face down towards Kris, her eyes locked onto the shorter girl.

Kris stared back, unmoving, and quite frankly, uncaring. Anna, though the school’s bully, and much taller and more muscular than herself, did not frighten Kris one bit.

“Don’t use that smartass attitude with me. You act so high and mighty around here, you act like your shit don’t stink. Well here’s a news flash for ya. It does.” Anna spat, her face lighting up with anger. “If I were you, I’d stop using that holier than thou attitude, or you’ll get it.”

Kris chuckled under her breath and smiled at the taller girl who was laying threats on her; subsequently angering the girl even more.

Before Kris could get a chance to say one of her famous smart ass remarks, she was forced up against the brick wall beside her with a loud smack. An arm was pressed tightly against Kris’ chest, holding her in place against the wall.

All the air was forced out of Kris’ lungs with this move, and the pressure being exerted onto her chest was almost unbearable. She knew that Anna was strong, but not this strong.

She coughed, and gasped for a breath, but her compressed lungs were unable to get enough air into her.

“Do I make myself clear?” The raven haired girl asked, forcing more of her weight onto Kris.

“What… Was that?” Kris managed to gasp out. She wasn’t about to let her smart ass reputation be tarnished. She didn’t care about the pain at this point. Anna may have won the fight, but Kris wasn’t about to let her win the battle.

“You little bitch…” The taller girl snarled, “You’ll be sorry that you ever crossed my path when I’m done with you…”

“STOP IT!” A soft feminine voice called out from down the hall. The voice sounded strained, as though it’s never reached that decibel before. Or even close to that decibel, in fact. It was shaky, and mousey, regardless of how loud it actually was.

Kris turned her head towards the shout. “Mel..Melanie?!” She coughed, hardly able to say the name of the blonde girl that was running towards her, and the girl who was still holding her against the wall regardless of the small girl’s intervention.

“What the fuck do you want, kid?” Anna spat at the girl.

“L..Let her go!” Melanie replied. Her face was drenched in sweat, and she was shaking profusely. It was obvious to Kris that Melanie had never stood up to anyone like this before. It made her heart swell, if only for a moment before she realized that she still couldn’t breathe very well still.

Anna laughed at the girl’s pathetic attempt at saving her hostage.

“You think that would stop me? You’re cute, but it definitely won’t help in this situation.” Anna said, throwing a wink Melanie’s way.

Melanie gulped and clenched her fists tightly, driving her fingernails into her palms. “I…I’ll go get a teacher if you don’t… So let her go… Now.”

Anna raised an eyebrow at the small girl, unable to tell if she was bluffing or not. She eased up on the pressure she was exerting on Kris’ chest, enabling her to catch her breath.

“You wouldn’t…”

“Yes, I would. So let her go!” Melanie replied, her confidence growing by the second.

Anna scoffed and stepped back from Kris, causing her to slide down the wall onto the ground.

“You’re lucky that this girl showed up, Kris. I’ll be sure to finish this another time though. So watch yourself.” Anna plainly said before turning around to walk away.

Melanie waited until the teller girl was out of sight before she ran over to Kris, who had just caught her breath and was smiling up at her.

“Thanks…” Kris started before getting cut off by the younger girl.

“It’s okay. Really… I’m glad I could help.” Melanie said, holding out a hand to Kris to help her up.

Kris nodded and accepted the help, pulling herself up with the aid of the small blonde.

“I was really in some trouble then.” Kris said with a nervous chuckle. “I’m glad you showed up.”

Melanie blushed softly and looked down at her feet. “Y-yeah…”

Kris grinned. She loved how this girl was so easily embarrassed. It was adorable.

The two stood in silence for a moment, unable to think of anything else to say to one another.

Kris scuffed her shoes against the floor, contemplating her next action, and it’s possible consequences. She took in a deep breath, and mustered all the confidence she could.

“Hey Melanie…” She said, becoming slightly nervous. She was almost shocked at herself. She was usually so confident, so sure of herself. This girl… She always made Kris turn to jelly.

Melanie looked up at Kris and gave her a quizzical eyebrow raise. “Yes?” She asked.

Kris stared into Melanie’s baby blues for what seemed like a lifetime before she strengthened her resolve and took a plunge.

Kris slowly leaned into Melanie’s face, at the same time she lifted her hand to the smaller girl’s chin and tilted her head up so that their lips met.

Melanie’s body stiffened in reaction to Kris’ touch, but soon relaxed into the gentle, warm kiss that was being laid on her. A shock of electricity bolted throughout her body, causing her to let out a small whimper. She felt herself melting into the kiss, to which she accommodated by closing her eyes and returning the kiss Kris was giving her.

She was enjoying every moment of this. She didn’t want it to end, but before she knew it, Kris was pulling back from the gentle embrace, and their lips parted. Melanie’s body remained frozen, lingering on the kiss from her female companion.

She had never kissed another girl before. She had never thought she would enjoy a kiss from another girl.

Meanwhile, a ways down the hallway, a tall brunette stood as witness to the event that just occurred. With a scoff she turned quickly on her heels and quickly walked in the opposite direction of two girls.

“That little bitch…” She muttered angrily, clenching her fists. “How dare she try and steal away my Kris…”


Over the next few days Cassie and Kris seemed to be spending a lot more time together. Kris had become a bodyguard of sorts for Cassie, and kept her out of as much trouble as she could. (Minus the trouble she was getting her into herself, of course.)

Their relationship had grown from just a victim, and her hero, to the best of friends. They both realized how much they had in common. Cassie loved random violence in video games, gory horror movies, and sports just as much as Kris did. They quickly bonded over these similarities, and became inseparable. Until one of them had to go home, that is.

Even though they were closer than two old ladies in a knitting group that have known each other their whole lives, they have yet to have a sleepover. This fact didn’t bother Kris much, of course, because she hadn’t ever slept over at another girl’s house in the first place. Also, the girl thought that it would be awkward… Considering the feelings that Kris had developed for Cassie in the short time that they knew one another. Every time Kris was with Cassie, she felt so alive; so free. She felt as though nothing could hurt her. This girl made Kris feel normalfor once in her life. She was so used to people straying away from her once they realize that she was in fact female, and not male like most would assume. But Cassie stayed. She was her friend.

Kris rolled over in her bed into a more comfortable position. She was fighting a reluctant battle with her insomnia. She couldn’t stop thinking about where her relationship with Cassie might lead. She didn’t know if she could handle being her friend, when she had such strong feelings for the other girl.

Kris squeezed her eyes shut and sighed. “Friend.” She said aloud. “I’ll always be just the friend…”

For once in her life, Melanie couldn’t concentrate. She wasn’t hearing a word of what her History teacher was saying. She heard nothing but her own heart pounding hard in her chest. She couldn’t believe what had happened earlier that day. It seemed like only seconds ago that it happened, she could still taste Kris’ lips on her own.

She gently brought her hand to her mouth and brushed her fingertips against her lips.

She… Kissed me...” She thought, still unable to understand the day’s earlier events.

“Um… That… Was for a thank you!” Kris stuttered, her face flushed a deep red from embarrassment.

Melanie’s own face was an even darker red at that point. You could have cooked an egg on her face, from the heat it was giving off. She simply nodded, and turned her face away from the taller girl.

“Um… Well, I have to go. Class is starting. See you after school.” Kris quickly said before turning around, and running off down the hall.

Melanie’s blush returned to her at the recollection of the kiss, and it’s aftermath. She looked down at her desk and let out a breath. Was she… Gay?

She had never thought of the possibility before, even though she never really showed any interest in boys. She always thought that was because she hadn’t found the right boy yet. She thought that she was just going through an awkward stage. She was young still; only in the 9th grade. She was just starting high school. She shouldn’t have to worry about dating, or her sexuality yet… Right?

Melanie suddenly became more confused than she had ever been in her life. She couldn’t get her head around the possibility of her being a lesbian. It wasn’t natural… It wasn’t right. But what she felt when Kris kissed her… It had to be right.

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