Why Can't It Be Like The Movies?

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Breaking point

Submitted: September 01, 2008

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Submitted: September 01, 2008



Chapter Five:
Breaking point

Alyson slammed the door shut behind her in a fit of rage. The frame rattled with the force of it, knocking of a framed class schedule from the wall beside it to the ground, where it shattered. Glass scattered in every direction, covering the tile and reflecting the light towards the ceiling like diamonds. But she didn't even notice in her anger. Her pace was fast, and she kept her arms straight down at her sides as she stomped along. Her once beautiful brown eyes glared straight forward, blazing icy hatred. Her heels clicked and clacked with each step, echoing down the corridor like the hammerstrokes of Thor. Her lips were non-existent; where they were only a thin, scar like line lay. Her eyebrows were furrowed, her nostrils flaring in and out with her harsh breathing. As she passed a door leading to a class room, a young girl was entering the hall, probably to head for the restroom. One glance at the other girl’s face sent her into a 180, right back into class. Apparently she COULD hold it. The brunette, on the other hand, didn't even notice the other girl. Her mind afire, thoughts impossible to form, her fists clenched so tightly that her knuckles had turned dead white, she simply walked.

Her right heel gave way under the pressure and snapped off. She came down on her foot hard, twisting her ankle. She let out a scream of rage and pain, threw off both of her useless heels and kept walking.

"To hell with this place..." she muttered to herself, and burst through the door into the outside.

The bitter October wind hit her full-on, causing her to shiver, but she continued walking regardless. She didn’t know where she was going exactly, but she had to get away from that school, no matter how cold it may be in her white tank top, jean mini skirt, and no shoes.

“That bitch…” She muttered angrily over and over. She couldn’t get the image of her beloved Kris locking lips with that little blonde bitch. “What’s so fucking great about her anyway?” She growled to herself. “She’s nothing special… And she’s practically flat! What the fuck do you see in her, that’s not in me?!”

In her rage she barely noticed the small blonde herself walking into the front doors of the building, apparently returning from an art project, considering the oil paints, and a canvas with a tree painted onto it.

She stopped abruptly in her tracks and bolted behind a nearby tree, where she hid until the blonde was inside the school. After she was sure that the girl was gone, she came out of her place of hiding and ran into the school and down the main hallway to the art room.

She peeked inside the art room where she found Melanie putting her supplies into her art cubby. A large, maniacal grin formed on her lips as she watched the girl, plotting her next move.

Kris’ feet hit the ground in uniform, right, left, right, left, producing a soft pat against the concrete below her as she carried on her evening jog. Her breaths were quick and timed perfectly ensuring that she got the most distance out of this jog as possible. Track season was coming around the corner, and she had to get herself into peak physical condition. The sounds of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts blared into her ears from the headphones of her MP3 player, strengthening her motivation to continue the jog.

She kept her gaze straight ahead as she jogged on, watching as the streets gave way into another, and then another. She wasn’t sure how long she had been jogging, but she knew it had to be quite a while because her MP3 player was now into the last bar of it’s battery life.

She turned into an alleyway that was connected to a series of others. If it hadn’t been for the many times that Kris had jogged through these parts, Kris would be utterly lost at this point. The twists and turns she took would have confused a cartographer. She knew exactly where she was heading, though. This way was a shortcut – Make that a LONGcut – to a familiar street.

She made one last turn, freeing herself from the alleys, and presenting herself onto a street lined with generic, identical houses. She hated the suburbs.

A little ways down the street, a tall, beautiful blonde could be seen coming out of one of the suburban houses. Kris grinned and jogged towards the girl. Just the person she was looking for.

“Hey, Cassie!” She called out as she neared the other girl. She slowed to a stop when she finally reached the blonde, who had yet to respond. The dark bags under her eyes showed that the girl hadn’t slept in days.

“Cassie?” Kris questioned, her voice lined with concern.

Cassie opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, but stopped herself. She looked over at Kris with watery, pleading eyes.

“What is it…?” Kris coaxed, unable to understand what was going on.

Cassie abruptly threw herself onto Kris, wrapping her arms tightly around the taller girl and buried her face into her chest. “Please… Stay with me tonight…” She sobbed, her voice muffled.

Kris was taken aback by the girl’s suddenness at first, but quickly returned the embrace. She rested her head on Cassie’s, taking in her scent. “Of course…” She cooed, running her fingers through Cassie’s silky golden locks. “I’ll stay as long as you need me…”


Alyson stood at a set of lockers, waiting for her blonde prey to leave the safety of the school’s art room, and into the devious web that she had weaved. Within minutes her plot would be taken into action, and she would finally have the handsome Kris Sawyer to herself.

A large grin came over the brunette’s face, and her adrenaline started pumping on overdrive as she thought over her plan as the blonde began towards the art room door. She only had to wait until the girl turned around the corner, and there she would be for the confrontation.

Time seemed to slow down as those last few seconds neared, and Melanie exited the art room and made for her locker. What she didn’t know is that she had a surprise waiting for her. A surprise that was five foot five, had brown hair and eyes, and was mad as hell.

Melanie’s shoes tapped against the hard floors as she walked over to her locker. She was surprised to see a beautiful girl leaning against her locker.

“Um…” Melanie started, but was cut off by the taller brunette.

“So, you’re a dyke are you?” The girl hissed, catching Melanie completely off guard.

“W-what?” Melanie stammered. “How could this girl...?

“I saw you and Kris in the hallway.” Alyson went on, obviously holding back her anger. “If that wasn’t being a dyke, than what was it?”

“You… Saw?” Melanie gasped, her eyes darting around for any other witnesses to the conversation, none were in sight.

“Yeah. I saw, and I’d advise you to say the fuck away from Kris, or I’ll have to tell the principle.” Alyson threatened, her anger rising just from the sight of the girl. “I don’t think he’d like it if he knew there were girls dyking out in the hallways.”

“You… No!” The blonde shouted. She wasn’t going to let some girl ruin her friendship with Kris. “The principal would never believe you!” She continued, gaining more confidence by the minute. “You have no proof!”

Alyson stepped back slightly, startled by the blonde’s sudden confidence boost. Now that her plan A was down the tubes, she had to think quick.

A grin came over Alyson’s face, and she quickly dove in and grabbed both of Melanie’s wrists, squeezing them tightly. The girl flinched, but she made no sound, which made Alyson even angrier. She pushed the girl up against the wall and planted a forceful kiss on the smaller girl’s lips.

Melanie’s eyes widened in shock. She struggled to get away from Alyson’s grip, but she was a lot stronger than she appeared to be.

Alyson broke the kiss after a moment and let go of the girl’s wrists, a large smirk painted on her face as she stepped back.

“Now I have proof. And I’ll be sure that the principal tells your parents that you’re a dyke. So stay away from Kris.” She stated as she walked down the hall, and out of the building.

Melanie let out a deep breath and leaned against the wall, were she slid down into asitting position. Her face still twisted in utter shock. She wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her face into her lap.

“My dad will kill me…” She whispered to herself. “I can’t let that happen…”

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