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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crime novel summary/notes

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012




Past Tense

Third Person

Multiple changing POVs(per chapter?or sections in each ch?)

Summary-two detectives try to track down the killer of the 23 year old daughter(Elena) of a multimillion dollar businessman. Stories that don’t match up in the family raises suspicion, and they all seem to be withholding a 3 hour timeframe. A follow up reveals that other daughter(Alice) is completely missing, and it is clear the family is covering up something. Attacks from an unknown group start to occur on police and their families, evidence points to family corporation, and the family is then put under the magnifying glass.An investigative journalist pursues the story, finds missed evidence based upon a hunch, discovers the family is involved with the Russian Mafia(before police), specifically the crime syndicate Solntsevskaya Bratva. As the two separate investigations follow through, it is clear that the focal point of the investigation remain on Alice, who has evidence that would topple government, the Mafia, and cause a mass media frenzy, yet the family’s ties to the Russian Mafia make it nearly impossible to get to her.

(Journalist finds following)Turns out, Alice had come across information

(five 30 pound removable hardrives) that proved the Mafia’s connections/corruptive roots in government and was going to hand it into police, her sister Elena found out, and in self defense, Alice killed her. She then disappeared. In 3 hours, the father hid the body and made up a story.(which is filled with loose ends, surprisingly, coming from the mastermind himself)


**while all this is happening, Alice contacts the Mafia’s rival groups and agree on giving the information to them which has virtually everything Mafia related as well as names of corrupt gov officials, Meyer Pharmecuticals, bank accounts, everything. However, the deal was that they eliminate the Mafia and work as one collective group in exchange for the info along with billions upon billions that must be divided equally(Nikko, as a safeguard, has a virus that will wipe out all data if their cover is to be blown or leaked to the outside world, or when he sees fit), creating an international gang war(shootings, bombs, heavy gurella tactics)

**Alice at this point has several people hide each hardrive(also putting data onto hundreds of flash drives and hiding them) and instructs them to not give them to the gangs at all.

**(Julliana delivers virus and it wipes out everything, travels digitially through to hundreds of other companies through Meyer building. News picks up, tells of Meyer Pharm. crashing and the Alice’s gangs hear about it and immeidatly fight one another while looking for Alice as well)

(Police find following) the father is killed, with Alice’s prints all over; she is then the main focus in the investigation. The Mafia is hunting for the her as well. Everything ties in; one of protagonists killed, Alice killed, and journalist reveals truth.


Russian Mafia

Money Laundering, extortion, arms trafficking, cybercrime, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, arson, counterfeiting, fraud, larceny. With the legalization of private entrepreneurship in Soviet Union that allowed free trade, crude markets were formed due to the law saying nothing about regulations or security of market economy. Most notorious was the Rizhsky market where prostitution rings were ran by the Rizhsky Railway Station in Moscow. With the collapse of Soviet Union, desperate for money many former gov workers turned to crime, others joined the mafia and moved overseas. Former KGB, veterans of the Afghan, and First and Second Chechen Wars. Connections with Latin American drug cartels allowed Russian mafia to import cocaine into the country. Also, connected to Chinese Triads and Sicilian Cosa. Solntsevskaya Bratva plays the major role, as it has established itself in New York City and deals with Arms trafficking, arson, drug trafficking, extortion, forgery, fraud, human trafficking, identity theft, illegal immigration, money laundering, murder, pornography, racketeering, smuggling, and theft. Allies with the Orekhovskaya Gang, presence in San Francisco currently, and they have many business interests with legitimate business groups. Law enforcement believes in addition to offering these groups “protection” the gang also assist the business when it comes to not-so-legal matters.

Nicholai “Nikko” Bogdanov, Fake name—Wilson Meyer

43, Born to Nicholai Bogdanov and Pollyanna Vorobyov, in America after parents moved to U.S. from Moscow in 1989 In his teenage years he became affiliated with the Mafia’s work, specifically theSolntsevskaya Bratva. It consisted of smaller scale house robberies and gas station robberies, dealt drugs, and by 17 was sent out to kill. Mainly known for how lethal he was in hand to hand combat, as well as his effectiveness with guns. Had fake identity made for him, Wilson Meyer. He went to private school and never let crime get in the way of academics, hence his 4.3 GPA. Graduated school, went to college, Harvard drop out. From the ground up, created Meyer Pharmetucitals, which made for a good cover when he dealt with cocaine smuggling, as he used his 20 story building in Manhattan as base.(which produced an annual amount of 15 billion, making it the 12thlargest revenue generating pharm. company) He also began to deal methamphetamine, sending out people with 3,000(3 kilos) grams of it, Nikko was in charge of 157 sellers by age 35. Owned industrial meth lab which produced roughly 23,000 kilos yearly, and retailing it for about $2,000(street) per ounce in the northeastern U.S. due to the pureness and strength of it. He also dealt cocaine, buying 480 kilos monthly from Columbia for just $1,800, (in charge of same 157 people, give or take at any given moment, each given 3 kilos as well), street price for kilo $174,000.

Income Overview

Meth-$32.9 M week, $131.8 M month, $1,582,560,000 year-cost to make= $1,571,060,000 year

Cocaine-$81.9 week, $327.8 M month, $3,933,792,000 year-Columbia charge= $3,923,424,000 year

Meyer Pharmaceuticals-$15 B year

Total: $20,494,484,000 year

Left weapons dealing and trafficking to the gang and other allies, yet still played big role.

An attractive man, 6’7, 236 lbs, muscular build, very charismatic, yet manipulative and can turn very vicious in an instant. Always puts on a show of emotions, playing the part whenever need be. Very nice and generous in public eye, yet when dealing underground, ruthless and cold hearted. Thinks his actions and words through quite well, making sure to analyze every detail of every situation preparing for the good or bad. An immensely talented man with an IQ of 137, swift learner and ever-adaptive. While 43, he looks not a day over 25. All in all, a man who is a perfect specimen.

However, when he is not in control he is extremely volatile and aggressive. Finds it hard to trust people, running extensive background checks on people whom he comes or will come into contact with. Even spies on them. Gets access to intimate files from the police, whom he and his gang have insiders in, along with a handful of reporters and journalists.

Juliana Kennedy- Bogdanov

30, married to Nikko, born in Manhattan to Ralph Kennedy and Susan Matthews, she graduated from fashion school at 22 majoring in fashion design. Despite graduating from fashion school, she was very smart and sometimes even pick pocketed from the subway, stealing identities and thousands of dollars within only a few hours, and then erasing her tracks due to her partner in crime, a skilled 31 year old hacker, Victor Jhemdhi. Moved to New York City soon after and her parents bought her a penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She soon made a name for herself in the fashion world, or at least Fifth Avenue, and many of her designs were in multiple high end boutiques and some of her items were shipped to Tokyo and London. At 23 she opened her own store, selling her own clothes and it brought upon immediate notice among fashion critics. She was brining in close to 2.5 million by the end of the year. At 24 she was mugged on the street, yet escaped, and immediately went out to buy a pistol. She took martial arts classes/went to shooting range, and became quite the formidable foe in a fight, close combat being her preferred against guns. Her paranoid nature made her become easily skittish. 3 months after her encounter, the three men broke into her house and attempted to rape her, yet she killed both, in hand to hand combat, breaking one man’s ribs( which punctured his lung) jaw, and finally fractured his skull with a 5 foot stainless steel lamp. The other man was down with only one kick to the throat, immediately crushing is windpipe and fracturing vertebrae. The third man ran away. Little did she know, these three men were young henchmen of Nikko’s. Nikko had her tracked down, as he didn’t nessicarily want revenge, rather he was surprised that a a girl had mercilessly killed two men, only suffering herself a cut on the brow and two bruises on her left arm where she was grabbed. He “accidently” ran into her outside of her penthouse as she was leaving, and made sure to bump into her on occasion. Eventually asking her out to dinner. They dated for a few months and he won her trust, and he himself began to like the girl. He told her about everything, all about the gang, and didn’t worry because he could easily eliminate her right then and there in her penthouse. She didn’t mind, as she was involved in crime and she told him all about her identity stealing and her partner, plus she was intrigued at the idea, at the money, and the immense power that Nikko and his gang held in the city, and in multiple cities for that matter. Not to mention they were directly a part of the whole Mafia, which controlled many cities and had even governmental power in some places. Nikko let Juliana and Victor on board of his operations, as they proved to be quite useful stealing the identities of the idea and giving them to members of the gang.

Juliana, like Nikko, is very very smart and at peak physical condition. Where he is the charismatic leader, she is generally timid and more of a follower, indecisive on important issues (yet she has a venomous and leader-like way of handling things when it comes to her fashion career) and when cornered or questioned, breaks down. She does not take well to the heavy crime that the gang does, only likes the “softer” sides of things. While she is not a leader, she is, somehow, very assertive when she is passionate about something. She sticks up for herself sometimes despite being timid and at times has risen up to Nikko whenever she felt he was wrong on a given topic. These altercations are generally harmless, and when there is physical confrontation she is always the one that issues it first. That doesn’t mean Nikko doesn’t mind giving her a taste of her own medicine once in a while, showing her whose boss. All in all, her emotions and actions are conflicting, as one moment she is timid, the next she could be screaming and yelling. She shows signs of a mental disorder, but that is up to the reader to decide if it is true, and if true, what.

Elena Bogdanov(Bad sister)

23, daughter to Nikko and Juliana, enrolled in med school when she was murdered. She was not originally smart nor gifted, yet she established her own smarts from learning and pushing herself to the limit. Often abused Aderall to meet the high demands of school. Her family let her in on the life of crime early on, her father teaching her how to act and put on a show for the public but then be ruthless in the life of crime without getting caught. Her mother taught her all about technology and by age 10 she was hacking into cameras and intermeidatly-protected computers for fun. She possessed the best traits of her parents, yet none of the negative. She was smart, yet not as smart as her parents and could never analyze a situation like they could. At 15, she was her parents’ own little spy that operated on the inside of the family and close connections to the Bratva in NYC. She designed her own computer programs that she downloaded onto every eletctronic device that members owned. During meetings at her house, she would sneak out to the cars and plant listening devices and cameras. She even, with the help of her mother, created a dummy OnStar system which was then integrated into almost every car in the NYC Bratva, along with a few of allied sactions. (Directly hacking into the OnStar system was very hard, and it was just easier to create a small-scale dummy that they could use to control the cars with). Elena was able to squeeze out any dishonest members and proved to be a vital asset to the family. She acted when she needed to, lied, all that. However, on the inside, she didn’t have much of a personality. The only emotions that she felt were indifference, probally brought on from being told how to act since she was little, thus she had no true identity.

Alice Bogdanov(good sister)

25, young, but taking after her parents she is always followed by luck and success. She is odd in that she is very creative and good-natured. Her parents had always known that they could never let her in on the family business, other than that of the pharmaceutical company. They still loved her immensely, which is surprising, considering they love her more than Elena. At age 19, she wrote her first book which chronichled her year-long worldwide expedition and her travels, helping people(worked with Red Cross), touring many third world countries, sometimes even alone, and how it taught her the value of things in life. It became a worldwide best-seller, with more than 75 million copies in print. With her mother’s connections, she began to also design modern furniture and by age owned a high-price store Manhattan), many of her photos from around the world fetched large prices, and she painted abstract paintings which all sold for large sums. Naturally curious, Alice is a young women with good values. Fast leaner, adaptive(thus she is always calm under pressure) and thinks through her actions.


Investigator ???


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