Forever, Lost

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Best friends, Robyn, Alex, Myra, Eli, and Devin decide to go camping for spring break at Bates Trail. Unknowing that it is closed because of a murder. They head deep into the forest. Who will survive? Or will anyone survive?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forever, Lost

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013




"Eli, wehavetofindthem. Thatderangedkillerisoutthere," Myrahissed.

"Don'tworry. We'llfindthem. Ipromise."


Chapter One: Spring Breakers



Third Person P.O.V.
"Wooh, finally, spring break is here. I'm so sick of school," Robyn laughed as she hopped into her convertible.

"Aren't we all, Robyn," Eli inquired following her in the convertible with Alex.

"I'd rather be at home reading The Mortal Instrument Series," Myra confessed,"I'll walk alright."

"I think I'll walk her home alright, guys,"Devin said catching up to her.

Devin's P.O.V.

I gotta tell her I like her. I've liked her ever since I met her. I like her brown curls, the way they bounce when she walks. I like her green eyes, the way she smiles. That one dimple on her left cheek when she laughs. I like how she's not afraid to admit her nerdiness. I like everything about her.

"So, you like The Mortal Instruments Series," I bubbled trying to make conversation.

"I love it. One of my favorite series," she giggled.

Oh, Jesus, help me. Her laugh is so contagious. I've got to tell her before Eli gets to her. He told he me he was going to do it tomorrow when we go on our camping trip. He, Mr. Popular, was going to tell Myra, Ms. Nerdy Chick, he likes her. But I know one thing for a fact. He can't name everything she likes. I know her better than anyone else, because she interesting.  And Eli wouldn't know that.

"Myra, I've got to te-," I got cut off by the sound of a car stopping beside us and honking the horn. It was her mother.

"Myra, get in the car, we gotta go visit your Grammy," her mother smiled.

Myra looked at me,"I'll text you when I get back, alright," she said giving me a small peck on the cheek.


I kept lookin at my phone on the coffee table. Just waiting for that text, so I can immediately answer and tell her. I cupped my hands my mouth and waited. Nothing. I decided to shake some time off to go get something to drink. I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and poured me some Tang. Right as heard a ring from my phone. I slammed my glass down and ran to my phone, while doing some awkward jumps onto my couch, kinda like, parkour.

Myra- Hey, Whatchaupto?

Me-Justchillin, u?

Myra-Aboutthesame. Haha.

I looked back on the text and took a deep breathe. It's time for to confess... We more like admit.



I inhaled really fast then exhaled. I was about to do it.

Me- I... uh... like... when you curl your hair.

I freaking chickened out. God. I'm just a failure of an emo boy. I sat there waiting for a reply. Nothing.

10 minuteslater...

Myra-uh. Thnx.

I blew it.


He likes it when I curl my hair. Are you serious? I though he was going to say "I like you, Myra." Gosh, I like him too. A lot. This just sucks. He doesn't even like me in that way I bet.

I thought about it for a minute. I... uh.. like... He likes me. He just got scared to tell me. I smiled deeply. I knew exactly how to reply. I was sure of it.



I looked at the text. She likes me! I didn't blow it.



I called up everybody. It was time for our camping trip! Everyone just chilling out by the campfire singing songs. Hey, maybe even fishing. Wooh, I'm just really pumped up that I get to spend a whole week with my friends. My best friends.

My dad let me borrow his truck, since my convertible couldn't hold all of our supplies. I drove it around to Poncho and Rabbi Commission Store where I told everyone to meet.

"Heyo, Robyn. You ready for a trip filled with fun," Alex asked putting everyone bags in the truck as Eli helped.

"Isn't what this trip is about," I winked.

Everyone got in. As Eli flipped open the sunroof and yelled.


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