Master Aero

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Submitted: July 26, 2009



My raven hair flittered in the breeze, as I stood as unmoving as a statue with my back to civilization. I heard imaginary fingers skimming the pages of my beloved diary. The book sat with its delicate leather binding slightly covered by overgrown vegetation. Rational thinking told me it was just the wind. I could no longer shed the salty moisture that frequently secreted from my ash-colored eyes. It was time. I calculated in my mind that I had exactly six minutes left before Aero would locate me. And the punishment would be harsh. I shivered. Master could be a very unsympathetic, sadistic, and hardhearted individual. Vivid memories of my last chastisement clouded my mind. Those scars would never heal, both physically and emotionally. I rapidly shook my head as if I could physically cause the horrid recollections to vanish.

The eerie squeal of tires jolted me from my state of unawareness. My eyes automatically flew open with shock. I had wasted my few remaining minutes of freedom. I knew of the approaching danger yet I could not move. The fear paralyzed me. Aero reached me in seconds.

“Garnet,” spat Aero.

I spun around to catch a glimpse of his flawless face. His azure eyes were darkened with anger, black eyebrows furrowed, lips drawn back over a set of white, perfect teeth, and raven hair disheveled. He pounced on me quickly, taking both of my pale arms in a tight grip. The only sound that escaped my quivering lips was a squeak. I was afraid to open my mouth to explain. As I knew, a scream would flee. This would only infuriate Aero more, if that were possible. With Aero, cries would bring no mercy. My master was a very cruel one.

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