Cruelity in life

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Having trouble in school? Paying your rent off? Or are you trying to rasie a child by yourself? This is what Yumi is going through.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Cruelity in life

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Yumi, a sixteen year old girl, with glasses, who dresses like a tomboy, has no parents and lives with a little cousin, Kimi a five year old girl, who loves to wear skirts and dresses. Kimi's parents are also died, in car crash one year ago. Yumi has no friends. She feels unwanted. That didn’t bother her; she only cares about her education.

After living in an apartment for over three years, Yumi's job was going out of business. Day by day Yumi was paid less and less. Until one day she wasn't able to pay off her apartment. She was forced to move out; Yumi didn't know what to do. Kimi suggested moving to a nearby town, where their cousin, Tidus lived. Tidus of course, was really rich. Kimi remembers spending time with Tidus when she was only four.

So they took a bus to the nearby town. Tidus is 18 years old about to graduate high school in 6 weeks. Yumi is only a freshman. Kimi is also rich, but she doesn't know how to use money yet.

Yumi hates wearing skirts, but since she moved to lived with her cousin, she is now going to a private school and that private school requires skirts.

First day of school, she was introduced to the class. Once she sat down, everyone in the class kept saying "what's with the four eyes." Yumi ignored it like always. Unless it gets worst, she would offer a fight.

During the class she was poked on the back. When she turned around it was a boy, his name was David. He told her "hey 4 eyes, my friend likes you, he's wondering if you want to be his girlfriend, see him at break time."

Yumi didn’t take this too offensive, so she went to meet up with this "friend". It turns out his name was Brad. He was a total womanizer. Brad had planned to go under her skirt. He thought that Yumi was a weak girl, who adores handsome men. But Yumi could care less.

As Yumi went up to her locker, Brad was there. First thing he says "hey, babe" Yumi of course ignores him. Then he says "hey, I heard you have the gym class next, so do I" Yumi then turns her head and says "really? Maybe you should show me some skills or something (joking around)." Brad then said "maybe I could" he then kissed her and then took her hands and yanks her all the way to class.

By the time she got to the girls locker room. She heard her classmates whisper, have you seen that four eye, yeah, she's a jerk! No I wannabe! "Hey! It doesn't matter She will pay for being with Brad."

Yumi enters in quietly and her classmates had stopped bickering. Once Yumi was done changing her clothes, suddenly a girl says "hey! You! Four eyes, keep away from Brad or else." Yumi then looked at the girl and said "or else what, you're going to go by?" The girl then said "you bitch!" she walks over to Yumi to slap her, but Yumi dodges it. Yumi then said "what's wrong, am I to fast for you?" another girl try to grab her from behind but missies. Yumi spoke again "like I said, I'm too fast for you, so knock it off!"

The leader of the group named Katrina shouted "get her! And don't forget her panties" Yumi then said "my panties? You are such an old school girl." then out of nowhere a girl grabs both of Yumi's arms and another one jumps in to help keep her still. Katrina then says "hump, what are you gonna do now!" Yumi then shouts "THIS!" Yumi flung her leg up to Katrina's face and kicked her right on the chin. Yumi then does a flip backwards to break free from their grip. She spotted Katrina's lunchbox. Yumi took her lunch box and said "thanks for the bento. I dare you to do that again, idiots." Yumi then goes to class.

Chapter 2

Teacher: "I want all of you to run 26 laps around the field, when you are done, do 20 jumping jacks and pushups, after that you have to jump rope for 5 minutes and you are done for the day, and you can then take a break."

Yumi ran her 26 lap in 3 minutes. Jumping jacks, 10 seconds, her push up were done with one hand and finished under 15 seconds. Jump rope of course took her 5 minutes. As instructed. Once finished, Yumi says "that was easy!" Her teacher was watching her and said "you should run for the school Olympics! You are so good at running! I have never seen a person like this in 10 years! Kids these days have become very lazy." Yumi then answers "really?"

As Yumi set off for her break, she took a look at the time. She still had about 50 minutes of class still. As Yumi sits down she thought to herself, at least I get to wear shorts in gym, a dream come true. I hope Tidus will let me make dinner.

While Yumi was day dreaming, her thoughts were interrupted by Katrina. "Hey four eyes, take this!" says Katrina as she throws a rock that she picked up while running her laps. It nearly hit Yumi, but she grabbed it. And looked at Katrina and said to her "take it? Ok, but I think you'd rather have it!" Yumi then throws the rock back to Katrina. As the rock flew to Katrina, she stood there with her eyes closed; waiting for the impact, but it was stopped by a boy, Evan.

"Hey four eyes! Stop bullying people" says Evan. Yumi shouts back to him "bullying? Look in the mirror! You idiot, geez, you people don’t understand at all." Yumi then walks away. Once Yumi left Katrina whimpers to Evan "thanks for helping me, she's so mean! Earlier she and her gang, ganged up on me!" Evan Said to her "gang? She's new to this school." Katrina then snaps at him "Well you know, people can gain friends quickly... (O oh, busted)

Yumi left to go change into her school uniform. When she opened her locker, her school uniform was drenched in mud. She decided to lock pick Katrina's locker open and wear her uniform instead, for the rest of the day. When Katrina came back, she was freaking out looking for her uniform. Katrina was then lectured by teachers for not having her uniform with her.

Next class, math class, Yumi is not only strong but also smart too.

When Yumi entered the class, she sat in the back seat. Yumi was lucky, Katrina wasn't in that class with her, but Evan and Brad was. It turns out that Evan and Brad are arch enemies, but nobody knows why.

Class had not started yet. Evan saw Yumi sitting in the back of the class staring out the window. He came to her and said "sorry about what happened in Gym." Yumi ignores him as if she didn't hear him. So he sat in the desk next to her.

The teacher then enters the room. The classroom then got really quiet. The teacher gave them, two packets and a huge math problem on the board. That was their homework for the rest of the week.

Once all the packets were passed throughout the classroom. Yumi didn't even take a look at her packet assignments. She took her notebook out and worked on the problem on the board. It was said that the seniors wasn't able to solve this problem.

Yumi spent her entire time in class working on the problem on the board. When there was three minutes left of class she shouted "I've got!" The teacher went over to her and told her to pipe down. When he looked at her paper, he jumped! Everyone came over to take a look. Yumi had filled up her 70 page note book on one problem. She even had the answer written out neatly so everyone could see it.

When the bell rang to go the next class, many people came up to Yumi asking her to do their homework for them, Yumi told them "by having someone else do your homework for you, you won't learn anything." So she declined all request. Some classmates asked her to tour them; she said she will help them but only in the mornings. Yumi like having conversations with random people, it made her happy.

To be continued

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