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Aria is not thrilled about leaving Pennsylvania to spend the summer with her Auntie Gloria. She just wants to go back to her friends but when she sees and talks to a guy skim boarding on the beach, Dresden, she wants to stay and get to know him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Summer in Califonia - Meeting HIM

Submitted: November 18, 2008

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Submitted: November 18, 2008



Walking along the beach in black and purple trip pants and a purple tank top, Aria noticed someone was skim boarding. She decided to sit on the fallen tree nearby and watch him. As the moon light twinkled over him she saw that he had thick black hair and very good balance. That’s all Aria could see of him from here. Visiting her aunt in California had not been her idea. But if I knew there would be guys like this, she thought, I might have not been so resistant.

As she watched him he fell. So much for balance she thought and giggled, what she thought was quietly, but apparently it was just loud enough to get his attention considering the waves had brought him closer to the sand. She got up quickly and started to walk away. \"Hey!\" he yelled. Aria stopped in her tracks and turned around to face the boy she had been watching for a good few minutes. \"How long have you been sitting there?\" he asked her.

She froze and hoped he wouldn’t think that she was a stalker or something. \"Hello?\" he said with a smile. \"Anyone home?\"

She snapped out of her stare, \"Yea. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to watch you for so long. I just... I...\" she started to stutter. He laughed light heartedly and put up a hand.

\"Don’t worry 'bout it. Whatcha name?\" She placed her hands in her pockets in order to keep them from shaking. She had never been good with anything around guys, especially talking.

Clearing her throat she said, \"Aria.\"

He extended a hand and she took it as he said, \"Nice to meet you, Aria. Name's Dresden.\" His bright blue eyes bore into her light gray ones.

\"So, um,\" she started and tried to keep her stuttering to a minimum, \"You skim board a lot? You're really good at it.\"

\"Thank you, but no, I don’t. Only when I don’t have work.\" He looked her over. \"You're not from around here. Are you?\"

She smiled slightly. \"How could you tell?\" she asked.

\"Well, for starters, all the girls around here wear skimpy, even slutty things. But you. Pants? Tank top? Not common 'round here.\" His eyes caught hers after she looked herself over. “I'm going to guess... one of the eastern states. Yes?” He raised an eyebrow.

Aria nodded. “Yea. Pennsylvania to be exact.” He looked slightly past her, as if scanning the area for someone.

“That’s cool.” He picked up his board, “Want to learn? It’s fun.” Just then her cell phone rang. She closed her eyes, bad timing Auntie. She took her phone out of her pocket an answered it.

“Yes Auntie?” Aria was silent for a few moments. Finally she hung up and rolled her eyes. “I have to go. I'm really sorry. I hope I see you around again though.” He grabbed her hand for a moment before she could walk away and she turned around.

“Can I have your number? If you don’t mind me having it.” She looked into his eyes yet again. A mistake she had to stop making if she wanted to talk with him.

“Yea sure.” She gave him her number then, saying bye, left him standing on the beach.

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