I may be better without you

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - The (not) date

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



The (Not) Date

Saturday has come and gone and Tommy bailed on me. I'm not sure what made him change his mind but I think it may have been his wife. Oh well, as my dad says, shit happens. Tonight is my 'thank you' dinner with Chandler and I am way to excited about it. I should not be this thrilled to go on... Oh hell. I'll just say it. On a date. Tonight, I am going on a date. I shouldn't be but I am.

Hazel is here so I'm having her help pick out my outfit for tonight. I put on a few different ones but settle on one of the dresses I found at T.J.Max. It's red, my famous color, a little higher than me knee and kind of low cut but not revealing. It kind of sticks to me because of the silky fabric but it's not skin tight. I throw it on and do a little walk in front of Hazel.

"Very nice! Little slit up the side. Pretty, pretty." She pops a grape into her mouth. "What shoes you gunna wear?"

I huff. "I don't know." I hike my dress up a bit and sit on the floor next to my shoe pile. Since I've had some extra money and we went to Kohl's for something for mom, I picked up a few different styles of boots. None with heals, at least not big heals. I slip on two different boots and stand up. "Which one?" The left one is the mid-calf boot that I wore out on my birthday and the other one is knee high and looks felt covered with laces up the side.

"I like the right one." She chomps on a few more grapes before saying, "When's he coming anyway?"

"Um. Around seven-thirty. Why? What's it now?"

"A little past seven-twenty. Are you going to do your hair or just leave it down? And what about make up?"

"Six thirty? Uh... gotta get..." I look on top of my dresser and find my circular brush. I plug in my blow dryer just to give it a little heat and start to fluff my hair. "Make up I'm not concerned with. I've never worn it, why start?" I say over the noise.

After my hair is bouncy I put on my other boot and start to go up stairs. Hazel is right behind me when I stop short. She gives me a look and I say, "Forgot to spray myself with my trademark strawberries!" I do a sprits in my hair then start up again. We get to the door and I hear a man's voice. "It sounds like Tommy," I mouth.

I open the door and walk out. "Hey Ally," says mom. "Tommy and Dave are here."

They turn around and are speechless. "Maybe I should have gone with something less girly."

Just then the door bell rings and it's loud enough to kick start the guys. "You look hot!" Dave spits out. I blush and thank him. "We figured we'd hang out tonight since Tommy kind of dropped you last night."

"Sorry boys but I have plans and I've had them for about a week." I walk to and open the door. "Hi Chandler. Might as well come in and say hello."

"Hello." His mouth forms a cheesy grin.

I smile. "Not to me. I guess it's hang out here time tonight." He walks all the way in and I close the door behind him. I walk into the dinning room with him slightly behind me. "Guys, this is Chandler. Chandler that is my mom, Hazel, Dave, and Tommy." We stand there for a few seconds with no one saying anything before I go, "Alright. Time to go." I spin on my heals and push him towards the door.

We're outside when he says, "I think your mother was giving me the death stare." He opens the car door for me.

I sit and before he closes it I say, "Yeah, she knows you as the guy that got shit drunk at Aunt Tia's Christmas party."

"I see. Not the best first impression then."


He closes the door and gets in the drivers seat. "If we're going to be friends then I suppose I'll have to get her to like me. Hm."

He starts the car and asks me what kind of food I like. "Italian. Spanish. I'm dressed for a nice place so..." I smile and move my hair away from my eyes. He drives off from the curb and after a few turns we are on the highway.

"By the way, have I said you look amazing tonight? Because if I haven't, you can smack me." I give him a little thwack to the arm. "Well in that case you look terrific." He opens the door to the resturant for me.

"This is a little weird. Having doors opened for me and compliments given."

"Would you like me to stop?"

"No?" I'm interrupted by the hosted. When we are seated I continue. "It's just not something I'm used to. Different. But nice."

"What? You act like you've never had a boyfriend before."

"I've had boyfriends just none that were," I try to find the correct word. "Considerate."

"That's sad."

"Oh thanks." I laugh.

"I don't mean you." He laughs too. "I mean why were they basically jerks?"

"Because I have horrible taste in men. That's why. Again, thanks."

The waitress comes over and takes our drink orders and after that to conversation is pretty normal. Where did you grow up? How long have I known the people that were in my house? What were you good at in school? What do you want to do with your life? After dinner and when we are back in the car he gets a little more serious. "What did your ex do to make you so loose?"

"Loose?" I smile wearily.

"Yeah. You seem like you were once a kind of serious person but now you take risks and do things you don't seem to keen on."

"Well, I guess he just made me realize that life isn't just going to stop for me. Shits going to go down with or without me. I may as well hop on the train."

"What do you mean stop for you?"

"Like, when I was in the sticks just sitting around life down here kept going. For some stupid reason I thought things would be the same as when I left them. People still able to hang out all the time. No cares. But then I got down here I'd noticed just how much I'd missed in three short years. I'm tired of missing things." We're quiet for a few moments as he pulls back onto the higway. "I haven't even done most of the things I wanted to. I know I'm only twenty-two but the time to do stupid things is in your late teens and I was to busy with him."

"Stuff like what?"

"Like traveling in a car with a friend or two to random ass states, a lesbian experience, get a tattoo, go bar hopping. Things like that."
"Tattoo? You don't really look like the tattooing type."
"I say something about a wanting a lesbo experience and you focus on the tattoo. You're an odd type of man, ain't ya."
"I figured you'd appreciate it." Smile. "What type of tattoo?"
"I'm not really sure. But I guess something I can add to every time I get out of a situation I don't want to be in. Something like stars on my shoulder."
"That's original."
I bop his arm and he overreacts, swerving the car a bit into the next lane. "What do you suggest?"
He thinks for a few then says, "Birds," very matter of factly. "Birds can fly away from things. You got away from things. Makes sense."
"Not a bad idea, my friend." He drives into a parking mostly dark parking lot. "What are we doing here?"
"You'll see." He stops the car, gets out and lies down on the hood. When I don't get out he knocks on the windshield. "Come on."
I get out and sit on the car and look around. "So what now? Is there going to be a show?"
"Smart ass. Look up." I lie back and see that the stars are almost as bright as they were after this huge hurricane several years back.
"You know, one night a giant storm made Birdsboro's power go out for about two days." I smile as I think back. "Hazel and I sat outside all night and looked at the stars as we joked and talked."
"You and Hazel are close, huh?"
"Yeah, well. We've been through some shit." We stare at the stars for a while more. "Know any constellations?"
"Uh, that right there," he points to three stars in a row, "Is Orion's belt. If you look you can see his arm, his bow, his head. That one is the little spoon." He taps on the car. "That's all I know." He smiles and I laugh.
"I knew the Orion one but that's all I can ever find. So, you got friends? Like I've got Hazel and have known her for years. What about you?"
"I have friends just no really close ones. Why do you speak the way you do? Every now and again you seem mid-western then you speak really fast then you throw Spanish sounding words in. Where the hell did you grow up?" He laughs.
I smile as I say, "I spent some time in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, New York; the state not the city."
"I see. How was Florida?"
"It was alright, I guess. The people I lived with. We didn't get along."
"The people you lived with. You make it sound like you were in a boot camp." I can see him glance at me out of the corner of my eye.
"A little. Just without the scheduled workout. And I didn't have to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush." I'm silent for a bit then basically blurt, "What about your childhood. The places you've lived."
"I've pretty much lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. Though for my few first years I was alive I was in Virginia. I don't remember it." We continue on with background stories and whatnot before we decide that it's late. "I'm already on your mother's bad side. Don't want to be there forever."
"It's not like I'm fifteen and she has power of who I 'hang out' with."
Even though I say it seriously I get off the car and start to get back inside. "Yeah but if I'm going to be around you then I'd rather her not look at me like I'm the Devil."
He drives me home and walks me to the door. For a split second I think he's going to kiss me but then he comes in for a hug instead. "We should try to 'hang out' again some time. Call me." He smiles and goes back to his car.

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