The story of Jace... and Tapanga

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This is a story about a girl who gets pregnant at 15 and asks her neighbor to adopt him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Would you, could you, please?

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



"Please Alice? I mean, you already have a son so you'll know how to raise him, you live right next to me so I can see him everyday, and I trust you! This would mean so much to me!" Alice thought about it for about a week then met me at the local diner. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about nothing in particular.

Finally I became fed up with meaningless conversation and asked, "Have you thought about it? I'm only three months away form my due date and if you don't take him I have to give him to someone else, someone I don't trust and don't know and..."

Alice interrupted me, "I'll adopt him." She smiled when my eyes lit up.

I stood and hugged her tight as I could, "Thank you!" I exclaimed loudly. I backed up a tad. "I only have one request... Name him Jace. Please?" She nodded. When I stopped shaking I continued to eat my lunch though my stomach had butterflies and my heart was thumping. I could hardly eat my food so we left with my plate almost full. She drove us home and all the way there I couldn't stop thanking her. When I walked into my mothers house her eyes fell upon me in the anger she had been holding since I told her about my child. When I told her who the father was she was less pleased. I too was upset when I discovered, or rather, hadn't discovered my period prior to telling my mother. It was two weeks after the missed week that I took a home pregnancy test and found I was with child. This was in December. Great Christmas gift right?

"Hi," I said. She went back to her television show. "Alice said she will take Jace." I lowered myself in the computer chair and typed a letter my lawyer:

'Hello Mr. Kayman. My neighbor, Alice has agreed to adopt my child. I need to know what papers need to be filled, where to get them, and who to send them back to. Please and thank you. Sincerely, Tapanga Wise'

I signed off because, as of seven months ago, the only reason I'm allowed on the computer is if I'm talking to Mr. Kayman. "Grounded until the baby comes out." It's a bummer but I understand where she was and still is coming from. I can't hang out with anyone except, now, Alice; I can only go to work, which is in a different town than the one I live, and I'm not allowed to drive until I'm eighteen. I've been doing online school since I began to show. I didn't want to be looked at like the devil. See, my school is mostly made up of overly religious people. I am not one of them so they despise me already but if they were to know I was pregnant.. I don't know what would happen. Mother had agreed to online school only because she can keep a better eye on me than if I were at Figaro High.

My friends, the few that I have, don't even know about Jace. They just think that my mom became fed up with me getting in trouble. Hopefully, when Jace finally comes, I can go back to regular school. It's odd but I miss it. The bus ride, the classes, florescent lights blinking over head, teen boys acting like fools and the girls who fall over them. I miss it all.

Journal Entry

June, 18

Jace is due in about 3 months. I should be able to make the new school year. Alice agreed to adopt him and keep his name as I have chosen. I am extremely happy about this but mom is still royally pissed. I still can't believe that Chris wont help with anything. Not even a ride to a doctors appointment. Whatever. Alice is helping out and has been. I love that she loved my child before she even agreed to take him or for that matter, before I even asked. Luckily I have my cousin, who was pregnant at seventeen, to emotionally support me. She knows what it was like to get the stares and the whispers. Why is it my mother is the only one that can't get past the anger? I was angry at first but then one day I felt a kick. I knew he was alive in me and I couldn't help but smile.

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