Ouran High School Host Club: Close to home.

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This is my fan fiction of Ouran high school Host Club. It is mostly centered around an OC of mine but all the other characters are involved. Features a lot of Kyoya, Mori and Hunni. I do not own Ouran High School Host Club or any othe characters in this Fan fiction minus Amaya.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ouran High School Host Club: Close to home.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012




Kyoya watched the tall blond girl with mild interest. She had arrived in with her friend Hitomi, the second daughter of a very wealthy car manufacturer. Hitomi had come in brimming with the eagerness of a small child, dragging her clearly reluctant friend behind her. Upon arriving the two new guests were greeted by the prince, Tamakai Suoh. Kyoya wasn’t entirely sure what had happened but the end result was Tamakai whispering sweet nothings into the little brunettes ear and her nameless blonde companion sitting on one of the couches, alone and clearly bored.

Kyoya scanned the room looking for someone to entertain their latest guest. Haruhi was in the corner surrounded by her usual entourage. Hikaru and Kaoru were currently staring deeply into each other’s eyes, girls fawning around them. And Mori and Hunni...

Hmm, Kyoya thought, they’re not here. Meaning I am, for lack of a better phrase, the last man standing.

Fixing his most charming smile on his face, the vice president rose to greet his guest.


Amaya studied her fingernails as though they were the single most interesting thing in the world. For the hundred time since arriving at this damn host club she checked her watch. Quarter to five. Hitomi said they would leave at five. She sighed, closing her eyes, and rubbed at her temple where she could feel a headache beginning to form.

I wonder, she mused, would anyone notice if I fell asleep here.  

“Hello” a voice came said from close by. Her eyes snapped open and she looked up to see a tall, handsome boy, with black hair and glasses. A name came to her from the back of her mind.

Kyoya Ootari. Haven’t you grown? She thought smiling.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kyoya Ootari, host club vice president. Is there anything I can help you with.” He ended with a smile that was so sickeningly sweet it almost made Amaya physically ill.

“No thank you Ootari-san. I’m fine.” She replied curtly. She half felt like laughing at the flicker of surprise in Kyoya’s onyx eyes. He quickly however recovered and smiled again. My god, he is so fake.

“May I sit with you?” He said gesturing to the couch. Amaya could sense the curious stares from a few girls behind her. Clearly this was a slightly uncommon sight.

So the vice president does not often entertain guests? I wonder why that is, She questioned silently.

“I see no reason why not.” She said smiling back at him, although Kyoya noted the smile did not reach her brown eyes.  Kyoya waited to see if she would speak again but apparently she was resolved to be silent.

Kyoya gracefully sat down in the couch beside her. “This is your first time at our host club, is it not?”

“Yes and with any luck it’ll also be my last.” Amaya glanced at him. “No offence intended.”

Kyoya raised his eyebrows slightly “None taken. But I fear you haven’t really given us a chance. We have many different hosts to suit our guests. Tell me what kind of-”


Kyoya faltered. “I’m sorry”

“You mean you have many different actors to play to your guests fantasies. I know on the surface it seems as though you have a prince, a forbidden love, a natural. But in reality you have a cross dresser, an idiot in love with that cross dresser and two twins who enjoy manipulating young women to feed their ever expanding egos. And of course” She turned to face Kyoya, “A vice president with a smile so fake it looks as though someone screwed it on”

Neither spoke for a few minutes. Kyoya had to admit that she had surprised him. He studied the nameless girl. He felt a small sense of recognition but couldn’t place her name. She was beautiful, but then so were many of their guests, beauty seemed to come with money.

After deciding that if he could not place her name then she was probably of no major importance Kyoya spoke. “You see a lot for someone whose only been here for under an hour.”

The girl shrugged “I understand people. And unlike the vast majority of your guests, I don’t want to believe the lies your host club sells. Which brings me to my next point. You can’t profit from me Ootari. I suggest you go find someone with looser purse strings.”

Kyoya closed his eyes and pushed his glasses up his nose “I see. Well in that case there really is no reason for you to be here. Is there?”

Amaya smirked at him “Now we are on the same page.” She looked at her watch. “Ah it appears my time of pittance has come to an end” She rose from the couch and Kyoya stood with her. Rude as she may be, she was, after all, a guest. And a most interesting one at that.

“Hitomi.” She called. The brown haired, brown eyed girl, turned. “It’s five.” Hitomi looked crest fallen.

“But, I...” She glanced at Tamaki.

“Don’t worry Princess. It won’t be long until we see each other again. Although every moment will seem like an eternity without you.” Tamaki said cupping the poor girls face in his hand.

“Well isn’t that nice.” The nameless girl said sarcastically. She grabbed Hitomi’s hand and pulled her away. “C’mon princess.”

“Good bye. Tamaki.” HItomi called back lovingly. “Oh Amaya, isn’t he handsome?”

Kyoya froze. Amaya.

“The handsomest”

“Do you know what he told me. That my name was perfect. That my eyes were truly the most beautiful that he had ever seen.”

“Yeah It’s not like anyone has ever said that you before” Amaya laughed pulling open the door.

“See you around Ootari.” She called back over her shoulder, before turning around and walking directly into Mori.

“Sorry” Mori said before looking down, his eyes widening suddenly.

Amaya looked up and smiled widely. “Takashi? Haha what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you are part of this...” Her voice and grin faded away as she saw the blonde boy sitting on Mori’s shoulders.

“Haninozuka” She said her voice suddenly turning dead.

“Amaya-san” Honey said nervously. Mori shifted uncomfortably as Amaya glared at Honey with unashamed dislike. The three regarded each other for a few moments in silence. Even the bubbly Hitomi fell quiet.

“We best be off.” Amaya said emotionlessly, her eyes as cold as the  atmosphere that had just materialized. “Bye Taka-kun.” Amaya pushed past the two cousins, the door closing loudly in the now soundless room.

“Em... Who was that?” Haruhi asked.

Mori opened his mouth at the same time that Kyoya answered “Amaya Morinozuka”

“My sister” Mori added. 

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