Do You Remember Me? *Tom riddle love story*

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Do You Remember Me? *Tom riddle love story*

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012




"Lucinda get up!!!" I woke up and looked at my mother

"I'll be down in a second mother" she nodded and left me in my room to get dressed into this: I always wear the ring necklace andearrings. Always. I walked down the stairs with my trunk it's my first day at Hogwarts ever, I had my hair as it's wavy self it was almost all the way down my back but mother pulled her wand out and muttered a spell that made my hair shrink so it reached my shoulders

"Let's go child" I grabbed her arm and we apperated to platform 9 and 3/4

"Good-bye mother" she hugged me tightly

"I'm going to miss you my Lucinda" I groaned

"Mother please don't call me that in public!" she laughed and kissed my cheek

"I shall see you in December no?" she asked

"Yes mother I will write to you every chance I get may I go now?" she hugged me once more and left, I brought my beautiful pure white owl that I called Moon and my trunk and gave it to a man that was loading the train. I got on the train and ran into a boy he didn't even offer to help me up1

"Be careful" he said I got up

"That was rude haven't you got any manners? One is to say sorry when another falls and it's their fault" I said rather calmly

"I do have manners just not to those who ran into me" I rolled my eyes

"How about we just agree that we both weren't paying attention?" he nodded

"I'm Tom, Tom Riddle" I smiled warmly at him being nice even though he seemed to be like a jerk

"Nice to meet you Tom Riddle I'm Lucy Gryffindor" his eyes widened

"Lucy is that short for Lucinda?"

"Er yes but I prefer Lucy or Deliah and how did you know?"

"I've read about your family lines, Descended of Godric?"

"Well there is a reason for my name is there not?" I pointed out


"Well I must excuse myself Mr.Riddle, it was nice to meet you" he nodded and I walked off and found a compartment by myself.

*Skipping train ride*

"Gryffindor, Lucinda!" I froze they used my real last name! I thought father told them not to! I walked up slowly and sat on the stool, a hat was placed on my head

Ahh Ms.Gryffindor Godric Gryffindors GREAT granddaughter done well so far, you have all his traits and more!

Stay out of my head

Feisty like him too! You could fit into many of these houses, Loyal as a Helga Huffllepuff, Smart as Rowena Ravenclaw, Mean and rude as Salazar Slytherin, and Brave and courageous as your grandfather! Hmm where to put you

You know where to put me! And I am not mean!the hat chuckled as people waited for the answer the Gryffindor table were practically falling out of their seats

Hmm I know where to put you, youu would do well in Slytherin

I refuse to be one of them

There is a young man, who will need to-

need to be guided for future reasons?

exactly! I will not put you in Gryffindor for this reason you could be a great help for the future Ms.Connors

"SLYTHERIN!!" it finally yelled

I will blame you if I am disowned sir. I will go with your plan but I will need to know who it is that will needguidance!

" Riddle,Tom!" someone yelled the boy from earlier walked up it barely touched his head before it yelled 'SLYTHERIN'

You must help him, Tom RiddleI walked off and sat at the Slytherin table getting many glares from them

"Got a problem with me say it to my face otherwise keep your mouths shut because I am not one to mess with" I said they looked down at their food and I ate at the end by myself in silence. I got up with the other first years and followed the prefect to our common room

"Filthyblood-traitor" some hissed I ignored them reaching into their minds, it was nothing special they are all pure-bloods and a few half-bloods. Oneintriguedme the most Tom's I believe somewhere far down in his memories was his mother with a locket she was at least eight months pregnant she had sold something, a locket. I had to zoom in on the image to see what the markings said, it had an S on it. That wasn't very hard to connect it was Salazar's locket, I froze in my spot this couldn't be could it? Is Tom really Salazars heir?

"Blood-traitor!" Someone shoved me, Tom?

"I wouldn't be talking stuck up jerk" we all stopped at aportrait, Salazars portrait to be exact

"I see an outsider bring her forwards" everyone pushed me forwards

"Hello Salazar" I spat okay so I could be mean and rude I lied earlier okay?!

"Ah traits of Godric, you must be his great great granddaughter" he said, "And what would your name be young one?"

"That is my business not yours" people muffled their laughter

"I can see you growing impatient I suppose I must ask for the password" before the prefect could answer I plucked the password out of his brain

"Funny password, Pureblood" he chuckled and opened the door, I walked into a nicely decorated common room. Black couchesinterestinglike this room was depressing enough. I didn't bother to answer any questions I looked at the prefect

"Girls dormitories on the right boys on the left" I walked up the stairs and headed for the cork board I had a room to myself thank goodness. I got my own bathroom too, I looked through my trunk and found my pajamas and put them on ( I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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