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Chapter 2 (v.1) - I´ve never known what real friendship felt like

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



I woke up that day thinking that it would be just another boring day, but what I didn´t know is that I got an amazing gift, a new friend. And it´s not cheesy, not at all, because anyone could use a friend, and I am no different. And neither is Max. I know what this looks like, I really have no choice actually, you either know, or you know, because everyone is just so… They all say there´s something between me and Max, but it really isn´t true. At least not on my side anyways.

Max and I are just friends, and before that day, I don´t think you could even say that much. I didn´t even like him at all. Actually, let me tell you something, I hated that boy. I hated, hated, hated, hated that boy. He was disgusting, and mean, and selfish, and everything! And yet, after one day, no, after 30 minutes, of talking to him, and trying to get to know him, I realized he wasn´t that horrible. He was nice to me. And I figured out why. Whenever he´s with his friends, he always acts like “the man”. They all do. They think they´re so manly just because they´re mean and a bunch of pedophiles. And, yes, I know what the word pedophile means, thank you very much. And if you knew them, you´d understand why I had to use that… term. The point is, whenever he´s with them, he acts so much different than when he´s not with them. It´s so weird. It´s almost scary. But that just makes everything even better because it means I´m one of the few people that actually know him as friends.

He´s a good friend, honestly, and I did not expect that. Neither did my friends. They all looked at me weird when I said something about him. One of my friends asked me if we were friends, and when the yes came out of my mouth, they all looked like they had just heard the craziest, funniest and most stupid thing ever. And when I put my game face on, the all got real serious and asked me if I was serious and, again, the yes came out so easily for me and yet they took it so hard. I was almost disappointed. Did they all seriously think that Max was that bad? I can´t blame them though, I did too. But they don’t know him the way I do, so it´s ok for them to think that if they want to. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion… whatever. They’ll eventually get to know him, though. I hope.

Now that Max and I are friends, even close to best friends, everyone always stares at us and it´s just so… awkward. I never meant for it to be this way, but I guess there´s a cost to friendship. There´s a cost to everything. It´s like we broke the status quo, because he´s supposed to be with them and I´m supposed to be with Angela, and Marie Ann, and Tina… not with Max, because he´s not in my clique. And you know what I have to say to that? Bullshit. I do not care about what everyone else thinks, although I do worry sometimes that maybe Max does, and he could possibly give up. The pressure of change is just too much for some people. And I´m afraid that Max could be one of those people. But he´s my friend and I have to trust him, because that´s what friends do, and I have to do this for him.

-“Hey!”-I said calling him. He came over, leaving his friends behind, showing me once again that he wants to be my friend just as much as I want to be his.

-“Hi” – The sad tone in his voice almost scared me, but then I remembered that, because I´m his friend, I am allowed to ask why.

-“What´s wrong, Max?” –You could tell by my tone that I was worried, which is just what I wanted it to sound like. My voice doesn´t fail me often. Did I mention I can really sing? Well I can.

-“Nothing” –Yeah right, I thought

-“Come on, even you know that´s not even believable. You can trust me”- I can heard the words I had just said in my head. I don’t think I had ever said that before, I´ve always been very trustworthy, everyone says that.

- “It´s just- I´m scared” What?

-“Scared? What do you mean scared? You are Max Reynolds. You don´t get scared. I don´t think I´ve ever seen you scared. No. I definitely have not. You´re scaring me now. What are you even scared of? I´m sorry, I just don’t get it. It- it doesn’t make sense!”- I hated the way that sounded. It sounded like I wanted in in the gossip. I´m not like that. My voice had just failed me. How great is that? Yet somehow I had made him smile. A shy smile, almost fake, like he had to smile.-“You don´t have to smile” I said, really meaning it.

-“I´m scared that, if we become good friends, which I think we already are, what if you decide to leave me? Who do I have then? Having already felt real friendship, what will I do if I can´t find it again?”- These words made me cry, and I wasn´t afraid to show it, I didn´t have to, not to Max, he´d understand. I didn´t say anything because I didn’t have to, he knew that I could respond to what he had just said.

-“Kate, I´ve never known what real friendship felt like”

And with that, I realized that he had gotten his questions answers: I wasn’t going to leave him, I would never leave him. This boy was, and would always be, my only, true, best friend. And I intended to be the same thing for him.

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