Nightmare in katies life

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A girl finds her town now has zombies

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nightmare in katies life

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Katie! Her mom called What? Katie replied. Time for school. Her mother answered. Katie got up and looked around her room. Katie was a 15 year old girl. Katie had an 18 year old sister and a 8 year old brother. Katie was an average girl. She had good grades, good friends, and good family. Katie opened the door to her room and headed down for breakfast. Her brother, sister and parents were already there but instead of eating they were all staring at the tv. What's on the news. Katie asked. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. They all replied. Instead of asking anymore she tuned into the tv. On the bottom it said all school were closed in her state. Why would they be closed she thought. The reporter appeared and gave Katie the news she never thought she would get. Last night a meteor fell. The reporter announced. Inside the meteor there was some sort of disease that was turned half the state into zombies. She continued. Police are trying to find and capture the zombies before it spreds anymore. Please stay in your homes and wait until it is safe. If there is knocking on your door and pleading people ignore it. It is a trick. With that said the reporter disappeared and was replaced with a skin commercial. What will we do? Kate asked. What the news told us. Her father answered. Are we going to die? James (katies brother) asked. No we will be fine. Her mother answered. I bet this will last a long time. Her father said. So I will sneak out to find us extra food. Be careful. Katies mother said. Katies father opened the door and left. Once he was gone they locked the door. I hope he will be okay. James said

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