A Desperate Reach- (a romeo/juliet story- no poison involved)

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This is a love story between two people who are forbidden to see each other let alone fall in love but does it anyway. This story will not end in a dramatic death i assure you.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Desperate Reach- (a romeo/juliet story- no poison involved)

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



I open the window and feel the cool wind in my face. There I am leaning my head against the wall of my bedroom. My poodle taking up the space of my bed. She is leaning her head on her paws, snoring softly. "its sounds just like New York in here" I thought to myself. Butlers, servants, maid, teachers (i am homeschooled) were making a fuss of everything. Whats the big occasion? My mom and dad were coming home! They left a week ago to dicuss political issues with the queen of England. I sighed and wonder whats life like for a normal teenage girl. Well for one, they wouldn't be treated loyalty everywherethey go. I mean its nice that everyone is treating me with a generous attitude but once and a while there's that somebody that goes too far. Last week a gentleman got to his knees, bowed and exclaim in a really loud voice "your magesty! What a honor to meet you"

Thats when things start to get awkward. I am never alone. I never pick my clothes without consent. I cant choose my own food.I cant even walk outside the castle with guard watching my every move for the fear that a Monte might harm me in any way. See a thousand years ago, there was a war between the two kingdoms that used to live peacefully on the island. Our family, Capuletes, had a war with the other side of the island, Montes. We won the war and the Montes never got over it. We took most of their gold and most of their land. Over the years though, we gave some of it back. Now the island is split in half. Any Capuletes who would dare cross the other side of the island, would find themselves a prisoner of the Montes and they are beyond our help. The same goes for any Montes who dared cross over to our side. My dad is very strict in enforcing these rules but the prisoners are kept in a chamber with a nice bed and the guards provide them with a delicious meal but they are trapped there forever. Some of them lose their mind and try to dig their way through the brick walls. Useless. I visit them sometimes out of pity.

A loud knock disrupts my thoughts. One of the tutors, Rebecca, peeked her head through the door. "Miss Katie, the king and queen would be arriving soon. You are expected to wear your best gown and meet us downstairs for a proper greeting." She leaves without another word. You are expected. I honestly was going to meet them in my green silk pajamas.I opened my closet and looked through my dresses. There was a pink strapless one with rubies at the hem. Nah too sparkly. I want to go with pretty and simple.
I choose a blue one with a little bow that suited my style just fine. I quickly put on my favotite black flats, my favorite one-diamond, and put a touch of blush on my cheeks. I bounded down the steps with a spring on my step. Being extremely careful not to trip down the long flight of stairs.

Everyone is chatting about their jobs, about their day-offs or about their family. As soon as they spot me, theyhush. I feel myself turn bright red, not eager for all the attention.My tutors look at me up and down criticizing my looks and whether its inappropriate. Its become hard to talk to any of the workers here. Theservants and maidsare too nervous to talk to mefor fear that they might say something wrong and get fired. The tutors only talk about school or my manners. The chefts only talk about the food they will cook throughout the week and want my approval.My only friend inthe whole islandis Selena,my maid. We spend nights together, watching sunsetson the beach or talking amoonlight walk around the town square. Wetalkabout our likes and dislikes or about her family. She is aroundmy age which is eighteen.

I am supposed to be married by now. But iturned all my suitors down.Some of them only cared for my wealth. Some werehaughty andfull of themselves.Others were know-it-alls who laughed when i said the wrongthing or tripped in my two-inch heels. None of them wereproper for me.Some of them got married and sent me invations. There have been weddings in Paris or Hawaii.When i got to their weddings,the wife would look at mescornfully and pulled her husband closer. As if i am justgoing to take him and run. My parents are worried for me and my "single status" so, to my dismay,they sent moreprinces to meet me.Selena teases me about the princes and tell me i will make one intresting bride.

Isuddenly hear the loud chopping of thehelicopteroutside. With haste,I run outside withmy arms extended in a fourty degree angle. I hug my parents with anticipation. They smile down at me and look the workers who were cheering "Welcome home King Harold and QueenAlice" After all that celebrating, my mom pulls me aside and whispers"So what does my princess want for her birthday" I completely forgot in a week its my nineteeth birthday.


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