Me and Alcatraz

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Kidnapping of Dana James

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No one should have found out. It was perfect. A perfectly planned disaster. I wouldn't have had to do what I did to get rid of the memories. But it was done. And although I regret it, it wasn't all wasted. It was all for me. All for me and Alcatraz.


September 26th, 2003, 3:15 AM

I'm freezing myself to death! Dana wrapped her coat tighter around her body. She looked back hesitantly at the house, hoping at least one of her friends was still sober enough to follow her out here. Right, she thought. If that would happen, maybe I wouldn't be in this mess. She sighed, knowing this was true. She continued to make her way against the wind over the snow-covered ground to reach her car. It was parked down by the alleyway, at the end of the road. Deep inside, she knew she shouldn't be leaving her friends here; by the time they were ready to leave, they wouldn't be able to tell left from right, let alone drive themselves home. But she knew that she had no choice. She had to be back home before 4:00 AM or her father would realize she was missing and she would be in deep trouble. Oh well, she sighed silently, praying that her friends would decide to sleep it off over here. I guess they'll be alright. I can't stay here. She returned her full attention to battling the wind to reach her car.

It happened in an instant. He appeared seemingly out of nowhere. She never saw it coming. He grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her into the alleyway, the dull end of a blade pressed up against her neck. "Don't say a word," He warned. "Or you'll regret it." She obeyed; the only choice she had, and went where he led her without a struggle, but he never moved the knife blade from it's place at her throat. By the time she got into his car, her hands were tied behind her back and there was tape over her mouth. She sat in the back seat, while the kidnapper drove, the knife close to his side, in case his victim decided to try anything tricky. Not that she planned on it.

"So, you're Dana James?" He snickered. "Not what I pictured!" He removed his sunglasses and placed them on the passenger seat, next to his blade. "Oh, no." Something seemed to strike the criminal's mind. "You're not drunk, are you?"

Dana mumbled so loudly through the tape that at the next stoplight, the man turned around and ripped it roughly off her face. The pain didn't even phase her as she yelled at him, with the threat of the knife no longer keeping her silent. "No, I'm not drunk! What are you planning on doing to me? Who are you? Where are you taking me?" Her voice held anger, fear, and something else that he couldn't capture.

"Geez, you were better with the tape!" He rubbed his forehead as if he had a headache.

"You think you're uncomfortable! Try sitting in the back seat of a car with your hands tied behind your back and..." Her words were interrupted by the tape coming over her mouth again.

"Don't teenagers ever shut up...?" He seemed to ask his questions to the air. The rest of the drive was silent, and Dana fell asleep after a while. By the time the car finally stopped, she assumed it had been at least a couple of hours.

"Hey, you, in the backseat, wake up!" The voice of her kidnapper shook her from her precious dreams, where there were no kidnappings, long black cars, or wild parties. She felt slightly embarrassed by the fact that he had caught her sleeping, but she had more important things to think about now. Like how to get out of here.

Dana willingly got out of the car, her hands still tied around her back and the tape still over her mouth. The place where he had taken her looked like a warehouse. The land around it was barren and silent, not even a road to be seen. She could still see the tracks of the tires where the car had pulled up.

She followed her kidnapper to the warehouse, led more by curiosity than anything else. When they got to the door, the kidnapper took a key from his black bag and unlocked the door. When they went inside, Dana was surprised to find not a criminal's store of his treasures, nor anything else she had expected, but what looked like a home, of sorts. There was a sofa, a television, a refridgerator, and all the other necessities. Dana looked around, trying to make sense of her situation.

"Surprised?" The criminal took off his high-collared black coat and mask, revealing his face. He appeared, to Dana's surprise, to be only eighteen or nineteen. Her eyes widened. "Relax. I'm not going to do anything to you. Just keep you here awhile. As long as you don't try to escape," He came over to her. "I can untie you." He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans; not what she expected from a sly criminal. First, he pulled the tape from her mouth, which was numb by now, then he went behind her back and untied her hands.

"So why am I here?" She asked cautiously. "Are you going to ransom me or something?" He shook his head.

"Just to keep me company here." He told her as he walked away.

"You mean you kidnapped me, took me away from my family and friends, just to keep you company?!" Dana was really upset now, and even the threat of the knife couldn't keep her down. Anyways, he promised he wouldn't harm her, not that a criminal's promises meant much.

He simply nodded. "You know who I am, don't you?" When she stared blankly at him, no name coming to mind, he laughed. Not a sinister laugh, but a good-natured laugh, almost like that of a normal guy his age, but there was something to it, like he had seen and experienced too much to laugh freely. "I'm surprised. You don't see many teenagers these days that haven't heard of me."

"My family doesn't own a television, and my mother's confined to bed. We don't get much news." She explained sourly. By now, she was even shocking herself. She was conversing with a criminal mastermind! But there was something about him that she liked. Something about him that she couldn't put her finger on, but he didn't seem as bad as he claimed to be.

"Well, for quite a few years, I've been hiding out here. Nobody ever comes out here, because this is basically the land in the middle of nowhere. Everyone knows who I am, because I've on the most wanted list since I was fourteen. But I guess someone with no television wouldn't know. My name is Hunter Greenwood, but everyone that knows who I am calls me Alcatraz. I've been blamed for almost every major crime for the past two years! Everything I do gets publicized. It's like being a celebrity, only if the paparazzi catches you, you go to jail." He sat down on the couch with a sigh and clicked on the television, revealing an episode of America's Most Wanted.

"This is a picture of the criminal." John Walsh told Dana from the large screen. She looked on in amazement as a picture of the man sitting beside her filled the screen. "If you see this man, or if you have any information, call 555-621-8632."

"You just wait," Alcatraz told her. "Soon enough, I'll be blamed for the kidnapping of miss Dana James as well." He said it with a laugh, but Dana could see something like sadness and regret in his eyes.

Dana yawned, and Alcatraz realized what time it was. "I'll show you where you should sleep." He led her over to a mattress on the floor of the warehouse. There was a pillow and a comforter on it; something else Dana never expected from a kidnapper. As she settled down to sleep, she wondered what was going to happen to her. Alcatraz had promised not to harm her, but she wondered how she would live without her friends, her family, or her home. Everything she knew was gone, but at least she wasn't dead. She was glad for that. As she drifted off to sleep, she silently asked Alcatraz to treat her kindly.

Meanwhile, he still stood there by her mattress, watching her sleep. She really was a beautiful girl, as much as he hated to admit it. He asked himself why he did it. Why did he take her? It was true he had been watching her for a long time, but he never thought he would get up the courage to actually kidnap her. He was Alcatraz, but even he had limits. There were points at which he just had to quit and not go any further.

As he went off to bed, he wondered what she thought of all this. He knew she wouldn't tell him; she was probably still boiling with anger that he took her in the first place. But he still wondered. He hoped she would talk to him soon enough.

The next morning, things weren't much better between the two. Dana went around the small house, minding her own business, while Alcatraz tried desperately to break the wall forming between them. This wasn't what he wanted. He couldn't even talk to her like this.

"So, what's your family like?" He asked her, trying to break the silence.

"Like most, I guess." She answered simply. No details. Just like the rest of her answers.

"Really." He sighed. He couldn't get anything out of her. He had to keep his promise not to do anything to harm her, not that he would anyways, but would she hold that against him if he tried getting her to speak? He didn't like the situation, but he decided he had to live with it. She would warm up to him eventually, he hoped.

"Hey, how long do I have to stay here?" Dana finally decided to talk to him of her own accord for the first time since yesterday.

This had Alcatraz thinking for a few minutes. "I don't know." He finally answered. "As long as I need your company, I guess. It gets really lonely here in this little warehouse I have here."

"So you have me here just because you're lonely?!"

"Calm down, we already went through this. I'm a guy of extremes, okay?" He sighed. "I can't meet anyone that will be seen with me because if I get caught, boom, I'm in jail. I have to stay here all the time. I'm lucky I wasn't caught on my way to get you."

"What have you done that has made you so famous, rob a bank?" Dana asked incredulously.

Alcatraz held up four fingers. "Actually. And that's just in the past two years." He settled down on his couch. "I've done too many things to count. And now I'm paying for it."


"Did you know this is the abandoned warehouse of what used to be a huge power plant?"

"How could I know?" She laughed. Then she caught herself. It was the first time she had showed any sign of happiness since she arrived. He seemed to notice this, too. He looked surprised, then his eyes softened, his lips forming into a smile.

After this, Dana kept her guard up. She was careful not to talk to, or even appear to notice Alcatraz moving around the house with her. There really wasn't much room to avoid him, but she tried to keep her distance, keeping to the opposite side of the warehouse as Alcatraz. She secretly wished that she could talk to him freely, at least just a bit. If they had met under different circumstances, even though he was a known criminal across the country, they might have gotten along better. Only if.

A week later...

Things weren't getting better. Dana never spoke; she had grown accustomed to not having anything to do, and usually just read one of the books lying around the warehouse. If Alcatraz wasn't going to let her go, she had to stay here. And if she had to stay here, she had no reason to speak to him, or to anyone, for that matter. But as long as he kept his promise not to harm her, she wouldn't tell anyone about her situation. Not that she really had a choice anyways; she had no idea where they were. But she wouldn't try to escape unless he let her.

Alcatraz, however, had had enough. If she wasn't going to keep him company, he would have to let her go. As much as he didn't want to, he had to do it if she wouldn't help him anyways. He looked over at her, on her mattress, in the corner of the room. When she stood up, he looked away. She went over to the sink. Alcatraz decided enough was enough, he was going to say something. Gathering up all his courage, he went over to where she was standing.

"Dana, I..."

"I don't want to hear it." She walked away from him and went back to her bed.

"Listen to me, I..."

"Just leave me alone."

"Please listen to me!" Neither of them knew how it happened, but Alcatraz pushed her up against the wall, inches from him. Dana could feel his breath against her cheek when he spoke. "I don't know why you're doing this, but I don't care anymore. You can leave if you want. Take the car. You can drive, can't you? Just leave."

Dana couldn't believe what she was hearing. She could leave if she wanted? What had all this been for, anyway, if she could just leave? She couldn't blame him anymore. She had no reason to keep silent. She could leave.

Alcatraz released her, leaving just the memory of his body pressed up against hers. He walked over to the door of the warehouse and opened it for her. He stepped aside, giving Dana room to get out. "Go ahead. I know I went about this the wrong way, but I had no other choice. I should have never hoped that anyone would stay here with someone like me." Dana didn't know what to say. She felt guilty. Guilty that she was leaving him here alone. Guilty that she had treated him the way she had without a reason.

"I'll stay." Dana said unexpectedly.

"What?" Alcatraz looked up from the ground.

"I said I'll stay. As long as you don't force me to be locked up here, I'll be... I'll be happy to stay here with you." She closed the door. Dana never saw it, but as she walked back to her mattress on the floor, was when these feelings first began to grow.

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