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"Listen," Her once bright blue eyes became like opaque glass, void of any and all life. "Just say you love me, ok?"

Blaring sounds of car alarms and people screaming in terror rang hollow through my ears. My only concern had been the creature lying completely inert beneath me. Most of her flesh was charred black from having taken much of the explosion when she shielded my body but there were also several parts of her that had become blatantly disfigured from the heat itself.

I took a deep breath to keep my hands from shaking any more than they had, but all I could smell was the damage done to her. My gut had been twisting and turning, disgusted by the repulsive, acrid odor that her corpse had been releasing.


I raised my hand towards the voice immediately, gesturing for him to say nothing more in our presence. Certainly there had to have been others- lives still in danger... lives that could still be saved.

With great force, I willed the bond to give me something more from her but I was met with silence.

She had no heartbeat, not anymore.

"Ma’am, you need to-!"

I jerked my head to the side, overwhelmed by sudden urge to vomit. The air had been riddled with noxious fumes, and I knew that leaning over Kali’s body wasn’t helping at all but I couldn’t just leave her. I needed some way us both out of here safely, to get her body out of the open.

As I raised my head, I had suddenly found the man in my face. His eyes darting, searching for any obvious injuries to my head as he passed his flashlight’s beam in my eyes and blinded me momentarily.

"Look up for me." He instructed in a professional manner, carefully guiding my head by lifting my chin upwards. “I’m Warren and I’m one of the paramedics on site,” His voice grew kinder and far more comforting. "Why don’t we start with a name, ok? Can you tell me your name?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words make it out into the air. My throat had been parched but I felt no air going through my lungs. It wasn’t until he swiped his hand across my forehead that I felt how profusely I’d been sweating. As if being cold, clammy and disoriented weren’t enough, this lack of oxygen only made things worse.

"Jess!" He called out as his body begun to spin out of control. "Jess, I need your help with this one!"

Just as I fell forward, I felt a pair of arms catching me. For a moment, I attempted to struggle but no strength to do so. Instead, I tried to hold my breath and put what little strength I had left into a glance. Both this man and woman had lied me down next to Kali, and it wasn’t long before the sounds of fabric being ripped apart followed.

The corset I’d been wearing had loosened significantly, freeing my lungs enough to the point where I could gasp for air and potentially breathe again. I clutched the ground, relieved to finally breathe again and clear my lungs of the smog.

"Go on and take deep breaths," The woman reassured me as she threw a clean white towel over my chest.

I nodded weakly, taking one of my hands to use as support for covering my breasts. Her hands moved carefully along my back, aiding to help me sit up but my eyes quickly darted towards Kali.

That man from before- Warren, I think was his name- had one finger to her neck while holding a color-coded triage in his other hand. With a grim expression, he moved lower and held his face to the side. His ear hovered over her mouth as he listened for any indication of her breathing, but his efforts fell in vain.

He sat up slowly and shook his head miserably before reaching to tear off three of the four color-coded sections.

"She’s fine," I raised my voice for them to hear.

She was fine. She wasn’t dead, and I wasn’t going to have her buried with Kylan. She was going to be just fine, I knew that much.

This was not the end of us, not yet.

This isn’t what was supposed to happen...

... This is not how our story was supposed to end.

"Come with me," The woman, Jess, continued to assist though now it felt as if it were against my will.

"Let me go!" I hissed and jerked my body away from her, turning my attention to Warren as he attempted to place the bloody triage on her body.

"Ma’am, you need to calm down!" She reached for something out of sight. "We’re going to re-locate you and your friend right-!"

Before she could finish talking, I sprung in-front of Warren and grabbed a firm hold of him by his face alone. With my free hand, I snatched the triage from his hand and threw it away from Kali, disgusted that these frail humans were willing to declare my wife dead.

"You will keep your hands off of her!" I threatened and bared my fangs at him, unable to hold back a low predatory growl as I tightened my grip around his fragile neck. "Can you not see that she is perfectly fine?"

"Look," He swallowed hard and tried to resort to reason. "I’m just doing my job, ok? I have to sort everyone out from everyone! There are some people who just aren’t worth our already limited-!"

"Do you tell everyone such an ill-tongue excuse?" My grip grew fiercer as his words only infuriated me. "Kali deserves far more than a man looking to collect his check after she’s been put in a box several feet down below either of us!"

"Hey," I heard Jess’ voice shout out just as I felt a hand grab a firm hold of my shoulder. "You need to let him-!"

Quickly, I pushed Warren away with great force and sent him across the field of other burn victims. As I spun around in place, I took that fraction of a moment to witness the extraordinary fear in her eyes- that same fear that Kali had left before all of this madness, and it sickened me.

Seconds was all it took to wrap my arms around her head. She struggled, like they always did, but soon enough her body fell limp as the suffocation began to kick in. And when I felt she was ready to know peace, I jerked her head roughly to the side against the initial resistance and snapped her neck out of place.

My hands began to crackle, erupting with fine surges of electrical discharge from the carelessness of my emotions. Such imagery proved too much for the man I’d thrown across the open; Warren was crawling backwards now, nearly paralyzed in fear after seeing the fate of one co-worker but he managed to find enough strength to move at-least.

Suddenly, he scrambled further, pushing backwards and attempting to flee on foot as I began walking after him, but there was a reason human were considered easy prey. They were no match for someone like Kali, or myself.

His eyes were wide with fear; the back of his body was being held up against one of the nearest cars as I squeezed tightly down on his bare throat. He struggled, like Jess, to get free, going as far as trying to pry my hand off.

"Hey!" Another man shouted from behind.

I dug my nails forcefully enough to begin drawing blood, causing the terrified paramedic to flail his arms in a desperate manner. He gestured hopelessly for those standing closest to us to stop in their tracks, but panic only consumed him further the moment multiple guns cocked simultaneously.

"Let him go, lady, or I will put you down!" A woman shouted as I felt cold steel kiss the back of my head.

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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