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"Come on!" I shouted as I kicked at the iron gate door.


My roar echoed through the vault, causing it shake and rumble back. I threw my fists onto the concrete floor just for the sake of hitting something. I'd been locked in the damn vault for hours, barred from leaving to see Elika or Seth... or anyone who wasn't Jester.


I turned my head at the sound of the holo powering on before looking up at the nearest camera. The red light blinked twice, letting me know that I was being heard and that I would have to suffice by watching something to help time move along on the day of the full moon.

Yes, it's definitely best to take another route if you plan on making it in time to board Dyson's only train ride out this evening. 

The news caster said just as the images on the holovision began to change. An apartment building was up in flames and the list of casualties looked grim.

Earlier this morning, tenants in Bluecrest Apartments awoke to a loud explosion as police began receiving calls of bombs going off. Reporters at the scene, along with multiple medics have confirmed that over 60 civilians had minor injuries while the death toll is currently at 122 and still climbing.

The pictures changed again, displaying a man in a paramedic uniform. His neck had bite marks, and his clothes had been drenched with his own blood. The most obvious lead of what had done the damage? Vampyre.

Warren Blake, one of the first medics to arrive at the scene, was one of 12 casualties in a sudden massacre on site. Co-workers stated that Warren attempted to confront a young woman who had been protecting an unidentified body of one of the bombing victims. Before he could help either of them, the woman revealed herself as a supernatural and attacked him in the open. Local authorities attempted to calm her while Warren's co-workers tended to her associate, whose body had been covered in third-degree burns.

Shortly after, witnesses claim that the woman went on a rampage and turned against both authorities and civilians. The New Government responded by issuing a manhunt, deploying multiple units to close off the entire district. After careful deliberation, they had this to say on the issue:

"We, the New Government, declare this woman as a high-priority target. She and the deceased she's protecting are lead suspects in the Dyson Train murders. This woman was last seen on the bombing site before disappearing with the corpse. All electronic devices, including holo-technology and e-machine weaponry are currently suspected to be completely ineffective against this individual. Because of these fall-backs, we are unable to accurately identify this abomination. We understand that many of you are afraid to step forward and help our Government in fear of your own lives, but rest easy knowing that we are here to keep you safe and that we will continue to fight for the sake of humanity."

"Of course no one's talking, you idiots!" I shook my head in disbelief. The New Government couldn't protect anyone from supernatural creatures, and whoever this girl was- she was the worst of the worst and I'll bet she was one of those pleasure feeding vampyres- the ones that killed for game. "Give me a fuckin' break, T-N-G."

"No one's talking because she knows how to shut people up."

"What the hell are you going on about?" I turned around to find a late and half-naked demon sitting lazily on the worn sofa. The raven-haired man had been exhaling the fumes of his most recently lit cigarette. His upper torso was covered in scars, both old and new, but his most prominent feature was the large scar over his left eye.

"The bitch compelled everyone in the vicinity, Sammy-boy." He tapped the cigarette lightly and dropped the ashes all across the floor as he continued. "Heard some rumors from down under; huge bounty on her head for pissing off some slave master or whatever. Some say the bitch fell in love with one of his slaves and stole them right from underneath him, others say she was the slave and went behind master's back to fuck one of his business partners before running away together. Whatever the story, she and her fuck-buddy have been around far longer than either of us."

"Well, whoever she was hiding from, they've got eyes on her now." I said before turning back to the holo. "It's only a matter of time before this guy finds her and-"

"Not our problem," Jester ended the conversation.

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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