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One hour later...

"Sorry for pulling you away from Ana," Brick apologized. "But we need to talk."

"What's all this about?" I tapped along the wooden table lightly, waiting for the meeting to commence.

"Something happened in your absence," Ian answered. "We were going to call a meeting the day you returned with Brick, but we thought it'd be best for you to spend time with your family."

Ian, one of my childhood friends and something like a brother to me. He was careful and intelligent, specialized as a scientist with some knowledge of basic, proper first aid... but he was no house doctor. Sure, he took care of the most serious injuries but his main priority was to discover effective ways to successfully keep the supernatural under.

"But then the full moon happened," I said already knowing why the meeting was called so late.

"And Jester believed the best thing for you was a one way ticket into the basement," Mark sighed as he begun to lean back in his chair. He had his arms thrown back with his hands resting behind his head before kicking his feet up to sit comfortably on the table. "Of course, you know, we agreed, Captain. For your safety, and ours."

Mark, my second-in-command with a personal vendetta against angels. Efficient and accurate, Mark wasn't one to miss a target. When he left on a mission, he rarely came back with bad news and always returned with the body of his target. And if there wasn't a body? You can be certain he'd bring back another part for confirmation.

"This wouldn't have to do with anything regarding that red-headed bitch and her current corpse lover from the news, would it?" Jester scoffed. His arms were crossed over his chest while his eyes flared red.

"It doesn't," Mark interjected.

"But if you know something about her," Ian started, curious to hear what he knew, "then by all means share what you know. We need any and all information we can get."

"It's just a rumor," I spoke up for him, "but it isn't anything solid. She has no name, no face, no prints, no history- all we have is a common hair color. As far as the public can see, the girl doesn't exist and more likely a propaganda to cover some terror attack."

"Assuming the girl is real," Mark asked, "do you think she might be connected to the train attack?"

"She's as real as I stand before you," Jester cracked a sly smile. "If there's truth to any of the rumors down below, the bitch is next to impossible to find, but I'll be able to find her within the next few days and keep myself entertained with her screams until you idiots are ready to act like men and handle her."

"That won't be necessary," Ian frowned. "If she's real, we don't know for sure that she was responsible. There's no solid evidence making her guilty and none suggesting her innocence. We won't have you, of all people, commit any type of torture on her."

He was right, of course, but then we've never captured a female before. All of our targets have only ever been male. But we needed to be realistic and moral. How would we even think to interrogate a woman? This one is labelled a murderer- a serial killer, if she was in fact involved in the train attack. Who knows what other crimes she'd committed, or if she's even safe enough to bring back to camp?

"Don't be naive," Jester stared him down, trying to make a point. "How many creatures have we seen with an ability to knock out electronics, let alone compel an entire town that so much as caught a glimpse of her face? Well, I can tell you right now that we've never encountered any one creature with this kind of power. You throw this bitch in a cell unsupervised and we won't have eyes on her, and what's worse- putting someone to watch over this bitch. If you think she won't be able to seduce your joke of a soldier-squad and kill every last one of you, then you are gravely mistaken."

"We don't know that she's a killer," Ian remained adamant. "We have to consider her innocence until proven guilty."

"Then prepare yourself for the worst, Doc." The demon answered simply. His gaze met with everyone in the room as he kept his face clear of all expression. "Ignore me, if it pleases you, but this blood whore that you believe to be a myth will drain each and every one of you dry for your incompetence."

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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