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Parakaloúme érthei píso se ména.


Her body arched, pressing the front of her bare body into mine. Both of her hands had been running through my hair as she leaned further into me. Messy waves of blonde hair. Hot, moist lips showering me with short, passionate kisses. Deliciously wet, aching.

Stop, no.

She moaned pleasurably, erotically. I closed my eyes to listen closer than I ever had before. High off the sounds- her sounds. Whimpers and murmurs. She was close, very close. Continued whispering sweet nothings, forcing even dirtier images of the things she’d like me to do to her… and things she’d love doing to me.


I love you.

... No, not love.

No. It's wrong. Too soon, too strong. Dating for so little time, but I loved her so. No! Stop it. You’ll scare her. But I love her? Yes, everything about her!

Ash was beautiful, soft and more human than anyone else in her entire family. She was strong and kind... but her heart isn't mine. Loved Xion, she said. But she doesn't get it, and he doesn't get it either. Not like I do, no. She thought she could love Xion, but no. Their love wasn't right. It wasn’t like our love.

No, our love was perfect.

No, what am I thinking?

She's with Xion.

No, no! Never slept with him. They weren’t married, so it wasn’t wrong. She was just dating us both, I think.

No, that’s stupid. She was clearly dating me, and living with him. Never slept with him. Stayed for Michael, not for Xion.
Oh, but what if I claimed her?

No, stop. I can't bite her, and I can't make her mine. Rude, unforgivable. She'd hate me, right? Forcing myself on her like he often did. No, I never really had to ask. She just came to me naturally, but then she also came on me naturally too. She loves that about me. But I knew her like I knew my animal. We were in-sync. Perfect for each other.

We were absolutely perfect together.

But she's never said it. Never said 'I love you', but then I've never told her either... wait, lilium?

"Where are we going?" I asked, staring at the familiar flower as we continued going past it.

Lilium, a flower of Eden. Too far. Last stop was entrance. Go no further. My family was not allowed. I was not allowed. Forbidden. Garden of Eden, fountain of birth. She knew this. Trying to stir trouble, perhaps? No, not Ash. Too sweet, too thoughtful. Can't understand. Why would she bring me here? Why bring us here? Someone would find us. Someone would know of us.

As ti foní mou sas kathodigísei.

"O Kípos," She answered thoughtfully. Her voice like the honeyed nectar from the garden she spoke of. Sweet and rich, mouth-watering pleasures. Tips of her fingers grazing across the leaves of green bushes, decorated with flowers of all shapes and colors.

Quickly, I took her from behind. No words, only actions.

Ash parted her lips, but no legible word reached my ear. Instead, she gasped. Surprised by the sudden contact, no doubt. I had caught her though, placing her atop of my legs as I found another place for us to just exist.

"The Garden," I translated to her second tongue.

"The Garden," She repeated with a warm smile. Beautiful, radiant... how could Xion not see her? Didn't want to see, perhaps? No, of course not. How could he? He was too busy seeing me. Fought with her, as a result. If he hadn't, she wouldn't be here. Never would've brought me here, but I hoped that wasn’t true. She'd do anything to appease him, to keep Michael from knowing of the things he did to her body. But I couldn’t ignore it, not even after their most recent fight this morning.




"Parakaloúme érthei píso se ména," I repeated as the scenes continued flooding every inch of my mind.

Even on what seemed to be her death bed, Kali's thoughts were scattered. Some were stronger than others, like her memories of the most treasured intimate moments between us. But then there were ones that could never be destroyed by the terrible things done to her, despite Denarius’ best attempts.

I watched in silence as the images continued. Moments so precious, like the time we sat together in the Gardens back in Sanctuary. I smiled at the scene, watching through her own eyes, as she sniffed the flower in my hand and let out her very first sneeze. She had been so confused by her initial reaction that she genuinely believed Michael had been calling out to her.

Soon, the pictures flushed together in waves of white and purple. Another scene from her past filled all across her mind; Kali had been staring out into the ocean with her feet buried in the white sands. She was happy, but I only realized just how happy upon her glancing down at a very young toddler sitting in her lap.

“Mom!” Kylan shouted with a sudden grim look on his face. “Mom, look!”

In his hands, he held a small white shell that seemed to glow in the midst of the sun… but the tiny creature inside had been the opposite. It sat lifeless atop of his palm, and the very sight of proved far too much for him.

His sadness and sympathy for the tiny crab’s life had raised a small stream of black and gray smoke, emerging from the center of his palm. Kylan’s brown eyes suddenly flashed as black as his father’s; the smoke shrouding all across his hand as it began to immerse the sea creature’s dull gray-colored flesh.

"As ti foní mou sas kathodigísei," I repeated once again but far much faster than before. Images of Kylan and Lantau twisted once again, flushing into a flurry of white and purple.


I gasped softly, feeling the single heartbeat sweep through every fraction of my soul. The first inhuman response that wasn't my own at an agonizingly slow but steady rhythm.

Just as I tried to focus even harder, the volume of the holovision at its max caused my body to jerk forward. My heart pounded, mostly from the sudden scare.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We’re live right now a few miles outside the small town of Le’Nysa, believe it or not, where two large convoys are sweeping the area for the young women believed to be responsible for the massacre at Bluecrest.

Right now, we have a few vampyrial experts suggesting that she successfully exited the district through compulsion at the Wayland checkpoint. However, all cameras on site had not picked up any-an-ny-ny-ny-ny—bzzzzz.

Following the sounds of static, the holovision started acting up with electrical interference and promptly began displaying technical glitches.

I didn’t want to think about the horrific screams of the burn victims, or the sound of a paramedic’s neck snapping but I remembered their bones cracking, bodies once living and breathing before I had mercilessly torn the majority of them apart like ragdolls. Blood spilling out, puddles painting the grass…

I swallowed hard over the scenes in my head; there was nothing but pictures of the massacre and the remembrance of draining that paramedic dry. My throat grew tight, parched from my neglected act of eating properly.

The sound of Kali’s revitalized heart seemed to intensify; my eyes darted towards her neck while my ears attuned themselves to the pulsating veins that pumped my primary food preference.

I licked my lips hungrily, reminiscing on the taste of a bittersweet metallic crimson. Though it was nothing like being teasingly aroused by her, it was also dreadfully similar to the sensation. But I’d have to contain myself, at least until she was awake…




I finally pried my eyes away from her, trying to keep focused on anything else. After all, I’m sure Darius and Michael wouldn’t appreciate the fact that I’d been staring at her when I was supposed to be patrolling the event. Could they blame me though?

Soon my eyes met with the delicate and most intricate carvings within the temple of Vasilis; out and open, basking in the sun’s holy light as it stood surrounded by the waters of Eden. It was known as one great Parthenon crafted by the angels themselves and open to all during such momentous occasions.

Looking out past the pillars, one could easily see both mine and Siha’s families surrounding the structure. Though our families were not allowed inside the holy grounds, the angels placed several tables filled with food and deserts as sufficient tribute. Members of the family visited the plates, taking and eating their fill in groups of three as the others stood watch.

As I looked away, my eyes found their way to the table in front of me. Countless mouth-watering dishes like freshly grilled and tendered slices of brisket glazed with a dark brown sauce, or honey-roasted swine cooked to perfection. All of that and those weren’t even the main courses...

... No, those were just two of the meals on the tables closest to us.

But if we were all being honest, the best bits were the deserts.

“She looks like her mother, you know.” He admired above the volume of the music just as I took a bite of one of the many wondrous deserts that the angels had offered.

“The human?” I asked, though my attention was mainly on the cookie. It was sweet and crisp, carrying a sort of strawberry taste to it. But it was the filling that was insanely familiar to that of Ash’s lips.

“Has she spoken to you about Yen as of late?”

“Not really,” I rolled my shoulders back and gave him a quick glance as I licked my fingers for the remaining crumbs. “None of Michael’s children like to talk about their mother, and Ash always shuts me down when I try to ask about that stupid necklace.”

“She does it with good reason,” He defended her. “Try not to take offense to it, Kali. Not only is it the last memoir of her mother, but it’s meant to keep Ash safe and it can’t do its job if she tells people about its magic.”

“I’ll bet she told Xion all about it,” The words rolled off my tongue carelessly.

“You can’t really think that,” He gave a quiet chuckle before drinking the wine in his crystal glass. “Besides, Kali, I can honestly tell you that it’s obvious you’re the object of her affection.”

“What makes you think that?” I took another of the cookies and hungrily shoved it into my mouth. God, I’m so glad I didn’t eat before I got here. The angels made the best of foods, and my very favorite deserts came in strawberry and vanilla.

“Do try and save some for the rest of your family, little rabbit.” I froze at the familiar giggle coming from behind me. Had she seen all of it? Heard every last word? Fucking Ben! Why didn’t he tell me- or warn me, at the very least?

I glanced over at the man in the tuxedo, glaring at him for not telling me how close Ash had been to the both of us.

He began to laugh as the sound of coughing soon followed. He had briefly choked on his wine from my initial reaction. The wine he’d previous drank now splashing back into his glass and onto the marble flooring, giving me a reason to burst out into laughter.

The three of stood there, laughing together childishly as we began drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves. Angels all across the room began to look our way, staring and murmuring as though we’d been the queer ones. Though I guess in their eyes, we were.

“It seems we’ve been found out,” Ben chuckled as he wiped the liquor from his face with his bare hands.

“So it seems,” Ash gave a sweet smile before her attention began shifting between the both of us. “Dare I ask what sort of trouble you both are getting into in the little dark corner of yours?”

“Trouble?” He laughed, feigning innocence. “I’ll have you know that I’d never be one to get our dear Kaliska into trouble.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I were to get her into some very serious trouble?” She asked with a smirk.

“Wait, what?” I asked, wanting to make sure I had heard her correctly.

Sure, I’d be with Ash and we'd be in a lot of trouble… but it also meant that I’d be separated from the donuts.

“I think I can do better than donuts,” She whispered sweetly into me ear before taking my hand and pulling me away from Ben, and the remaining deserts.

The eyes of the angels watched the both of us carefully, studying Ash more specifically. Looks of disapproval, frowning faces struck across the room. Did they question the partner she’d chosen to dance with on such a special occasion? Or perhaps they simply thought she shouldn't be allowed to attend her own birthday party, let alone celebrate it? To have such tainted blood celebrate amongst the holiest creatures of Sanctuary?

Pfft, no. I'll bet they were just jealous over the fact that I'd been holding the hand with the most passionate woman in all of their pompous realm.

“They're staring at you again,” I finally said, glancing around to find most of them glaring and whispering as they stared at Ash.

“Mind them not,” She insisted, giving my hand a tight squeeze and re-routing my attention completely. Carefully, she leaned into the left side of my face and whispered. "Let them whisper back-and-forth over what they do not understand and dance with me, little rabbit." Her lips grazed my left ear, blowing warm breath to keep me on my toes.

“I-i," Pleasure, mind scrambled. Was it getting hot in here?

“Relax and follow my lead.” She murmured and all I could do was nod, as I slowly moved one of my hands to her hips and one hand in hers.

Wrong. I was so wrong. She was so much better than the donuts.

As I parted my lips, her body vanished with the rest of the temple.

I blinked in rapid succession, trying to understand what had happened. Where did Ash go? Where was Ben, or anybody?

I stood there, lost and confused, in a field of tall green grass and lilium. Blue skies, light gusts of wind. Nothing but terrain in all directions. No end or any sort of way to escape what looked to be the gardens of Eden. Sure, the angels knew the way out but my people didn’t.

No. To be caught any further than the entrance was a sentence worse than death, they’d have us casted in the playground.

Still, Ash had never taken me further than the maze hedges which was the area just after the entrance. When I was with her, I learned it was fine but only because they were not tempted by the great treasures that lied inside. But for my people? We were told that we had been too young and curious, too naïve to understand the dangers of the fruit.

Listen to me, Kali. I tilted my head, listening to her sweet voice as her ghostly image appeared across from me. No matter what happens, you mustn’t go any further than this.

“I don’t understand,” I whispered. Why couldn’t I go any further? What were they trying to hide from us?

Beyond the hedge, there’s a place you’ll never know. Fields of green, planted with flora of all colors for miles. It’s a sight filled with beauty and peace like no other but past all the glitter and luster, there is but one living soul.

“Please,” I rolled my eyes. Did she think me weak? “I’m not afraid of anything hiding in the gardens!”

You do not fear it because you have not come to know it as we have. Her tone became much more serious as she confirmed herself to be listening in on my thoughts, though it soon sounded diluted and faint.

“Then what is it?” I tried to understand. All of these secrets and their greatest fear was something very much alive in a place my family could not go? “We’re meant to protect your home- to fight for Sanctuary. If you’re afraid of something in the gardens, why can’t we go in and do our job?”

Because Eden doesn't bleed. Her words sliced through the air just as a silver platter painted in blood had suddenly appeared on a concrete pedestal between us. Kali, there’s nothing to fight within the gardens because Eden isn’t a someone- it’s a something.

One by one the fruits of Eden began to fill the plate; each one sliced open to reveal the very worst of foods that the angels had to offer. So sacred that it gave off a dim golden glow, highlighting both it’s fascinating appeal and the illusion of perfection.

Listen to me, Kali, you must promise you’ll never walk these grounds alone in search for Eden.

“What happens if I do?” I asked while staring down at the darkest temptations of the holy fruit.

When I heard nothing, I raised my head only to be met with her absence.

No ghost image, no beautiful voice to guide me.

“Ash?” I called out, but there was only silence.

As I looked back, everything was gone again and I had been left alone within the garden just like before.

Me akoús?

I listened whilst not turning back to see the source of the thunderous voice. His empowering shadow casted all across the field, leaving no fraction of sunlight as he summoned his wings apart.

“Se akoúo,” I finally parted my lips and gave response.



*Parakaloúme érthei píso se ména = Please come back to me.
**As ti foní mou sas kathodigísei = Let my voice guide you.
Me akoús? = Do you hear me?
****Se akoúo = I hear you.

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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