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It's been days since the attack on one of our safe houses, several weeks since a fire swept across our home on Lantau and Kylan along with it. Yet I hadn't had much sleep at all... even knowing I already had issues long before Kylan was brought into this world, I still felt exhausted no less. It didn't matter though because I couldn't sleep regardless, not with Kali still unconscious and unable to protect herself.

I laid back against the raggedy recliner, watching over the still sleeping Original but ever so grateful that my taste for her blood had finally subsided. Like a sleeping beauty, one could see she was still very clearly breathing, but there was no clear indication that any damage had been done to her mind. Hospitals were once always an option, but they were all nearly vacant and decrepit in these times. I had also considered taking her to one of our friends from the past, but to be honest, we would never make it. I didn't have the strength to summon my wings to get us there, and I certainly couldn't carry her all the way to Europe in her current state. Shit, I barely managed to get her here in one piece.

"Don't fall asleep," I pat my face to stay awake. "Don't fall asleep."

If I had drifted off, we'd both be in serious trouble. Before it was easy, Kali could spring awake and shift into her animal skin at once but I couldn't rely on her to do such things now. I knew I wouldn't be sleeping through tonight. I absolutely couldn't, not without risking her life as well.

"Stay awake," I repeated those words over and over again, all while my eyes began to grow heavy with sleep.




Me akoús?

"Se akoúo," I responded weakly, involuntarily. Wait, what?

I tried to think. Remember something, anything really. I could remember the words, but nothing else. What happened after that? I tried and tried again. But, no. Each attempt raised the voices in my head- that choir- they were far from comprehensible. High pitched cries, singing their devilish notes. But it wasn't quite the devil at all, was it? No, of course not. It was a magic seal created by the angels. Too powerful to even try to understand. Pitches so attuned to my people's ears that the magic would sooner destroy our minds than ever reveal what the angels wanted kept from us.

But I suppose I couldn't dwell on it. If I had, the voices would get louder and pain would come. No pain, didn't want pain. Last time, my ears bled and it hurt. Yes, hurt very very much. Didn't want that pain again. Not again.

I opened my eyes. Looked up at the ceiling. Painted, or at least it used to be. Nowadays it'd been falling apart, chipping off as it remained unattended as did the rest of this new miserable world. And what lied beneath me? Don't get me started. Unkempt fabric, firm mattress. Not my choice, and definitely not Ash's. No, she was a silk-type of woman. Pleased by such material, as she should. It was a fine product. Something we both agreed on, except for satin.

Ugh, there was nothing worse than satin.

Sighed to myself before finally forcing myself to sit up. I could feel some pain, but not enough to make me flinch. No, it wasn't strong enough at all. But I remembered it. Searing pain as the fires engulfed the both of us. Excruciating and devastating, but worth every second of it to protect my Ash. Couldn't let her feel that pain, so I took as much as I could. Besides, I could heal. She couldn't, not like I could. She'd have to consume blood, but then again I could've let her feed off me. My blood healed her faster than any other because of our bond. But it was also the most tempting to her, despite her lack of interest in eating and drinking anything at all.


I tilted my head slightly. Wanted to make sure I could hear it. Sounds of hushed breathing. I could feel her lungs as if they were my own, and I recognized this pattern well. My Ash was asleep.

Looking to the origin of the sounds, I could see her. She'd been asleep on the recliner next to me, curled up as she often did when she slept alone. Her hair had been a mess, possibly from tossing and turning. Made sense. She often had nightmares. Although, now that I think about it, she sometimes had wet dreams as well.

But, no. There was no sensible time for those sort of thoughts now.

Carefully, I rested the back of my hand on her face. Gliding and caressing. The touch was gentle, much like hers. And it was just enough for her to respond to it. Body shifted on the recliner. Her lips parted slightly, releasing the softest of moans as she had unconsciously confirmed my presence.

It was stunning, really. How peaceful she seemed to be, how beautiful she had been. But at least she knew now. All I needed was for her to know that I was still here, to know that I was ok...

The hunt continues for the suspected vampyre who made an even greater tragedy of the terror attack on Bluecrest.

My head turned, glancing in the direction of the holovision's light after I failed to notice it had even been on.

We're live again just a few miles from Le'Nysa now as the New Government continues to sweep the area. Most residents of the small town believe the search to be hoax and refuse to deploy their own branch of military to assist the New Government in their search. They've clearly stated, and we will go ahead and replay that announcement for our audience:

"The town of Le'Nysa is fully capable of defending it's own. We do not require nor desire the help of an unfit government. You claim that a woman did all of this- a woman with red hair and dressed in the blood of twelve had committed an act so vile that she destroyed all electronic and physical evidence linking her to the crime. And for what? To protect a corpse from the living? New Government, do you hear yourselves? No? Then you will hear me: Le'Nysa refuses to be part of this charade. Do not come close to our borders with this sort of propaganda. We are not your allies and you are on your own."

... Ash, what the hell?

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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