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She whimpered softly all while sitting in my lap and facing me. I could feel her hips bucking so very slightly, her once solid state of mind now riving from the anticipation of my next move.

"Y-you're doing that on purpose," She blushed furiously.

"In my defense," I licked teasingly along the outer portions of her left ear, rendering the most sensitive part of her wet. The build-up left her ears and cheeks heated from her current situation, so much that she had subconsciously submitted to her feline instincts and let out the most perfect mew of all time. "I do a quite many things to you on purpose," I teased her.

"I don't like you right now," She muttered defiantly.

"I can't say the same about you," I replied honestly.

She remained as she was, blushing and pouting as though it'd been my fault for making her feel any sort of arousal. But even if she didn't particularly experience the same desires I craved, there was this distinctly odd yet pleasant reflex of hers. It was something about her animal, causing her to instinctively respond as if it were who she really was. Now, of course, I knew she wasn't born like I was... but it was cute, no less.

"Stop looking at me like that," She tried to sound irritated, but it sounded playful above all else.

"Hmm," I stared absent-minded at her shortened hair. The fire had done extensive damage to all of her body, but it was her ashen hair had been growing back much faster than before and far faster than her own skin.

"Does it look bad?" She asked with great insecurity. "Why do you keep staring at me like that?" Her words came faster, consumed by countless fears. "Is my skin going to heal? When do you think my hair will grow back to how it used to be? What if you can't braid my hair anymore? Do you think it's gonna affect my ability to perform or-?"

"Wait," I couldn't help but smile. "What do you mean your ability to perform?"

"Don't laugh," She moaned. "I'm being serious..."

"Oh?" My smile grew. "And tell me, what exactly are your concerns regarding your ability to perform?"

"Stop making everything I say and do sound dirty," She looked off to the side as her cheeks grew darker. "You know what I mean, Ash... and it's got nothing to do with whatever you're thinking about."

"Me?" My hands moved further down and ran across her flat, bare abdomen. "You're the one blushing like a virgin."

"Shut up already, will you?" She began to chew the inside of her cheeks nervously. I watched her with a smile like some love-stricken fool, adoring when moments like these occurred. But she still didn't like the fact that I'd been staring at her.

"Seriously?" Kali rolled her eyes with a growing smile.

"Tell me to stop," I coerced her playfully.

She shook her head once more, careful to show no clear thought in her head no matter how much I pushed to see such a thing. The girl had done well to build her walls, and I loved it when she challenged me to get through each and every one of them.

Finally, she turned back to face me. Her gaze caressed every fiber of my being, pulling my attention to her eyes. But nothing could've prepared for me for the split-second I missed that caused her to lean into me. I closed my eyes blissfully as her lips captured mine. There was nothing I wanted more than to let her go on to do whatever she wished 'til her heart was content.

"Are you going to stop now?" Her voice was warm and curious. Hot breath skimming across my lips all while sitting as closely as she had been.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked as I re-opened my eyes to the sight of one of her infamous sly smiles.

"No," She admitted with no ounce of shame, "but I'm bored. I want to do something with you that doesn't involve me lying on my back for you to fuck so openly."

"Don't be crude," I said with a growing smile. "I'd have you bent over the counter top properly."

"Seriously, stop!" She bemoaned; her palm carefully and playfully struck at my face, clearly expressing how she felt on the matter. Guess I teased her a bit much, but it was so very worth every second.

"Fine," I agreed as she put her hand back down in her lap. "What do you want to do?" The closest thing to interesting, in this tiny town, was to jump around in the nearest rain puddle.

"Oh, what if we went swimming?" Kali proposed, the idea likely stemming from her being in my own thoughts. She had been thriving compared to earlier this morning, bursting at the seams with an energy like no other.

"You’re serious?" I asked, wanting to make sure that I had heard her correctly. What exactly was she thinking? In what world was the idea of dropping a live wire in a pool ever a good one?

“Don’t act like you’ve never gone swimming with me before,” She rolled her eyes childishly. “We’ve done a lot more than splashing carelessly from one end to the other, especially out on the beach. Hell, I’ve gotten sand in places sand shouldn’t be just to fulfill that dirty little mind of yours.”

“Mm’, no, I specifically remember those desires belonging to you.” I mumbled against the side of her head before planting a gentle kiss.

“Yeah, yeah, but I’m your rabbit, right?” Kali asked quietly and tilted her head into me; her nose nuzzling affectionately against my cheek as a soft, vibrant sound uttered from her lips.

“You’re my rabbit.” I sought to keep her entertained after listening to the satisfaction of her own purrs. “Or I suppose calling you my little fucking rabbit would be more appropriate, no?”

“Anyway,” She rolled her eyes one last time, but I could see the tiniest smile strike across her lips. "You're more than welcome to sit on the edge." She offered nonchalantly, "But Kylan and I can go-"

She froze instantly, becoming pale as she realized what she had just said. The air changed drastically, but I made no effort to try and change the subject. Not because I wanted to talk about it, but because I didn't quite know what to say about it. To be frank, we still hadn't really talked about it, not like normal parents would. After all, an Original couldn't mourn, not with the curse they were forced to bear for taking the life of Jerahmeel. To honor my fallen uncle, the merciless couldn't never know mercy... not in my father's eyes.

"Sorry," She muttered.

"For what?" I asked, curiously. There was no reason to apologize about this, of all things.

"For having asked Ben to do this for us," She looked away riddled with guilt. "I know we finally agreed to let it go, but we're not complete idiots for doing it, right?"

"Kali, I-"

"Ben's going to find him, right?" She asked quietly, heartrendingly.

I took a deep breath, unsure of what I could say or do to make things better. Ben could do a great many things but, in this case, his powers were limited. Dead or alive, he couldn't bring Kylan back to us.

"How can I fix this, Kali?" My eyes narrowed. What could I possibly tell her to make her feel better?

"I'm not sure there's anything either of us can say," She spoke in a softer voice, her hands moving to rest on my arms. "I know what I said on Lantau, but how are we supposed to get through this, Ash?"

"I don't know," I sighed heavily. My hand reached for hers, taking them for my own and to bring her whatever comfort I possibly could. "But we'll figure this out together, like we always do."

"What if we can't fix this?" Her voice grew sadder with each word spoken. "What if we really are being punished for what we did to Xion?" She gave my hand an even tighter squeeze.

"Listen to me," I raised my free hand and caught the side of her face. Her gaze was lost and her mind had been elsewhere, but I did my best to at least try and reach her. "Xion wouldn't want this, Kali. Goddess knows he was many things, but he wouldn't wish this on us."

"He killed our first," She said with an unreadable expression. "Given the chance, he would've killed Kylan too."

"You can't really think that," I tried to reason with her. "He didn't do those things because he hated you, Kali. The melding forced him to do those-!"

"Spare me the speeches," She shut me down without further resolve. "Every time you defend him, it just pisses me off."

"Like how you defend your beloved Denarius?" I said in equal-measure. "No, I can't imagine you know exactly how much something like that pisses someone off."

"What is with you?" She stared at me with great resentment, as though I'd been the one who was out of line.

"What?" I asked in disbelief. "Now it's my fault?"

"Space is literally the only thing I ever ask of you!" She growled in frustration and jumped off from atop my lap. "And you just- you ask and ask about Denarius and when I tell you- you don't even care that I told you something or anything- and then all you want to do is just- you just- just... God, just forget it!"

"Kali, I-"


Kali's eyes flashed red while her voice shook the Earth's very core. Her breathing grew heavier as even her fangs began to reveal themselves from just how furious she'd been. She simply stood, staring at me with an intensity unlike any other all while her tightly formed fists turned her knuckles pale in color... and-?

I swallowed hard, trying not to breathe but the scent had already brushed my nose. Little by little, I found the smell to be stronger and stronger... so much that I could almost taste her. Soon, a small rill of black ink became visible between each of her fingers, dripping down onto the very tips of her fingers and then down onto the grass.

"What?" She chimed with a feigned tone of innocence, raising her hand to offer her injury. "Did you want some, baby?"

I shook my head and tried to ignore the obvious bait-and-trap. Of all the times to break my diet, this week had to be the worst and yet here we were. 

"Come on." She insisted and brought her hand even closer to my face. "You can drink if you-"

"Stop it!" The growl came out on its own, warning her to keep her hand away from me. The last thing I ever wanted was to reveal this side of myself, especially in-front of her but she was just pushing for a fight.

"So we can't talk about you getting off to the taste of blood while I was asleep but we can talk about an immortal master that I served what feels like eons ago, is that right?"

"That's not the-!"

I closed my eyes and mouth, quickly and tightly as her hands had suddenly latched on aggressively, smearing around the familiar warmth of a queer-born's blood all across the lower-half of my face. The smell filled my nose, each passing second only left my body burning for just a single lick of my lips.

"Afraid to show me the color of your eyes?" I felt her still bloody hand grabbing my chin, but the longer I refused to comply, the more sharply her words jabbed. "How fucking typical of you. My Ash getting all hot and bothered at the smallest of cuts."

"What is wrong with you?" I asked in disbelief as I opened my eyes to discover just how close she was to my face. "Seriously, who are you right now?" I asked, not even recognizing whoever was standing in front of me. "You think shoving your blood down my throat is the solution to-?"

"You don't think I know how you felt when you bled their bodies?" She responded dryly, almost mockingly. "I'll bet you were all over them, trying to the best of your ability to get off from the thrill alone-"

The sound of skin smacking seemed to ring hollow as Kali stood there with an increasingly dumbfounded expression across her face. 

"You will bite your tongue when you so actively play the part of the same little bitch that attempted to ravage and disgrace me as a blood whore for Denarius' twisted pleasures!"

"Y-you," Kali stuttered briefly as her body began to tremble. Slight, sporadic shakes that left a black swelling of emptiness and regret in the pit of my stomach.

It had only taken a second to realize my mistake.

What had I done?

Her eyes narrowed as I felt my last thoughts echo vibrantly across my mind. She said nothing, despite the fact that we both knew where the conversation was headed. Instead, she carried an unreadable expression across her face and simply shook her head.

"Again?" She suddenly whispered with a deeply-rooted bitterness, but her voice only grew louder in volume.

"Kali," I tried to reach out to her, but she wouldn't have it.

"Fuck off!" She jerked her hand away and glared with an intensity unmatched. "Bleed them or don't, I'm done! I don't care what you fucking do! I'm done with this and I'm fucking done with you!" Her figure blurred as she vanished from sight.

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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