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My head quickly snapped in the direction of the familiar sound. I recognized it well. It was the sound of our son getting ready to throw a fit for being awakened so suddenly, which was far more of a common occurrence on the island witch all of the celebrations going on over his very existence. 

I appeared almost instantly at the children’s play pen and found their two human caretakers. Both were taken by surprise but they relaxed as soon as they recognized my face.

“Kylan, right?” The female brunette asked.

“Yes,” I smiled politely and looked down into the pen, seeing the young boy holding the gate wall closest to me. He had reached one arm out high enough to flag me down, whimpering and trying to rub the sleepiness from his eyes.

“Mommyyyy,” Kylan’s words dragged as he cried quietly. I leaned over and scooped the boy into my arms who'd been sucking on his thumb. His little body leaned on me, resting his head on my shoulder as he began to settle down.

Suddenly, I gasped as I felt my heart being pulled as if by a brief tug. An incoming wave of inner peace had completely neutralized my past memory of Kylan, washing over me like the wave along the sandy shores. No longer staring into the large rectangular mirror on the wall behind the bar, the sounds of the natives' music continued without interruption and the smell of alcohol stained the air. I was pulled out of my own head and back into the island's most popular night club.

“It’s ok,” She cooed while leaning forward and backing me up against the bar counter, “I’m right here.”

“Thanks,” I murmured. To show my appreciation, my lips seized her jawline momentarily.

“We will get through this, you know.” She said reassuringly as she brushed the hair out of my eyes and away from my face. "It's just gonna take some time, I promise."

“A minute at a time, right?” I managed a small smile.

“Yeah,” She replied with a far more reassuring smile. “One minute at a time.”


Following the shouting of her name, I sighed with great discontent upon seeing Murrain wrap his arm around Kali’s shoulders.

She growled in response but it sounded more welcoming than the last time they were together, which was a bit more comforting. Gathering like this often brought up all sorts of conflicts. Not because they hated each other but because she, like the rest of her family, grew up with traditions of family rivalry and competitions.

“Let’s brawl,” He roared loudly, baring his canines as his red eyes demanded his challenge be accepted under his reign. To prove himself the better alpha, he reached out with his free hand and tossed one of the wooden tables with great strength. It flew across the room and blew into pieces upon impact with the stone wall, leaving the humans to clean up the mess as always.

“Not today, Murrain.” She unexpectedly dismissed him with piercing eyes, feeling as though he had completely overstayed his welcome. Her head turned back to me, “And you didn’t miss this place at all, huh?” She asked with a teasing smile on her lips.

“Not as much as you seem to miss it,” I felt my lips curl into a smile.

“You will accept the family invitation,” He forcefully shoved her away from me, tossing a brief glance in my direction. His eyes quickly darted over my body to ensure he didn’t hurt me, but I gave him a small nod to reassure him that he didn’t. Their behavior wasn’t new. They were all impulsive, but they looked after each other and all of their guests.


Her roar shook the entire island as the den became silent. Her breathing was heavy and her bared razor-blade teeth were intimidating, to say the least. In her current state, she was untenable... especially with Murrain feeding her fire. 

Kali’s body had been shaking violently as her eyes locked onto the nearest object. Every fraction of her being fought to keep her human skin after being thrown across the bar but I could feel the desperation of her struggle. Her claws had been completely immersed within the closest table to her. The wooden tabletop cracked under strength alone, ready to snap in half at a moment’s notice as the majority of the crowd slowly began to back away from her.

“Why would you do something like that?” I glared at the opposing alpha that started all the mess. She and Murrain weren't very close at all. They weren't even capable of agreeing on agreeing.

“You know as well as I do that she was one of the alphas against the search,” He directed his words toward me while glancing between the both of us. “Lantau had four alphas and fifteen scouting Originals on its shore that day, and not a single one of them sensed the source of such a destructive talent,” His head turned to me. “Something attacked your home and targeted the boy while the two of you stepped out, and yet you would turn a blind eye like she has.”

“Kali and I have already argued back and forth on this,” I looked away and focused back on my lover. She'd been staring at the both of us, listening to the conversation from afar. “We've been gone for several weeks and no one has found anything in our absence.”

“You both deserve to know what happened,” He argued. “Though our evidence is little, we suspect that it may have your twin-”

“Ethan?” I asked already knowing why he’d accuse my brother. Just as Kali proceeded to move towards us with a twisted expression of pain on her face, the strands of our bond tightened as Murrain continued.

“You defend him because he is your blood but to see the truth you must see what first stands in front of you. He is one of the only fire talents with a connection to our family and one with a personal vendetta against us all.”

“Tread carefully,” Kali warned with a threatening growl. “Ethan is my brother-by-law, and I think you'll find that I am not as forgiving as Ashaa.”

“Michael once taught us all that love is a very dangerous emotion and there's no greater truth to his teachings,” Murrain replied, starting on his case against my twin brother. “As a child of Michael, Ethan is fated to fall under corruption as the Oracles have predicted of all holy creatures. Ashaa and Darius have already been tainted, but what do we really know of this twin? You claim that neither Darius nor Ethan have ever stepped foot on the sands of Lantau but you can’t be sure, not completely. Ethan was in love with an alpha, the life that he feels we were responsible for, and now that she is gone, he curses the family under his breath. And Darius? He may lack the ability to burn a house to the ground but he is very much capable of completely disintegrating any remains that may have been in the way of his plans.”

“So not only do you accuse my twin brother but my oldest one as well?” I gave a dry laugh. “How bold of you. Why not accuse my father as well? After all, he is the master of fire and coincidentally your creator.”

“Well, he is responsible for the casting and deaths of so many of our-!”

“Enough!” Kali growled before redirecting her words toward Murrain. “What happened to Kylan is no longer your concern. You will call off your family and you will stay away from his headstone. I don’t want to see you anywhere near- no, I don’t want to smell you within five miles of the grave! The entire vicinity is off-limits to you and your family, as a matter of fact- all of it is off-limits to the entire-!"

“Leave,” I ordered as my gaze crossed paths with the mirror behind the counter once again. The face of a youthful Lexi flashed across the glass, her image became static for what felt like an eternity before suddenly toggling between the both of our reflections.

Look at you...

The disembodied voice returned, causing my reflection to become that of a young and healthy-looking vampyre. Her red eyes radiated, hungry for both blood and mayhem at my expense.

This animal is not above us. This flea infestation is nothing but the dirt we kick on the ground and you best inform him before I do, baby girl, because I will not be as kind as you.

I parted my lips, attempting to get Kali’s attention but nothing audible came out. I’d been muted, silenced by her lingering presence. The harder I tried to communicate, the drier my throat had gone to the point where I could no longer breathe properly.

At a loss for words, are you? She laughed distortedly. Perhaps you need some motivation... oh, I know! What if I brought down all of hell on our beautiful little rabbit?

"She is not some toy for you to abuse!" I screamed as I shot my arm forward and released a sudden current of lightning from my hand, aiming directly at Lexi as a smirk set across her face.

Just as the electricity made contact, Lexi's form dissipated as did the entirety of my surroundings. Ceiling lights flickered madly, walls were cracked and crumbling, corpses infested with maggots and rotten blood lied all across the floor, and they seemed to decay a little more each and every time I found myself in this familiar ruin.

Oh my...

I jumped as I found Lexi leaning against the wall with a bloody knife in her hand. She giggled manically, running the blade gently across her tongue as became overjoyed by my presence in her domain.

How long will you feel the incessant need to argue over Kaliska's role in our relationship?

"She has always been mine," I took a jab at her as I kept my eyes on the vampyre woman. The words left an indescribable expression on her face, though she still seemed unfazed by it. "You intentionally abused her before she even had the chance to truly live and grow. She may have adored you in her youth, but even you know how much she detests you now."


She answered with a mischievous smile after a moment of silence. 

I don't remember her saying anything about how much she detested me when I caught her with her hand in the cookie jar.

“What are you talking about?” I asked with little patience as the entire room began to fall apart piece by piece.

The corpses began to decay faster and the room started spinning. I did my best not to feel dizzy or lose my balance as my head mixed over and over, but I didn't know what was going on. The scenery was changing again- this time- to a bright, white room. It felt familiar but so foreign at the same time.

Darling, you're in love with an addict.

I screamed as I felt a ripping pain in the center of my left palm. The stinging in my hand left hot tears streaming down my face. As I looked to my left, I saw my palm was drilled into the metal beam. The blood that seeped out from my palm had very slowly begun to boil against my skin.

We'll talk about this later though.

Her body vanished, leaving only her voice behind to echo her final words.

See you soon.

“Lexi!” I cried as the corpses began to materialize. The stone tables from my dreams began to manifest in the middle of the room with a single corpse on one. Her flesh was decayed to the point where I couldn’t even look. She looked like something from the crypt, something far decayed and obscene. I felt my body freeze completely. It was the girl from before… the one that kept smiling… her bony, nearly fleshless fingers were moving slightly.

Without a word, the corpse put a single bony finger to her rotten lips.


Submitted: February 04, 2016

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