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"Leave,” Ash ordered. Cut me off. Hmm..

This is Lantau!” Murrain roared as my gaze shifted onto Ash.

Auburn hair. Pleasant but dyed out of preference. Natural blonde, light complexion. Beautiful blue eyes, no.. phenomenal. Angel father, human mother. Angel haze gifted at birth but had no effect on me. Affected only humans, I was born an animal... but I wonder how the haze feels? Nice? No, probably not. Made people look at her weird, she said. Felt uncomfortable by it.

But not as uncomfortable as being inside my head. Thoughts were too fast, she said. Mind and mouth were out of sync. Preferred that I spoke like a human, designed with an imperfect dialect because of the melding process. Grew worse after significant time at the fortress. Words worked when I spoke out loud, not so much in my head. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But never judged. She never judged. Loved me just the same. Preferred to stay out of my head though.

It was understandable. Confused her often.

Murrain stopped his rant and scowled. "Are either of you even listening to me?"

"No," I answered honestly as I moved forward, examining. Her body was rigid. Eyes vacant of life. Not like my Ash. She wasn't there and neither was Lexi. No gentle nor savage soul, just an empty vessel. 

Ash would return, no doubt. She always did after a period of time. She also smelled pleasant... forbidden like the fruit of Eden. Addictive. Couldn't taste but I could hear. Hearing her say rabbit was also nice, like during sex. She loved my tongue. Often asks for it. Can't say no. Body always begged for more.

Problem was... what if it were Lexi that would return? Lexi was nothing but trouble. Always wreaking havoc but this time she'd be on an island of lure killers. No, the real trouble was stopping them from ripping her limb from limb. No, it wouldn't come to that... but what if she ended up hurting somebody? Would I need to prepare myself for the worst? 

Dismemberment, blood... too much of a mess. No, Ash would be furious. With me, in particular. Might not let me love her as much. She was my love, mother of my son. No, she was the last of my family. No son, not anymore. But she never stayed mad too long though. Perhaps I should ask for forgiveness instead? Simple. She'd understand. I love her. She'll understand. She must.

She loves me too, so, of course she'd understand.

But it's not my fault. It wouldn't be. I warned them. Every last one of them.

They knew the truth about Lexi, but Ash didn't. She believed Lexi was real. Not true. One scent- mesmerizing scent... but only one scent.

They knew. She didn't. 

I knew. She didn't.

"Kali," Murrain snapped with a threatening tone. "I asked if you need help with-?"

"No," I matched his tone. He raised his eyebrow in confusion but I couldn't possibly make it any clearer. "I'll escort her outside and-"

Ash swung her arm up unexpectedly. Struck my jaw with the strength of the ancients.

My body had flown back, crashing through glass. Dead of night, very dark. 

I tumbled across the sand. Finally coming to a stop in the water. But wait, salt? Wet and gravel-like... ocean muck. Cold and dirty. I spat only for an immense pain to take root along the side of my face... no, my jaw. Sharp, intense. Pain. Lots of pain.

"Ton of-uh vitch," I cursed, feeling around the side of my face. Tight, no.. loose. Popping sounds when I moved my mouth too much. Can't bite, teeth too far apart. Broken jaw maybe?

Silently, I flexed my claws. Hazy vision, too focused on injury. Bone snapped; loud and excess grinding filled my ear. Remaining heal was slow but near instant relief.

"Are you okay, rabbit?" My ears fixated on her voice. Tender, beautiful... worried?




I stepped forward, aiming to move closer as she rose from the shallow waters and tilted her head far enough to the right that I could hear the joints in her neck crack. My fingers touched her face with great tenderness, gliding across her skin to care for the wound I had inflicted. Carefully, I placed light pressure below her ears but received no feedback.

"Has it healed?" I asked as she stared at me. Despite the fact that I couldn't recollect the events before I had just thrown her out a window, her gaze had darted from my lips to my corset.

She wasn't even listening to me.

"Kali," I raised my voice and grasped her chin, lifting her head upward. "Hey, we need to talk about-"

"You blacked out in front of everyone," She finally answered. "And then you hit me," Her last sentence came out angrier.

"Kali, I never meant to-"

Suddenly, she shoved me down to the ground and vanished.

"Damn it, Kali." I moaned as I forced myself to sit up. It took a moment to recollect myself, but no damage had been done. Out of the occasional bad habit, I reached for the amulet around my neck only to discover that it was missing.

"Mother's necklace!" I panicked, feeling around my neck one last time. Maybe I just missed it. No, it was gone... but what happened? It was around my neck when we arrived on Lantau.

By the Goddess, please don't tell me that I actually lost the damn thing after all these years!  

The air around flurried, blowing a cold and hard wind as I felt a pair of hands knock me back down against the sand. As I fought to locate Kali from the ground, she revealed herself to be the thief and dropped the magic-infused amulet beside my head.

"Thank the Goddess," I sighed in relief before a roar shook the sands beneath me. Kali's will alone had the strands of our bond dance erratically, locking up my entire body and preventing me from reaching for the amulet.

"Ooh," My back arched off the ground from the sudden vibrant sensation along my groin. I clawed the sands desperately, feeling the need to grab on to something- anything as the sound of Kali's heartbeat pounded loud enough to seek out and match my own.

Kali appeared, staring down at me with red eyes. Her canines had expanded greatly, growing in length to show how far she'd fallen towards her true self. She let out a low, intense growl, aiming to make us one without the amulet's interference.

My heart pounded as a warm liquid began to trickle down my thighs. I could feel my lower lips swollen from the pleasure that her growl induced, vibrating the most sensitive part of my body. It took all my strength not to submit to her will and touch myself for both our satisfactions but, by the Gods, I really needed to.

"A-ah," I cried out shakily and squeezed my legs together in the hopes that I might bring myself some relief, but I only made it worse. The pressure was so blissful that my eyes had begun to flutter closed.


Her hands pulled my legs apart effortlessly and raised my skirt to unveil the final piece of clothing the kept her most favorite part of my body from her. Carefully, she moved both hands onto my hips before moving the fabric out of her path.

I felt slight fear, my lips quivering over what she could be thinking; though I had some notion. I closed my eyes in an attempt to relax before feeling her lips sensually brush against my skin. I felt her mouth engulf my clit as my talent self-triggered from the lasting effects she had on my body. The electricity sparked along my spine, becoming more and more erratic with every second that passed.

I gasped quietly, trying to catch my breath. Kali flicked the tip of her tongue on the small nub, licking the continuous build of my juices. She sucked slowly, letting her teeth graze just below the clit in a tease. Soon, she allowed her tongue to travel along my inner thigh, placing soft kisses that kept me silently begging for more.

I reached down and blindly gripped the top of her hair, finding her teasing to be unwelcoming and insufferable.

"More?" She whispered huskily, exhaling hot breath against my flesh.

I rolled my eyes weakly as she found great joy in seeing me so vulnerable and burning for her touch alone. 

She finally continued, using the moistness that coated my lower lips as a lubricant to slide her tongue right into me mercilessly. She thrusted her tongue in and out of me, hoping to pressure the inner walls to contract and release even more of the juices that she greatly enjoyed. She battered her tongue deeper, sending the liquids to overflow at a rapid speed. Soon I heard the sparks on my skin starting to crackle, magnifying the sensitivity of my lower region as a surge of heat began to nestle from within me, rumbling forth and desperately begging to be released. 

I arched my back up once again as I felt my climax hitting just below the tipping point. My orgasm ripped through my body as a heavy mess sprayed out all over her mouth, groaning in slight pain from the electrical shock that discharged onto her hands from being held down for too long.

Suddenly she picked me up and sped across the shore, carefully pushing my back against the closest tall, sturdy palm tree. She was supporting my body; her free hand holding my neck as she began whispering sweet nothings into my ears. I became more and more aroused with every word spoken by her velvet voice. It felt like she was trying to keep the mood going, and I honestly didn't care. I just loved every second she'd been investing into me.

She kissed me hungrily, allowing me to taste myself all over her tongue. I groaned loudly from the sudden brush of her fingers pushing past my lifted skirt and pumping multiple fingers desperately into my core.

While in the heat of the moment, I heard a loud whistle that went largely ignored by my lover. “Kaliska, quit fucking your mate and get back inside! We can all hear you and we've got a brawl to finish!” Murrain hollered as I buried my face in Kali’s neck. He was getting closer, and so was I. But instead of stopping, she just pushed into me even faster.

“Are you both seriously going to make me pull you apart?" He shouted threats before I brought my head high enough from her neck to glare at our unwelcome guest. I bared my fangs and let out the weakest of predatory growls that quickly dissolved into pleasured whimpering.

"Stay focused on me," She pleaded as she kissed my lips repeatedly, pumping even deeper. 

I nodded weakly, losing interest in his presence as my muscles began contracting again. My body locked up around her fingers before the orgasm came much faster than the last, ripping through to the point where I clawed desperately into the tree I'd been leaning on.

“That's a shame. I really wanted to clean you from scratch,” She teased, placing a gentle kiss on my forehead as my body fell limp in her arms. My legs were trembling as the nectar squirted out of me, and she only held me closer.

"Do it then." I dared, though it was quite clear that Murrain had completely ruined her mood.

"When we get back, I'll have you until dawn." She promised and licked my lips affectionately before slowly lowering me to the ground back on my feet.

"I hope you'll keep your word, rabbit." I sighed contently against her, welcoming the old bond that bound us together as lovers. Without the ancient magic of the amulet, I was unprotected and vulnerable, especially to Kaliska. If I had been wearing it, I couldn't have possibly remembered how perfect it was to have our hearts beat in complete synchronization. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay like this forever.

Every minute spent without the protection of the amulet, the more dangerous it became for the both of us.

"Can we not do this right now?" She begged, kissing the knuckle of my hands desperately. "I just want more time, please. We need more time together like this... just you and me, without all the bullshit of the amulet."

"Speak with Murrain," I managed a small smile. As frustrated as she was, she was also right. We shouldn't have had to live the way we do, relying on the magic of an ancient sorcerer to keep me safe. "Look, there's no pressure, so take your time. I'll let you put it back on when you're ready, ok?"

"Really?" Kali let go of my hands, smiling happily as I left the decision to her this time.

"Speak to him," I insisted as I touched Kali's shoulder affectionately, causing her to stand up even taller with an ever glowing pride. While Murrain stepped forward and had her distracted, I walked past the two and made my way back towards our first location.

"Tell me, Kaliska, do you enjoy undermining me whenever I'm on rotation?" He asked somewhere between serious and playful. "I stand as the strongest and, yet, I cannot recall any time that you actually respected me while I maintained the order of-"

"I just don't like you," She blurted out as I felt myself smile in the distance. "I can't like you when you disapprove of she and her family so loudly, and I don't think I've ever had this problem before but I especially hate having to ask the woman I love to look away from someone else when I'm in the middle of giving her an orgasm."

"I wouldn't have to be that guy if you weren't announcing how much you wanted to fuck her to the entire island," He argued as I began to tune them out.

As I walked along the shore, I started dusting off the sand on my clothes.

Living on an island for several decades, it wasn't our first time having sex on the beach but Kali enjoyed the location far more than I ever did. I'm just glad it didn't cross my mind during our little session together. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been as perfect as it had been.

I started scanning over the area, looking for some glimmer of light that the amulet might've reflected off of from the club's outside torches. After all, we hadn't even been that far from the night club.

I closed my eyes briefly and took a deep breath, trying to pinpoint the amulet's exact location. The amulet could only be tracked by its last wearer but only because the magic revealed itself by the previous owners scent, and the one before me just happened to be my mother. I learned her scent well after wearing the necklace during the first few years. I knew it like the back of my hand, truly unforgettable at this point in my life but as I reopened my eyes, I was met with only sand.

I couldn't feel the necklace within several yards. There was no magic nearby, and there was certainly no amulet within an arm's reach. Perhaps Kali had it with her again?

"Kali!" I turned around and shouted out to her. 

Quickly, she turned her head and tilted her head to the side cutely. She'd been preparing to listen carefully, focusing in on my voice before I had even spoken.

Where is it?

Her eyes narrowed. I don't understand.

The necklace? I tried to manage a smile before seeing her expression suddenly fall. Kali, if this is some sort of joke, it isn't funny. That was my mother's necklace, it doesn't just disappear!

I know that! She insisted, trying to keep me from yelling at her. Why would I joke about the one thing that actually keeps people from finding you? I'm telling you, I don't have it!

"This cannot be happening right now," I felt myself starting to panic. 

"Relax," Kali appeared beside me, trying to keep me calm. "We'll find it, ok? It's probably just buried beneath the sand."

"No," I closed my eyes and shook my head, no longer sensing what little scent of my mother remained. "Her scent is gone, Kali! The amulet isn't here!"

"Well, if it's not here, then where is it?" She asked with growing frustration, feeling completely useless as she was unable to track the amulet herself.

I tried one last time but it was hopeless. The necklace was being worn by another, masking them with a scent we could no longer track without running in circles... and I only realized this the second my mother's scent had completely vanished from thin air.

"It's gone," I swallowed hard as I felt my heart drop. "My mother's amulet is gone."

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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