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… what was described to be an animal attack.

The holovision began in the background as I paused to watch it.

"Hey, raise that up!" I called out to Damien as he raised the volume from the remote.

It's been three weeks now since Christina Megara and an undocumented male were found dead inside one of the Dyson’s Express storage carts after a series of reported disturbances. Military personnel have now confirmed that they are the only victims and that the attack may have been planned. A count of all passengers have been accounted for but several witnesses claim that there were two additional female passengers that never showed identification and seemed to have been ignored by staff when confronted directly. We're hoping to hear from the New Government and Dyson’s Express soon on this matter.

It was probably bounty hunters looking for a good pay, and what better target than the daughter of a man who owned an underground slave trade?

"So why didn't you go after James yesterday?" Ana asked curiously.

"Because the bastard came back with my bike before we were able to take off," I answered with little interest in that asshole.

"He's lucky my brother didn't kick his ass," My brother grinned. "If he didn't bring it back with a full tank, Sam would've dug a grave for him!"

"Yeah, right." I scoffed. "I would've made him dig his own goddamn-"


I groaned on the mat as Elika stood over me, preventing the light from hitting my eyes. She’d been smiling over the fact that she’d been winning. I hadn’t even won one round yet because she was cheating. Every time I was about to get up, she dropped me back on my ass without so much as a warning. Hell, even when I tried to watch the holo, she showed no mercy!

“Come on, Sam!” She encouraged with her hands on her hips.

“You know you're really starting to ruin my big bad wolf image.” I said half-jokingly as I stared up at her, feeling angrier with myself each time she proved herself victorious, so I shook it off with a nervous laugh.

“Big bad wolf?” She teased me, “But you're just a puppy.”

“Let him win at least one,” Ana said teasingly. “Otherwise, he won't want to spar with you anymore.”

“Yeah,” Damien agreed. “You kicked his ass like fifty times already.”

While she was talking with Ana and Damien, I entangled my feet around hers and dropped her. Just as she fell back, her body began to glow a bright blue. She managed to catch herself on her hands and bend backwards to flip back onto her feet using her reflexes. Almost instantly, I jumped back onto my feet and snarled.

“I gotta see this.” Damien said enthusiastically.

“Sam, breathe. We can’t do this if you don’t relax, okay?” Elika said, raising her hands to gesture that she meant no harm. I growled loudly as she stared at me, surprised that I actually made it on my feet.

She swiftly lifted her leg into the air and swung it toward my head. I quickly avoided the incoming attack by lowering myself to the ground. In that moment, I lunged forward and tackled her. 

Using her talent, she managed to put herself on top of me just before we hit the mat but before she could pin me down effectively, I grabbed her arms tightly and forced her back to the mat with absolute aggression.

She cried out in pain as my grip became iron. I stared her down intensively, baring my fangs at her as I felt my heart pounding loudly against my chest.

I watched as she squirmed to break free and then my gaze shifted to our audience. Damien told Ana to move into the bedroom and lock the door. She did as she was told as Damien reached for the knife on the counter and aimed it directly at my face.

“Let her go right now!” Damien moved closer to us.

I gritted my teeth in pain when I felt the intensity of a thousand suns burning through my stomach. I quickly jumped off Elika, hitting the wall violently before I dropped on all fours, yelping from the searing pain.

“Sam!” She started to get up from the floor quickly.

“Don’t worry about him, Elika!” Damien said hurriedly, stopping her from advancing toward me, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“I’m fine, Damien.” She said as I felt her eyes were on me the whole time.

“Is this the first time he’s done that?” Damien asked, concerned.

“No,” She answered quietly, “I mean, today’s the day. I knew better than to egg him on.”

I stared up at the two of them, growling softly. The pain in my stomach kept me at bay as I tried to force myself to remain calm to the best of my ability. I looked down only to find that my wound was bleeding.

She knelt down beside me and stroked my cheek as I stared at her; my growling ceased only for my whimpering to replace it from the pain of the silver continuously burning through my flesh.

“He'll be fine,” Damien tried to reassure her. “He heals faster now.”

Elika slowly pulled the shirt off of me and examined the wound thoroughly. Through her eyes, I could see that it was pretty deep and bleeding a lot. I hadn't even felt the stab; all I felt was the burning. She lowered her head close to me and held my face gently, resting her forehead against mine with our eyes closed. Though I continued whimpering softly, we both were still very much relaxed in each other’s presence and just having her so close was taking all my pain away.

Damien and Anastasia had been living with us for almost three weeks, but tomorrow night was the full moon. During the full moon, I was at my strongest and it also meant I was more aggressive than any other day of the month. Around 6’o clock every day of the full moon, Jester forced me into solitude in the basement because I often resisted it, and then Elika would stay with me for a little bit to calm me down before the others came in to get her.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly.

“I'm fine!” I replied with great enthusiasm in an effort to see her smile, “How about you?”

“I'm fine too.” She gave a weak laugh. “I’m just glad I didn’t kill you. I panicked. I didn’t know where to aim so I just closed my eyes and went for it.”

“You just closed your eyes and went for it?” I asked, mystified. "Wow."

“I was kidding,” She answered, pressing her lips to mine and holding our kiss for what felt like an eternity before she pulled back and lingered over them, “Sort of.”

I laughed weakly and immediately regretted it when I felt a sharp pain coming from my stomach. I wasn't done healing yet and we were both trying to make each other laugh to lighten the mood.

“Sorry,” She apologized almost immediately and looked back down, “Are you even healing?”

I sat up slightly and looked down at my stomach. I was definitely healing, but I assumed it was going to take much longer because she’s never actually stabbed me before, especially not with silver.

“Yeah,” I nodded as I lowered myself back down, “It’s just a deeper wound. It should be fine in a few more minutes, so don’t worry.”

She nodded and sat up, running her fingers through my hair.

“That looks really bad,” Ana gasped. I hadn't even noticed her in the room before I found her looking at my bleeding wound, “and nasty.”

Elika gave me a tense smile. Ana’s words weren't exactly helping right now, especially since Elika was the one who stabbed me.

“He'll be fine though,” Damien chimed in, boosting Elika’s hopes slightly. “You'll see! He'll be walking around in no time at all!”

They continued a conversation, but I could see that Elika just wasn't into it because she kept glancing down at me every couple of seconds. To be honest, I wasn't quite feeling it either.


Submitted: February 05, 2016

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