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I bit my lower lip, listening to every honeyed word that left my cheeks burning. Kali wanted to do nothing more than to appease physical being, to show that I was the only consistent thought in her mind. She needed to express her inner cravings and satisfaction of having her fingers rub me to the point where I was practically wet enough for her to drink without stop. And though her sexual prowess was impressive and the offer was undeniably enticing, we had other matters to tend to. Such a promising session would have to wait.

"There's no amulet," She murmured while keeping my back up against the wall, "We've got plenty of time."

"There's not enough time in the world for me to do what I want with you, little rabbit." I whispered against her cheek as I raised my hand and rubbed the small area behind her left ear.

She tilted her head to the side, whimpering quietly. In her animal-skin, the rubbing left her calm and relaxed. But as a human, it left the poor girl so vulnerable that her body began to shake with excitement and vulnerability.

Despite Kali having an appetite like no other, it was extraordinarily rare for her to experience the desire of wanting to be touched the same way she touched me, and that was only because of what that wretched devil did to break her. She might've trusted me during intimacy but there were times she'd freak out and leave without so much as a word.

If I had it my way, I would have drowned Denarius in his own blood centuries ago. The only reason that degenerate lives is because Kali asked that the immortal be spared and given immunity for his crimes against the Original families. Of course, I assumed that maybe she had developed some sort of affection for him, like she may have loved him for taking care of her when she was at her lowest... when she truly believed no one cared enough to save her life, but it was something I hoped to be untrue.

My stomach began to churn as I felt nothing but disgust for myself. I hated her for sleeping with another woman, and I hated her for ripping the wings off my uncle and taking his life by her own hand. But what I hated most of all was how much I wanted to see that she received justice for her crimes against all of Sanctuary. 


I blinked in quick succession before I had suddenly realized where I was and who I was with. She smiled warmly, watching me to make sure that I was fine and that I was still here with her.

"Sorry," I apologized quietly. "I was just thinking."

"I know." She said in equal volume, if not a softer tone of voice. "Look, if it's bothering you, I'll tell you as much as I can before I can't talk about it anymore. I can tell you what happened after-"

"If I'm being honest, I'm not sure I want to hear it." I remained uncertain. "You say that you'll tell me as much as you can, but's it's always about small things and never about him. It's clear that you won't ever speak about him, at least not with me. So if the nature of it is exactly what I think it might be, then it's probably best if you never specify because I can't promise you that I won't bleed him dry and hang his carcass in purgatory."

"I'm sorry," She bowed her head guiltily, not knowing what else to say. "I'm really-"

"How does a mere man who beat and starved you for weeks on end earn such affinity and devotion?" I asked more for myself, not expecting her to answer. She perked her head up with a confused look on her face, wondering how I could possibly know such a thing. "You were thrown room from room only after the beatings had stopped but for what purpose? He called upon others to force the forbidden fruit down your throat and then he left you in a pit to prey on our family, one member at a time until you craved the taste for your own flesh."

"How do you know that?" Her expression twisted.

"Your mind is impressively complex," I admitted, "but I've been in your head, looking to see how to fix this obsessive need for Eden."

"It was just Eden, right?" She argued weakly. It sounded as if she already lost all of her confidence. "You looked at nothing else?"

"Is there something else I need to know?" I asked curiously, pushing to see how much she'd talk about.

"N-no, it's just," Her voice became meek as became more and more insecure. "Y-you lied to me. You said we didn't have t-to talk about it, and you j-just... I mean, all that stuff about telling you when I was ready? You lied! D-did you even care about-?"

"Don't be silly," I cooed and raised her chin with my fingers carefully. Her eyes were hazy, unsure of how else to feel as she stared at me. "There's nothing I want more than for you to tell me when you're ready- when you're finally at that point where you can talk to me about everything, even Denarius."

"But you already know how-!"

"I know what happened to you while you remained in his custody," I managed a small smile. She needed to know that I respected her boundaries. "I thought it disrespectful and rude to have intrude anymore than I already had, so I kept myself from looking any deeper. I promise to know nothing more than the blatant images you hold in that head of yours, Kali."

She said nothing, leaving us in a long cast of silence. Perhaps all of this was a bit much, and I certainly didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable than she already was. But it was best that we cleared the air now since the amulet was gone. Everything that we had swept under the rug and pushed into the closet- all of it was going to begin coming to light. Secrets that we could no longer hide from the other but this was only the beginning.

The rain to this storm hadn't even started yet.

"You really stopped yourself?" Kali asked with little confidence as her eyes fixated on me.

"Why would I lie about-?"

"You lie about a great many things!" Her eyes flashed once again, changing in color as I felt a knot in my throat. She had been attuning the both of us to the bond, not trusting me to be honest with her about such a sensitive subject.

"Stop abusing the damn bond!" I raised my voice to her, breaking through whatever magic she held over me. Her brows furrowed as she held her ground, continuing to stare with a great intensity.

"So what if I abuse the damn thing?" Her words grew venomous with every word to leave her lips. "You got to abuse that stupid trinket for years- to hide things- to keep things from-!"

"I would sooner do it again to keep you from becoming Denarius' little bitch!"

Once again, silence filled the hall. The both of us were too stubborn to submit to the other, and neither of us were going to step down anytime soon... or so I thought.

"Ok, I got to admit, that's actually a pretty good one!" She chuckled lightheartedly; all of the previous tension diminishing as though it had never happened.

"Kali," I stated clearly, unsure of what else to say at this point. "You are important to me, you know."

"Yeah," She responded simply and rolled her shoulders back, trying to come off like she didn't really care- like she was over this conversation already. But it didn't last long at all, not before another smile crept onto her lips. "Well, you're important to me too."

"That's good to-"

"Shh," She hushed me without warning.

What's wrong now?

Her hand waved dismissively as she turned away. She took a deep breath and stood completely still, fixated on something. Slowly, I moved off the wall and took a glance around the hallway to make up for her other senses. She obviously heard something that I couldn't quite pick up.

Someone's up here with us.

Perhaps we should greet our guest in a calm fashion?

Calm? She glanced back and cracked a smile. Come on... you're no fun, Ash.

Fine. I tossed her a sly smile. Better bring our guest back alive then, if you want some of that 'fun' later.

So long as you're the receiver of that 'fun'. She rolled her eyes as they flashed red. Your wish is my command.

In a sudden slice of the air, I was thrown in front of our apartment and left a subtle motion sickness from the near-instant method of travel. She touched my arm briefly, as if she were trying to make sure I was ok before she could proceed any further.

Go ahead. I encouraged her, knowing that she could handle this much and that I'd be fine.

The door flew open as Kali kicked it in, alerting whoever may have been here of our presence and that was assuming they didn't already know we were here. She glanced around the room quietly, ignoring the mess our intruder had made all across the apartment.

Glass from smashed portraits and paintings were spread all across the carpet. The bookcases were knocked over after each and every book had been torn in some way or another. Sofas and chairs had been flipped upside down, and almost everything looked as though it had been pulled apart and searched. Question was: what in the Goddess' name were they looking for?

"Well, whoever it was, they're gone now." She said quietly.

"Perhaps they knew we were onto them?" I suggested. It wouldn't have been the first time one of our homes had been raided when we were discovered.

"Maybe," She stepped across the broken glass and motioned for me to follow her into our bedroom.

The entire room was untouched. Black and silver rose petals were carefully placed all in a curved path, leading towards the bed. The petals lied in odd patterns along glossy dark red sheets that were not ours, and in the center of the mattress, there lied a parchment encrusted with gold along its edges.

"Is that satin?" Kali asked with great disapproval.

"That's what troubles you the most?" I asked, still perplexed by the way her mind functioned. 

"I don't like it," She rolled her shoulders childishly before suddenly changing the subject. "Anyway, I was up here all this time and I didn't hear any of this going on."

"Then we must assume that our guest knows their way around the both of us," I said as I looked back at her. "It could have been someone who's been stalking us for a bounty. Some of them have proven themselves to be more than capable of tracking-"

"You see, that's another thing!" She scoffed and changed the topic once more, clearly annoyed. "Why do you get to have the bigger bounty on your head?"

"Probably because one angel feather is worth more than twice your weight in gold," I replied honestly, though I still hopelessly tried to understand how she could focus on unrelated issues entirely. "Not to mention that I also happen to be the only daughter of the leading archangel."

"Yeah, well... I was created by him." She argued weakly while I took the parchment into my hands, but she only grew more cocky and arrogant as she began listing off reasons why she deserved to be a bigger target. "Let's see, first of all, I'm the leading alpha of my family and that alone is worth like several mansions of jewels, right?

"Right," I said, delighted to play along for the simple pleasure of seeing her smile.

"Let's see of another," She trailed off in thought for a moment before her eyes had suddenly flashed red.

"Our bond," Her voice grew more sultry, the words rolled off the very tip of her tongue as my body instantly locked up by her will alone. It felt like my brain had started melting, sensations of pleasures that she forced down my throat all while my focus on her tongue had intensified. Though she'd been standing in-front of me, I could feel the hot, thick flesh of her tongue grazing my most sensitive parts.

"R-rabbit," I groaned as I fought desperately to stay on my feet.

"Do you want more from your little rabbit?" She asked in a haughty tone, brushing her fingers across my cheek.

"N-no," I said as sternly as I possibly could, but my body firmly disagreed by nodding against the palm of her hand.

"I'm sure that's truly your final answer," She gave a slight smile, studying every little detail of my reaction.

I moaned once more, blissfully satisfied with the sucking simulation she had on my groin. Before I could even begin to touch myself, every bit of her illusions had vanished. What was once some dark haze of lust dissipated by a single snap of her fingers as I was met with the cocky grin of my best friend.

"Now, be honest." Her blue eyes lit up. "I'll bet this little trick to bring Michael's daughter to her knees has got to count for like a bonus or something, right?"

I shook my head, blushing while biting down on the bottom of my lip. She did all of this to prove some moronic point- to prove that she was worth far more than I, and now I'm left to wonder how I ever fell in love with this beautifully arrogant idiot?

"Whatever," I waved her off and took a deep breath as I heard her chuckle. "Just stand there and look pretty, rabbit."

"Anything for my Ash." She countered with an obnoxiously flirtatious and unnecessary comment.

I rolled my eyes yet again before I brought the letter closer to read, but the language was far from familiar. All my years among the living and I hadn't seen something like this before. To be honest, I wasn't even sure if this was comprehensible.

"So," She trailed off. "What's it say, Ash?"

"I don't know," I frowned while looking at the well-crafted lines and shapes. "I can't understand any of the-"

"Ugh!" I groaned in pain as my back had struck against the nearest window. I could see the reflection of buildings outside from her eyes before she had her arms wrapped around my head protectively, effectively blinding me from seeing anything but darkness.

"Listen," She whispered against the top of my head in a grave tone; the strands of our bond had been pulling tightly, especially near my heart. "Just say you love me, ok?"

"I-i," My voice cracked at the sudden pain in my chest, pain that wasn't mine. Living with these abilities- it was a fear we rarely felt, and this was a feeling inside of her that continued growing more and more intensely with each passing second.

But this...? It felt like her heart was breaking, like she was afraid that she was going to die and that this was the end of our story.

But it hadn't mattered.

There was no time left, and the words were left unspoken.

The force of the impact had shattered the glass and thrown us straight through the window, along with a vast wave of fiery smoke and debris. Immense heat began to scorch the skin all over my body, despite the majority of the flames immersing my guardian.

Just as I tried to understand- to make sense of what all was happening, everything went black.

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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