His Darkness

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Part 2

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011



The sound after his dark world was thrown into nothingness was a huge 'clunk', the light shining blindingly towards him, engulfing his surroundings in a bath of white rays. He squinted at this glaring force, a little square with its bottom straight side touching the floor and only rising about a foot. These moments of light lasted a few seconds before an object with no straight sides appeared as a silhouette in the cuboid window. Then the light was gone and his world returned to normal.

His mind was in wonderment as to what had just happened, intrigued as to the item he believed was left behind, whose silhouette formed an unlikely descriptive picture in his mind.  He must obtain it, he thought, simply to satisfy his curiosity if anything.

What could it be? - having no knowledge of anything it was a very big question to him.  It had a straight top and a curve on both sides to the bottom, where there was a smaller straight edge which was touching the floor.  As he delved deeper into his visual memory a strange, different sensation reached him and overtook his mental investigation.  His nose sniffed, this time consciously for it had sniffed just before without his notice, with the sensation increasing each instant of muscular nasal movement. He liked the sensation, the smell as it is known, he turned his head to smell around and the sensation became weaker almost non- existent;  it would appear that he was on the edge on this new force field of mouth-watering sensations the centre of which must be the new object.

He must have it, he wanted it now.  He must find a method of moving towards it, should he try standing again or some other way?   The problem was that if he stood up; would he be able to move from that position; he did not want to fall again, it hurt last time.

He felt around himself again with his hands, the floor was perfectly smooth; perfectly surfaced, a vision of a similar smooth surface which gleamed in the light shone through his mind briefly.   He moved his left foot towards him, then his right, raising himself upwards, then leaned his head forwards. Pain shot through his ankles, up his leg where another pain also arrived with the contact of his knees with the floor. He was now kneeling.

He began to raise himself, managing this time to keep his balance;  the smell was now making his mouth water,  increasing his determination  even more...

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