Queens are Wild

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Victoria gets caught searching for President Quigley. Then she receives an interesting dinner invitation.

Chapter 26 (v.1) - Down and Up

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012



Date: March 19, 2036
Place: Aboard the Rendezvous Two in the western Pacific Ocean

Victoria Kensington rode the glass elevator down to the first deck of King Ballentine’s ship. Queen finalist or not, she knew she was pressing her luck. Though no one had told her directly, she was well aware that none of the women were welcome to snoop around near the crew cabins and engine rooms. But Victoria’s gut told her it was time to start getting some answers. President Quigley had to be held prisoner somewhere in the bowels of the Rendezvous Two.
When the glass door opened, the pony-tailed teen -- wearing just an orange bikini and bare feet -- slowly padded down the narrow, chessboard-carpeted corridor. There were closed beige cabin doors on her right and left. It was louder down here and Victoria’s stomach grew increasingly queasy from the choppy Pacific’s ebb and flow, not to mention her risky sojourn to this forbidden deck of the ship. No better time than now. They can’t kill off one of the two finalists before the finale or there’ll be no friggin’ show, she told herself.
Victoria thought she heard voices coming from a cabin door on the left about 20 feet down from the elevator. She leaned her ear against it to listen, but the ambient noise from the engine rooms further down the hall made it tough to hear. Come on President Quigley, say something quick! Let me know you’re in there. But all she heard was inaudible talking, perhaps a man speaking into a phone.
Then the door diagonally across the corridor on the right suddenly opened and one of Ballentine’s huge bodyguards, armed with a holstered pistol, practically walked right into Victoria. She froze, completely busted in eavesdropping position. The blond-haired, hazel-eyed guard, wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with bulging biceps, khaki shorts and black-and-gold sneakers, growled at her.
“What are you doing on this deck?” he asked, grabbing Victoria by both arms with his huge hands and practically shoving his pointy nose in her face. She was so scared she didn’t respond right away.
“Answer me girl -- you don’t belong down here and you know it,” he barked as his unrelenting eyes bore into her from close range.
“I got lost,” was all Victoria managed to come up with, knowing full well how feeble that sounded.
“Yeah, that’s a very bad lie,” the guard said, though he released his grip on her and stepped back a bit to leer at her mostly naked body. “Quite unbecoming of a queen to be caught sneaking around where she ain’t supposed to be.”
“I’m sorry,” Victoria pleaded, weighing whether she should attempt to pummel the guy before he ratted her out to Ballentine. I beat up Ventana, but this goon might be even bigger … and he’s got a gun.
“Go back to where you belong and don’t let me catch you down on this deck again or I’ll cut off your pretty little head and chum the water with it, understood?” the guard warned her in a menacingly sincere voice.
“Completely understood,” Victoria replied meekly and nervously, turning and marching back toward the glass elevator in full retreat mode. She could feel his creepy, sinister eyes undressing her ass as she walked and it sent shivers up her spine. She bowed her head and never looked back. She didn’t lift her head again until the elevator took her above the first deck, well away from the guard’s stare.
Victoria quickly returned to her cabin and locked the door. She grabbed a bottled water from the small fridge and gazed out her window to the sea as she took a drink. The clouds had darkened and the waves had grown bigger on this late Wednesday afternoon.
I’m warmer still, she thought. The president has to be on the first deck. I’d stake my life on it … I almost just did. I should be hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. This is crazy … I just want to go back to high school and be a kid again. Is that too much to ask?
A knock on her door jarred her from her thoughts.
“Miss Kensington,” Howard Nelson’s voice said.
“Yes, Howard?” she asked.
“I have good news and an invitation for you if you have a minute to talk,” Nelson replied.
The harmless tone in his voice convinced her it was OK to open the door and let him in.
“Again, great job last night. You’re getting a ton of votes from the kingdom’s viewers,” Ballentine’s flak told her excitedly as he entered the room and tried not to look too obviously at her gorgeous bikini body. Clearly, he was not aware of her most recent transgression on the first deck. “The king wanted me to let you know that he’s invited you to dinner tonight up in the sky lounge on the top deck. There will be a special guest as well so dress nicely.”
“OK,” Victoria said. “What time?”
“8 p.m.,” Nelson said.
“I’ll be there,” she confirmed with a wink and nod.
“Great, see you at 8,” Nelson said, smiling warmly before departing and closing her cabin door.
A special guest? Could it be her … me? I wouldn’t put it past Balls. He must be champing at the bit to get us in the same room … at the same dinner table … staring us up and down with those penetrating blue eyes of his. Why do I feel like I’m walking directly into another trap? Probably because I am. That’s what I excel at.
“Maybe it’s for the best,” she told herself out loud. “Something needs to happen fast -- good, bad or ugly. Otherwise I’m going to be this asshole’s queen by 3 o’clock tomorrow.”

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